From: http://www.angelfire.com/bc2/cryptodominion/frames.html

Emela-ntouka (Congo Rainforest AFRICA): A rather interesitng beast, there is much confusion over it's identity. There has been so much confusion regarding congolese cryptids, that many of them get lumped together and their identities warped. So it is with emela-ntouka. It is usualy said to be a squat creature with a long, strong tail and a single ivory horn protruding from it's snout. Sounds like a ceratopsian dinosaur. But, the forest rhinos reported from the Congo, which are specified to definitely be rhinos, are called emela-ntouka by the natives. And to add to the confusion, a sculpture from that same region (pictured top) portrays an animal that seems to blend the characterisitcs of the "popular" emela-ntouka and the "rhinoceroid" emela-ntouka. The creature in the sculpture is definitely a mammal, as it's elephant-like ears show, and it reminds me much of a titanothere, but they didn't have a thick tail like that! I can only asume that it is some formof large mammal who's identity will remain unknonw until one is captured.