Voronta beast

Lake Voronta in Russia is the home of another monster which had been sighted by a geologist who described the monster as " an ominous looking dark grey shape. Its body resembled an oversized, glistening, tin-barrel with a slanted horn rudder on its back".
Another august scientist had the fortune of seeing the beast. The geologist V. A. Tverdokhlebov and his assistant saw the beast in perfect weather conditions on the glassy smooth surface of the lake in July, 1953.At first they thought the creature was a floating petrol drum, but as they were 120 miles from the nearest village and in the middle of nowhere, what was a petrol drum doing in a remote lake. It was then that they realised that the object was a living animal. Dark grey in colour the animal was about 10 metres long , two metres wide and on its head could be seen two light-coloured patches. This animal also possessed a dorsal fin which was bent backwards. The animal appeared to be locomoting like a dolphin, that is with a series of forward leaps. Just 100 metres from shore it began to wildly splash the water before plunging mysteriously out of sight. Several years later another group of Russian scientists announced that they were going to explore Lake Labynkr on the Sordongnokh plateau where some