Cause of loud booms around Port Angeles remains mystery



PORT ANGELES -- Was it a bird, or a plane? Officials don't know the cause of a mysterious boom that rattled windows late Thursday night.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it has no record of noises during the period the explosions were reported in Port Angeles.

The Coast Guard and Whidbey Island Naval Air Station say their aircraft couldn't cause a sonic boom.

And no earthquakes were reported.

PenCom dispatchers took three calls on the booms at about 11:30 p.m. on Thursday.

One call came from the 2300 block of Lower Elwha Road, another came from the 1000 block of East Second Street and the third from West 14th Street and South Cherry Street.

Callers reported a series of booms.

Media contacted

Similar reports were made by callers to the Peninsula Daily News and other media organizations in Port Angeles.

Radio station KONP reported on its Web site that one caller said her sliding glass door was shattered, but there was no independent confirmation.

From shortly after 9 p.m. until midnight, the FAA -- the federal agency that regulates U.S. airspace -- says it was a quiet night.

``We have nothing annotated whatsoever about noises or booms or anything,'' said Karen Byrd, regional operations officer based in Renton.

No earthquakes of any size were reported on the Olympic Peninsula on Thursday night, according to the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network.

Additionally, meteorologists did not observe anything Thursday night that would raise their eyebrows.

``Nothing unusual weather-wise,'' said Carl Cerniglia of the National Weather Service in Seattle.