Pressie, South Bay Bessie, and others (Great Lakes in east-central USA and Canada NA): The Great Lakes have long been said to hold a large, serpentine beast, sometimes said to behave like a porpoise. In Lake Superior the creatures have earned the nickname "Pressie", and in Lake Eerie they have the name "South Bay Bessie". the creatures are seen in the other great lakes as well, and may be the same as the creatures said to inhabit the Lake Manitoba/Lake Winnipeg system. Although many researchers have written these creatures off as unusually large lake strugeon, I would like to propose the theory that these are really an enormous species of catfish. Catfish are known to be dangerous (the wels of europe has been known to eat human children; it grows to 9 fet in length), and as the Great Lakes creatures are said to get so big as to have a head the size of a car, a giant catfish could certainly account for their alleged ferocity. There is a photograph of one of the Lake Superior creatures (you can see it at and one of the creatures in Lake Michigan was allegedly killed, stuffed, and kept in a local museum. The specimen may still be there, and if someone took the time to look through the records of all the museums in the Detroit region, we may find proof of the lake creatures.