Mysterious fireball not identified

The Edmonton Journal
Published: Friday, August 04, 2006

EDMONTON - The bright fireball that streaked across the city skyline Wednesday was no satellite, says a United States space-monitoring agency.

That means it was probably "interplanetary debris," says Bruce McCurdy, an astronomer at the Telus World of Science.

Air Force Space Command, which tracks space movement over North America as part of its job of defending the U.S., said Thursday there has not been a manmade object flying over the Edmonton and northern Alberta region since at least Tuesday.

A number of Edmontonians spotted a bright fireball low in the sky while driving northbound Wednesday, shortly after 1 p.m. Witnesses described the bright streak with a bit of a tail using a number of colours, including blue, white, green, pink and orange. It lasted a few seconds before disappearing.

McCurdy received a few calls about the object, confirming there was something in the sky. He said it's rare to see a fireball during the day.