A Hollow Earth?

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Modern Science says no!

Modern Science will tell you that it is impossible for the earth to be "Hollow". This same Modern Science will tell you man came from a monkey and there are no such things as UFO’s. The "official" position of the Church (Holy Roman version) was that the earth was flat. The emerging sciences began to realize that this was wrong. Today in the minds of too many people, the Bible has lost its validity because men were wrong! It is funny that the Bible declared the earth was round long before there was a "Modern Science" or The Church!(Holy Roman type).

Isa 40:22 "It is He who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in."

The Bible has always remained true, it is man’s own interpretation or rather the lack of proper interpretive procedures that are flawed!

Is there a controversy about a hollow earth?

Most Christians profess belief in a literal "Hell". When pressed to define where it is, most will point to the ground or define this never-never land in another dimension on some spiritual plane. A vague unclear concept of hell has been taught for over the last 100 years. The result is another great miss-conception within much of traditional Christianity concerning the separation of spirit and flesh.

The actual evidence Scientifically is no more conclusive about a Hollow Earth than it is about Evolution or UFO’s. There is valid scientific proof that hollow planets and moons may be the norm and not even an exception. The actual fact is that we (at least the public) know very little about the inner condition of the earth. The point is that in spite of any claims by science, it has not been proven that the earth is solid.

I believe because science has been able to produce many conveniences of technology, Scientists have moved into the place of being what I call Scientist- Priests. They tell us what to believe both spiritually and in the physical natural realm and we are to unquestionably accept it. This was what people once did with the Priests of the Holy Roman Empire. All we have done is focused the same behavior from Organized Religion to Organized Science which for many has become their unquestionable religion. I believe the Church is embarrassed by the staunch position of Scientists Priests who proclaim with ridicule the very thought of a hollow earth.

Legends Abound:

Legends abound throughout many cultures about the origin of the first people who inhabited the earth. Some describe a race appearing from inside the earth. For example Indian folklore tells of "white tribes that live in the earth" appearing occasionally from caves. A series of Cave drawings from India shows a group of people emerging from a hollow void beneath the earth. According to local legends these were the first human beings that left a subterranean world to begin populating the surface world.

Native American legends from the Mandan, Sioux and Tuscaroras include their tribal origins as coming from inside the earth. Eskimos have the same tribal teachings. The Shawnees claim a civilization of "whites" lived in Florida before they arrived and left their buildings going back into caves in the earth. Incas have a similar folklore of a subterranean white race that travels via caves. From China, Iceland and the South American Aztec’s their writings tell of an inner domain created by the "gods" for the first humans. An Eastern legend describes the origin of Adam came from inside the earth. A Hindu legend adds that Adam was a king of a group who fled a great cataclysm into the hollow earth and then returned to repopulate afterward. Tibetan monks refer to two underground areas Shambala and Agatha as underground dwelling places for ascended masters and others. Orpheus went into the earth to seek out Euridice of Greek mythology, Apollo’s real home was among the Hyperboreans inside the earth of Roman Mythology. The Valkries descended and ascended into an inner domain in Nordic mythology. Even today, the Bon Po sect of Tibet claim to be in contact with underground masters and the "King of the World"; Lord Maitreya, in tunnels and caverns in the Himalayan mountains.

Names like Agharti, Shamballa, Shangri-La, Thule, Arktos, Valhalla, and Hades all speak of different cultural beliefs in an inner earth. The concept in myth and legend is truly as universal as the Flood.

Historical Evidence?

The first person to write an entire work on a hollow earth was the famous English Astronomer and Mathematician; Sir Edmund Halley (yes, the comet guy) In 1692 he published his theory about a hollow earth. His theory was developed from working with Sir Isaac Newton on earth magnetism fluctuations and the possible causes. His solution, the earth was hollow. He believed there were three concentric cones with a molten lava core, which served as an "inner sun".

Many in the beginning of the 19th century had popularized a hollow earth. This idea was taken seriously in our own history in America. John Simms a former Captain and decorated hero in the U.S. Army dedicated his life to undertaking the theory of a hollow earth. He believed there was a civilization that existed there as well, with openings at both poles. He died in 1829 with his dream unrealized but his ideas were responsible for the ill-fated government- backed Expedition of 1838-1840 to the Antarctic led by Charles Wilkes. The Smithsonian Institute was built for the express purpose of holding the findings of this effort, supported by President John Quincy Adams and approved by Congress.

There were many other explorers in the late 19 and early 20th century that set out to attempt the exploration of the Polar Regions. The most recent and successful was that of Admiral Richard Byrd. Making many flights over both poles and mapping the Antarctic, Byrd became Americas "expert". In his early years (1929) he made a flight with his navigator Lloyd K. Grenlie over the Antarctic discovering a range of high mountain peaks called the Rockefeller Mountains, named after the sponsor of the expedition. It is alleged that they made a filming of a second trip that year. The newsreel film was played all over theaters in America describing both trips. In this film it showed photographs of "the land beyond the pole" including Mountains, trees, rivers and a large animal identified as a Woolly Mammoth! But of course today this film no longer exists. Grenlie before his death had confirmed the existence of the movie. In his book, " World beyond the poles." (1959) Author F.A. Giannini presents signed testimonies of witnesses who remember viewing the movie. (I personally remember my Grandparents telling me as a child something about this movie.)

Many of the last trips made by Byrd started out with enthusiastic claims of being the most important discoveries to be made. Upon returning the Press gave little fanfare and Byrd said nothing. In a Diary claimed to be the "lost Diary" of his Antarctic trip in 1947 there is an entry,

Flight Log, Camp Arctic, Feb 19, 1947

" We are crossing over the small mountain range still proceeding northward...Beyond the mountain range is what appears to be a small river… There should be no green valley here. Something is definitely wrong and abnormal here...We should be over ice and snow. From the port side there are great forests growing on the mountain side…The instruments are still spinning. The gyroscope is oscillating back and forth...I alter the altitude to 1400 feet and execute a sharp left turn...The light here seems different. I cannot see the sun anymore...We make another left turn and spot what seems to be a large animal of some kind below...it looks like a mammoth-like animal. This is incredible, but there it is...temperature indicator reads 74 degrees...Continue our heading. Navigation instruments seem normal now...Radio is not functioning. The countryside is more level than normal...Ahead we spot what seem like habitations. This is impossible! Aircraft seems light and oddly buoyant. The controls refuse to respond. The engines of our craft have stopped running. The landing process is beginning...I am making a hasty last entry in the flight log. I do not know what is going to happen now..."

Hollow earth researchers are divided about the diary. The skepticism is mostly based on the next entry where Byrd describes that his plane was forced landed by a flying disk. There was a swastika like marking on it. He then encountered tall blond hair, blue eyed men who spoke English in a broken German-Nordic accent. He was given a tour and a message to the surface warning them about the use of testing nuclear weapons.

Full article: http://www.echoesofenoch.com/index.cfm?id=11842&fuseaction=browse&pageid=37 (http://www.echoesofenoch.com/index.cfm?id=11842&fuseaction=browse&pageid=37)