During the summer of 1972, the Missouri Monster was said to terrorize the small town of Louisiana, Missouri. Located in the northeastern section of the midwestern state, the town has a small population.

Around July 1971 a couple on a picnic saw a half-ape-half-human creature standing in the nearby woods. As with most hairy biped reports, the creature was accompanied by a horrible stench and a gurgling sound. The couple quickly fled the scene and left their belongings. Momo was said to have eaten a sandwich before slowly walking back to the woods.

One of the people involved with the incident reported anonymously to the State Patrol. After several more sightings the woman came forward about a year later. On July 11, 1972 three children reported seeing a similar creature. The trio later described the biped as being about seven feet tall with black hair covering most of its body. Under its arm was a dead dog whose blood covered some of the Momo's hair. Researchers later found a nearby farmer had lost a new dog.

Three days later, when talking to friends, the children's father, Edgar Harrison saw a fireball fly over Marzold Hill before landing behind a nearby schoolhouse. Roughly five minutes later the same ball of fire was seen followed by a loud growl. The police were called but they could nothing. Searching the area on their own, Harrison and friends came upon a stench which was described as being similar to that of Momo's. For two more weeks reports continued. Strange disembodied voices were heard asking for coffee and warning to stay out of the woods. Footprints were also seen but these were concluded to be a hoax.

It is unlikely that any more evidence will be found but the case of Momo remains open.