Cryptids by region
African Mystery Beasts
African Pterodactyls
Cryptozoologist mulls theories on ‘Big Bird’
...debunks chupacabra myth for Discovery Channel
The Discovery of Homo floresiensis
Giants: Fact or Fiction?
Forensic Expert Says Bigfoot Is Real
Hunt for 'dinosaur' on volcanic island
Professor's Bigfoot research criticized
In Search of the British Bigfoot
Jersey Devil legend continues to fascinate in Pine Barrens
Lake Monster Investigation Delayed
Loch Ness Monster's tooth found?
Mysterious Arctic skull raises questions
Monsters of the Antarctic
NASA called in to solve Lakes creature mystery
The search for the Tasmanian Tiger
Researchers Chase Mysterious Creature in Oklahoma 
Scientists trail a myth: Kerala’s pygmy elephant
Southeast Texas Police Officer Sees Bigfoot
Testing DNA of Mystery Apes
Toronto lab tests mystery 'beast'
'Hidden' species may be surprisingly common
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Alaskan giant polar bear Alaska
Murung River bear Borneo
The Nandi Bear Africa
The Kongamato Zambia
Mothman US
Mothman 2
The RopenNew Guinea
Pouakai and other cryptids from New ZaelandNew Zaeland, Aug 07
Amazonian igaunodon The Amazon
The Davenport Devil : ‘Thunderbird’ or ‘Mothman’?Us
Giant Bird of New Guinea New Guinea
Giant Penguin US
Illinois ThunderbirdUS
Kikiyaon West Africa
Papua New Guinea Pterosaur
Thunderbird US
The FenghuangChina, Aug 07
Strange argentinian biped Argentina
The WendigoUs, Sep 06
Andean WolfChile
The Beast of CannockEngland
Beast of Gévaudan France
Black Dogs Worldwide
New sight of "Beast" - England
The Wendigo - Mythical creature discovered? US, Sep 06
Nekohebitori Japan
The red elepahnt of New GuineaNew Guinea, Sep 07
Thai hairy mammoths Thailand
New South Wales cat - Australia .
Beast of Bodmin Moor England
Beast of Bont England
Beast of Exmoor England
Beast of Ongar England
Boulogne-sur-Mer pantherFrance
Mngwa Tanzania
The Surrey Puma England
Alma, Almasty, Albasty Kazakhstan
Boggy Bottom Monster US
Kalanoro - Madagascar
Hominids of the world
Orang-Pendek 2
Orang-Pendek Indonesia
Johor Bigfoot Malaysia
Johor 2 Malaysia
The Yowie Australia
Angol ape ChileMar 07
Agogwe Africa
Bigfoot US
Bigfoot in Texas? eUS
Gigantopithecus blacki
History of the Abominable Snowman Tibet
Momo US
Montana MonsterUS
Nguoi Rung Vietnam
Rush Monster US
Steller sea ape
Yeti from Russia's Vyatka Russia
Zana Russia
Orang MawasMalaysia, Sep 07
Dover Demon US
Decades later... still
Jersey Devil US
Loveland Frog US
911 creature
Tracking down 'The beast of Bray Road' US
Ningen monster Japan, Nov 07
Deborah's Devil US
Devil's footprint England
Reptile Men US
Werewolves Europe
Lake Monsters
Altamaha-Ha US
Canavar Turkey
Champ US
Nahuelito Argentina
Ninki-nanka Gambia's..
Van Lake Monster Captured on Film
Loch Ness monster caught on video - (see video)
The Bear Lake monsterUS
Bowness MonsterUK,
Buru Tibet
Flathead Lake US
Florida´s sea serpents US
Kanas Lake MonsterChina
Lake Brosno Monster Russia
Lake Brosno Monster article 2 Russia
Lake Kanasi monster China
Kanasi Lake monster doubts surface (video) China
Lake Khaiyr monster Russia
Lake Labynkr Russia
Lake Simcoe Monster Canada
Lake Tahoe TessieUS
Lake Utah monsterUS
The loch Ness Monster Scotland
Memphremagog Canada
Nahuelito photographed Argentina
Pressie US
Ogopogo US
Seljord serpent Norway
Seljord and the sea-serpent Norway
Seljorn serpent claim Norway
Skookum North America
White River Monster US
Storsjoodjuret Sweden
Tagua Tagua Lagoon creature Chile
The lake storsjön Monster Sweden
Windermere Lake-Monster Sighting ( UK, , external link
Voronta beast Russia
Cameron lake monster US, Aug 07
Jersey MermaidUS, Sep 07
The legend of Bessie US,
Tianchi monster North Korea, Nov 07
Tazelwurm Swiss
Mystery Reptiles of the Samoan Islands
Rare vole - England
Sea Monsters
The monster of Tatarsk Russia,
Blobs Pacific sea
The Canvey Island Monsters England
Giant Jellyfish Eastern Pacific
Gloucester sea serpent US
The Juno Sea serpentUS, May 07
Giant Congo Snake Congo
Fandrefiala - Madagascar
The Unnatural History of Winged Snakes in North AmericaUS, Mexico, June 07
Giant Anacondas Colombia
The Lau And The Lukwata Uganda
Inkanyamba South Africa
Pichu-Cuate Mexico
N'guma-monene Congo
Tzuchinoko Korea
Other cryptids
The Moca vampirePuerto Rico,
Mystery of Giant Turtle
The Mongolian Death WormMongolia,
Deathworm Mongolia
Ahool Java
Black Hodag US
The Bunyip Australia
Camazotz Mexico
Emela-ntouka Congo
Flatwoods Monster US
Mokele Mbembe Congo
Purple Kangaroo Australia
Songaomby Madagascar
Bat-like demon blamed for attacksTanzania, Mar 07
Mapinguary Brazil
The Chupacabras ReturnsChile, May 07
Chupacabra sighting at Discovery Science Center
Chupacabras spotted in Chile
Nasa hunting the Chupacabra? ( Sep 06, External link
Chupacabra Mexico, Puerto Rico
Chupacabras Strikes Again In Jalpatagua
UFOs and the Chupacabras
Chupacabras 1951
Men-eating trees
Man-eating tree Madagascar
Man-eating Trees and Mongolian Death WormsMadagascar, O ct 07