Andean Wolf


Andean Wolf ( Dasycyon Hagenbecki ) This is mysterious canid from Andes. In 1927 year Lorenz Hagenbeck got some skin from dealer in Buenos Aires, and he told him that come from Andes. A few years afterwards in 1947 Germany dr. Ingo Krumbiegel researched this skin and said that belong to new and still indescribable species from high, peaks of Andes. Ten years earlier, Krumbiegel found skull similar to omnivorous canid about 31 centimetres, (but not belong to Maned wolf who skulls are smaller, about 24 cm.), from gatherings come from Andes. But in 1945 skull was lost after the war. In 1960 a few scientists told, that fur belong only to domestic dog(possibly do mongrel of sheep dog), not to wild dog from Andes. In 1995 year research DNA confirmed this. But only fur was bad, but skull really could belong to new species wild dog come from Andes . We waiting for again discovery of Andean Hagenbeck wolf in Andes mountains..