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-20 Most Amazing Coincidences
-An Electromagnetic Theory Of The Paranormal
-Balancing Male And Female Energies
-Be Sceptical Of The Debunkers
-The Bible And The Paranormal A New Perspective
-Curia Confirms Human Blood On Statue Of Virgin Mary
-Blue Light Sighted In Sea
-Mysterious Blue Perch Surface In Minnesota
-The Origins Of The Crystal Skulls
-Death Crown' Phenomena Still Evoke Amazement
-Defense Intelligence Agency Explores Weird Science
-Ghosts, Evp, And Direct Voice Communication
-Scientific Explanations For Remote Viewing
-Fourth Density Relationships - New Models
-Mystery Of Giant Turtle
-Giants In The Americas
-Heavenly Omens Carry Inexplicable Messages
-Is Astrology Real?
-Cause Of Loud Booms Around Port Angeles Remains Mystery
-Mystery boom
-The Most Mysterious Book
-Moving Coffins
-Mysterious Mirage Appears off Coast in Guangdong
-Chemists Study Mysterious Substance
-Nature Spirits ~ Devas ~ Elementals
-'öTzi Curse' Strikes Seventh Person
-Searching For 'our Alien Origins'
-The Philadelphia Experiment
-The Philadelphia Experiment
-Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Defends The Paranormal
-Physics And Parapsychology
-Portal To Evil Or Harmless Game?
-Princeton Esp Lab To Close After 28 Years
-More Questions And Answers On Paranormal Phenomena
-The Recruiter
-Scientific Explanations For Remote Viewing
-Shadow People – Ghosts, Daemons, Or Inter-Dimensional Beings?
-Spontaneous Human Combustion
-Strange Circles Of Light Explained
-Mystery Object Hits Center
-Telekinesis In General Esp & Psi
-Several Thousand Birds Mysteriously Drop Dead In Australia
-Unseen Force Fells Trees And Kills Birds In Russian Woods
-Pilgrims Say Virgin Mary Statue Weeps

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