Ruth Montgomery Prophecies


Ruth Montgomery, the author of some 15 books, a former foreign correspondent, syndicated columnist and president of the Women's National Press Club, has been dubbed the "Herald of the New Age" for her extensive predictions about the massive changes Planet Earth is about to undergo. Like other seers, including Nostradamus and Cayce, she has predicted a time of terrible catastrophe followed by a new, golden age. Montgomery's many predictions came from "guides," otherworldly beings who revealed what was to come in our world.

She's Being Proved Right! Montgomery's predictions leading up to the year 2000 are being confirmed almost weekly in reports of increasingly erratic weather and even-more active volcanoes and movements in the earth's crust. The worse -- and best -- are yet to come:

A shift of the earth on its axis "will occur in the very last months of the century." The last two such shifts, according to the guides, occurred in 50,000 B.C. and 150,000 B.C. The shift will cleanse the earth of pollution and usher in 1,000-year era of peace. Before the shift, increasingly severe earthquakes will rock the whole world -- not just along the fault lines where there is weakness in the earth's crust.

The mid-1990s will see violent alterations in weather patterns. Volcanic eruptions will strew the atmosphere with particles that block the sunlight; drought and famine will follow.

AIDS will continue to spread. The disease, say her guides, is one of the seven ancient plagues of the Bible, and has returned to devastate the population of the earth. AIDS will be around until the shift purifies the planet. The current battle between Christian fundamentalists and spiritually minded New Agers will not be over until the axis shift is completed. Many fundamentalists fail to distinguish between New Agers who are sincerely working for the good of all, and those who turn to demonic powers to influence others. Before the axis shifts, sometime prior to the year 2,000, a "walk-in" will be elected president of the United States. Walk-ins are high-minded beings that have attained a sufficient level of spiritual development in previous incarnations to enable them to return to earth as adults, taking over dying or unwanted bodies in order to serve humanity.