Malaysian Bigfoot = Surviving Homo Erectus?


The following information was sent to Cryptomundo by Peter Loh from Singapore.

As promised, I’m back with a report on the news conference I attended this afternoon and what I found out from my interview with Mr. Vincent Chow.

Before I begin, I must warn you that what you are about to hear is so incredible that it would take lots of faith to believe, and I’m not surprised if I’d be bombarded with skeptical responses from many of you. At any rate, I’m just reporting what I’ve seen and heard…

Mr. Chow, IMHO, is a man who comes across as a very learned and experienced 59 yr-old guy who exudes an air of confidence that could only have come from a man who knows exactly what he’s talking about and is dead sure that he has solid evidence. I could tell that this self-confessed "nature man" is also passionate about wildlife and conservation- he has a deep respect for nature. In short, he seemed to me, while we chatted, to be a straight-forward, nature-loving person who didn’t beat about the bush when questions were thrown at him. He spoke with such authority and sincerity that I was convinced that this man was serious and very likely telling the truth.

Here’s the statement he made that either makes him a very confident man or a very insane one. Shortly after he arrived at the conference, he announced this: A book will be launched sometime soon (in June, he told me), revealing all they know about the Malaysian Mawas from their 11 years of study of the animal. And -get this- they have clear close-up photographs of male, female and juvenile animals!… Now, when I asked Vincent if he had seen the creatures himself, he said he had seen the photographs that could not have been faked. They were real animals, with even genitalia visible. Mr Chow also said the photos were so clear that he could see the wrinkles on their faces. The point to note here is that Mr Chow believes this to be surviving members of Homo erectus. When I asked him if they were anything close to Gigantopithecus, he said that they were a very distinct form. Here’s his description of the male animal:

Head: Protruding brow with thick and bushy eyebrows.
Sloping forehead.
Ears large, as in some monkeys.
Distance between nose and lips about 2.5 times that of a man.
Nose flat, somewhat like a gorilla’s, nostrils very prominent.
Eyes are human-like but bloodshot and protruding out of their sockets, giving them a "sinister" look. (According to Vincent, they looked very intimidating).
Facial hair - almost none.

Body: Broad shouldered, barrel-chested, very well-built.
Adults up to 8, 9 or 10 ft. Juveniles up to 5 ft.
Large adults walk with a slight hunch due to height and weight.
Not as hairy as one would imagine (eg. orangutan) or the American Bigfoot (Vincent believes, due to different climate and environment, the Asian species has adapted).
Most hair at back of head and shoulders.
Hair on body only about 3 inches (he indicated with his forefinger and thumb).
Juveniles have very dark hair, almost black. Adults have lighter, reddish brown hair. As they grow older, the coloration lightens.

When a member of the press reminded Vincent that the Sultan of Johor was skeptical about these creatures’ existence, he explained that the Sultan changed his mind right after he saw the photographic evidence. These photos were supposedly taken by an elderly man who has been observing these creatures for years. "He took them with telephoto lenses," said Vincent.

The book is now in the works and, apparently, there are three co-authors involved, one being a reporter from a well-known paper (I shouldn’t reveal here). The photos will also be published in that book. So…what now?…

One of the photos I took -the famous footprint cast.

Vincent mentioned an orang asli sighting in which a "mawas" was seen floating on its back, moving downstream in a river. This was brought up when I asked him if they were afraid of the water since some articles had mentioned their fear of the rain getting into their nostrils. Apparently, the creatures have acquired this technique of swimming so that their faces do not touch the water!

Another thing mentioned was their diet of tropical fruits and fish. It seems that one could easily attract a "mawas" if fish was fried in the jungle…

The fruiting season from June to July would be a great time to catch sight of these creatures…

Mr. Chow explaining his theory on Homo erectus migration while SPI’s Kenny assisted…

Is this how it looks like?…

My sketch of the Malaysian Bigfoot based on Vincent Chow’s descriptions.

Living specimens of Homo erectus? Not that far-fetched, according to Vincent…

DNA analysis of hair sent to the US showed they were human. This could mean they are genetically very close to us. I also asked Mr Chow if the creatures looked anything like Patty and if he thought the Patterson footage was a hoax. To that, he simply said he didn’t want to put down others to gain credibility. But, if you asked me, I’d say he definitely has something which will astound the world of science!