Huge oceans underneath Earth’s surface caused global flood in times of Noah


Apr 18, 2007

Scientists have discovered oceans hiding deep down inside the planet. The large bodies of water are reportedly located at a depth of more than 1,000 km underneath the earth’s surface.

The story of the Flood ( is a Biblical story about the universal deluge as recorded in Genesis ( Some people regard it as a myth. However, many scientists believe the Flood did occur in days of old. Scientists point out numerous traces of the flooding still existent in various parts of the globe. They also believe that the salt-water lakes scattered around the land thousands kilometers away from a shoreline are the remainders of the Flood.

The question is: Where did all that water come from? What was the cause of a catastrophic deluge sweeping across the planet in the days of Noah? According to the Bible, Noah had to build a large boat for himself, his family, and a pair of every kind of creature to survive the Flood.

Quite a few hypotheses aim to explain the Biblical event. Some researchers say that an asteroid or comet may have hit the planet, causing a colossal tsunami ( Others claim that rivers iced over following a drop in temperatures. As a result, the sea level rose up catastrophically. Other researchers link the Flood with a sudden displacement of the earth’s axis; the displacement is thought to have triggered a huge mass of water to spew around the globe.

Until recently there was not any solid scientific evidence to back various theories pertaining to the origins of the Flood. The situation changed in February following reports on a sensational discovery by U.S. researchers. According to their study, the water which flooded the planet came out from the depths of Earth. The researchers discovered immense bodies of water below the earth’s surface.

Two underground oceans

Planet Earth ( is constantly monitored by seismographs, the instruments for measuring and recording the vibrations of earthquakes. The vibrations recorded in different parts of the planet enable researchers to obtain valuable data regarding the dispersion of shock waves in the earth’s crust and mantle. Professor of Seismology Michael Wysession at George Washington University of Saint Louis and Jesse Lawrence, a postgraduate at the University of California in San Diego, joined forces to carry out an extensive research. Their work involved the analysis of 600 thousand seismograms. The findings really made them gasp in astonishment: there was evidence indicating that at least two large bodies of water were located underneath Eurasia and North America.

“The specific attenuation characteristics of the lengthwise seismic waves clearly indicate the presence of water. Those characteristics are pertinent to water,” said Prof. Wysession.

The researchers also designed a 3-D model of the area on the basis of sounding data. They are confident that the underground oceans contain as much water as the Arctic Ocean does. The water is located at a depth ranging from 1,200 km to 1,400 km.