The Mongolian Deathworm (also referred to as the "Allghoi Khorkhoi" or "Intestine Worm") is supposedly a giant redish coloured worm dangerous enough to kill a large desert animal such as a camel or even a human.
Sightings of the Deathworm are very rare, so there is very little information on this strange creature. Much of the mystery is due to the hot climate and large open, but lowly populated area it is known to live in - the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Past expeditions and investigations have proved very unsuccessful. The first known sighting streches back to 1926 in the Southern part of the Gobi Desert. The majority of the sightings have been made in the months of June and July, fueling specuation that the Death Worm may actually spend much of its life in hibernation.

Many Mongolian people believe the creature carries some kind of poision or electrical charge which enables it to survive and attack from great distances