From: http://www.cryptozoology.com/glossary/glossary_topic.php?id=29

Reported by the Sundnese people of western Java is a giant bat known as the Ahool, after it's triple call.

Described as having a monkey-like head with large dark eyes, grey furry body, and around the size of a one year old child. Perhaps it's most impressive feature is it's massive wing span of nearly 12 feet. This is nearly twice as long as the worlds largest bat the common flying fox.

As for it's habits, it's said to spend it's days inhabiting waterfall caves, while it spends nights skimmng across the jungle waterways scooping up fish with large claws located on the top of it's forearms.

The most well documented sightings of the Ahool were both made by naturalist Dr. Ernest Bartels. Once in 1925 when he spied an Ahool near a waterfall on the slopes of the Salek Mountains and again when he heard it's distinctive triple cry in 1927.

The renouned cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson feels the Ahool may be an oriental relative to Africa's Kongamato, both of which he feels may be giant unknown bats belonging to the suborder Microchiroptrea.

- entry provided by Matthew J. Eaton, matt@slowpokerecords.com