New sight of "Beast"


18:00 - 16 December 2004
A chew Valley villager is hoping readers can help him with his sightings of a strange-looking animal. Mr Gadsden, of Breach Lane, Chew Stoke, said: "I first saw the mysterious creature early in the spring.

"It was when I took my dog into a field 200 yards up Breach Lane.

"I let the dog off the lead and he went mad, going round and round in circles.

"I was just about to open the gate when the animal crossed the lane.

"It stood 2ft high, had a very bright red and brown short-haired coat and a foxlike head.

"It also had a very long thin tail, not at all like a fox's tail.

"It was about 18in long and more like a cat's tail.

"I think it could have been a cross between a fox and a dog, but I'm not sure.

"It was much taller than a fox, and did not have a bushy tail." Sandra Lovern has also seen the animal.

She said: "It crossed the road in front of me and tried to get up the bank when I was coming down Limeburn Hill."

Mr Gadsden saw the beast again recently, in the grounds of the church at Chew Stoke.

It was not more than 50ft from the church's west end.

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