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Are Cords The Key To Inca Secrets?
Genghis Khan's portrait found on ox horns
Pre-Columbian City Dazzles Archaeologists
Indonesia mysterious stone carvings
The Dropa Stones
Noah's Arc in Kazakhstan?
Scientists have new theory on ice age
What did we do to wipe out Neanderthals?
Asian fossils reveal humanity´s giant cousin
Fossil Ancestors of Burma
The Nittevo
For Atlantis, Turn Right at Cyprus
Life in Atlantis
The Atlantean origin of the seven sacraments
The Mysterious origin of the Guanches
Ball lightning
Texas State professor probes ball lightning phenomenon
Physicists generate ball-lightning in the lab
Lightning balls created in the lab
Ball Lightning
Ball Lightning: A Shocking Scientific Mystery
Ball Lightning Created in the Lab
Ball lightning explained
Brown Mountain Mystery: Lights, rarely spotted, spark lots of speculation
...Edmonton fireball not identified
Huge Green Fireball with Rumble Witnessed over California
Fireballs over Germany fuel UFO speculation
UFO's and ball lightning
Earthlights on Peru's Earthquake? Article and video
Bermuda Triangle
A Brief History
Atlantis and Bermuda triangle crystals
Atlantis "Discovery" Gets Sunk
Magnetic Variation
Soviet intelligence used remote viewers to spy on American presidents from afar
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Ever decreasing crop circles
African desert has its own X-files
Crop Circles 2000
Crop Circles 2001
Decoding ...Barbury Castle crop circles
Mystery of Crop Circles
Cryptozoology (156 articles)
Orang-Pendek 2
Orang-Pendek Indonesia
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Van Lake Monster Captured on Film
Giants: Fact or Fiction?
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Nahuelito photographed
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Namibia: Calm Returns to School Terrorised By 'Demons'
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British researcher says infrasonic wave sounds create ghosts
Ghosts aren't real, physicist says -- to Americans' dismay
UFOs in the clouds
Ghosts and infrasound
Ghosts created by low frequency sounds
The Ghost in the Machine
Ghost, Magnetic fields to blame?
Ghostly magnetism explained
Haunted Inns
The Nature of Ghosts
The Origin Of Ghosts
So what exactly is a ghost?
Very low frequency sound has a creepy effects
What to do about ghosts?
Why The Alamo Is Haunted?
Haunting Linked To Crime
Magnetic Fields and Haunting Phenomena: A Basic Primer for Paranormal Enthusiasts
Hollow Earth
A Hollow Earth?
The Hollow Earth
UFO's and the Occult Reich
Trip proposed to centre of Earth via Arctic hole
Another human civilization may live inside Earth's hollows
Mysteries of nature
Tunguska—the Fire in the Sky
Controversial New Claim in Death-by-Asteroid Case
Huge oceans underneath Earth’s surface
Meteorite blamed in mass extinction before dinosaurs
"Night-shining" clouds bring mystery
Mystery sounds
Mystery boom rattles region
Source of boom heard in Christian County is a mystery
Unexplained 'big bang' heard throughout region
Booms baffle officials
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Cause of loud booms ... remains mystery
Curia confirms human blood on statue of Virgin Mary
Pilgrims Say Virgin Mary Statue Weeps
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Treatise on Astral Projection
Astral Beings & Wildlife
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The Intruder
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Why we haven´t met any aliens
U.K. says UFOs caused by natural forces
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Abduction by Aliens or Sleep Paralysis? ( link
Alien abduction claims examined
Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis 2
Hallucinations and Sleep Paralysis
My Experience With Sleep Paralysis
Sleep Paralysis as an Anomalous REM State 
The True Night-Mare: SP in Myth and Legend
The Intruder
UFO Abductions: A Powerful Emotional Experience
Unusual Bodily Experiences
Telepathy and Psychic powers
Center studies military-related extrasensory perception
How can we explain psychic phenomena?
Lecture to explore statistical corroboration of psychic abilities
Mapping the Sixth Sense
Navy dolphins may be deployed: Did secret ESP research involve them?
Statistics reach beyond number-crunching
UK military experiments with ESP
What is Psy? What isn´t?
Uri Geller and the Mysterious "11-11" Phenomenon
Historical vampires
In the age of ignorance
Vampire child found in China
Vampires international
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Alien Bases: The Mystery of the Moon
Alien Skulls: The Great DebateUFO's & Aliens
Area 51
Are we alone? UFOs the topic
Bob Lazar
Could 1964 UFO be lunar lander?