Giant Anacondas

The Anaconda has long since been known in scientific circles as Eunectes murinus. The longest specimen that has been reliably recorded is twenty-four feet. For some time, this snake was thought to be thirty-seven and half feet long, but later investigations showed the snake had been stretched accidentally. The creature, which had been killed by Robert Lamon, was located in eastern Colombia in 1944.

Natives of the Amazon know of a creature, called Sucuriju gigante, so well that they can name each of the animals specifically. The snakes are known to grow up to at least sixty two feet in length and some reports have them growing up to one hundred fifteen feet!

Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett was exploring the Rio Abunã, near the intersection of the Rio Negro in southern Brazil, when the head of a Giant Anaconda surfaced next to his canoe. Several feet of the creatures back also came to break the muddy water as it moved towards the riverbank. Without hesitation, Fawcett shot and killed the creature with his pistol. After paddling to the shore, he found the creature to be "a length of forty five feet out of the water and seventeen feet in it making a total of length of sixty two feet." The explorer also told of another species of snake, nicknamed the "Sleeper", which is said to be black and much larger.

Perhaps the most amazing report comes from Fort Tabatinga, on the River Oiapoc in the Guaporé territory. In 1948, the Rio de Janerio newspaper told of a snake that came ashore and measured one hundred fifteen feet in length. Soldiers fired at least five hundred machine gun bullets into the beast before it finally died. After the body was measured and photographed the carcass was pushed into the river to avoid the horrendous stench that would be caused by decomposition.

Although the creatures seem too large to live, due to their length and girth, some speculate it could be possible for the snakes to exist. If they remained in the river water the buoyancy could sustain the creature's life and counteract the effects of gravity.

Some reports give the snake's gargantuan size- but it must be noted that snakeskins are very easy to stretch. It would be impossible, however, for someone to stretch a skin if the snake is still wearing it.