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By paraplayer

Hello there! First off let me say that this article is for those who already have a rock solid belief in telekinesis. This article will not try to prove it or try to explain it. Telekinesis takes a vast amount of time, effort and motivation to achieve.

Personally it took me about three months of on and off practise just to move a piece of paper balanced on a thumbtack (here on referred to as a "psiwheel"). Of course it takes different amounts of effort for different people.

Before I move onto specific techniques let’s talk about objects that are easy to start off on. After all, very few people begin on pens! The psiwheel. Probably the object most practised on. Quite simply it’s a piece of paper (or tinfoil if you’re having trouble) resting on a pin, thumbtack or anything else with a point.

It really doesn’t matter how you fold the paper to fit on the thumbtack as long as it stays. Fold the top left corner of the paper to the bottom right corner. Crease it, and then unfold it. Now fold the top right corner to the bottom left corner. Crease it. Now balance the paper on the thumbtack.

The purpose here is to spin the paper. Unfortunately because there’s such a small amount of friction on the psiwheel wind or heat from your hands can spin it. The last thing you want is to have it spin and later find out it was just the open window! So either make sure there are no drafts, open doors or put a glass jar over the psiwheel.

Floating toothpick.

Simple and accessible, simply get a toothpick (or anything that floats) and a container of water. Put the object in the water and try and move it. Or try and move the water around the toothpick.


This is great to practice on. With the toothpick and psiwheel you’re limited in the directions you can move them, but with a pendulum you’ve a lot more freedom. Most people forget about this: The earth DOES spin underneath the pendulum. So when affecting its movement rather then starting the movement, be careful.

Moving on to bigger things now! The empty soda can. If you’re having troubles with this one there are different things you can try to make it easier. Roll it down a slope and try to slow it’s descent. Or balance it on the edge of a table. Get creative!

The pen or pencil. This one is a toughie. Most people never get to this point and if you’re ready to practice on these then congratulations! Be proud! As with the soda can try putting it on slopes, or instead of starting the movement trying rolling it with your finger and reversing the direction with telekinesis. Well that’s probably enough of things to practice on to keep you busy for a long time. Of course there are lots of ideas out there. Try balloons or bubbles! Try moving ice cubes. Anything with low friction will work fine. So lets stop discussing things to practice on and get to the practice!

There are three main things you can do to make telekinesis work for you. One is to visualize. Try visualizing “energy” coming from you and moving the object. Try different things out; try being very detailed or very simple. Trying visualizing “energy” as different things, such as electricity or fire or a certain color. The next thing is to feel the object moving. Have you ever been pushed by a force other then yourself? How did it feel? Try and project that feeling onto the object. If you want to move the object forwards, put yourself in the objects shoes, how would it feel? It sounds silly... but then again... you’re reading an article on how to move things with your mind. The final technique and the one I use the most is simply willing the object to move. I think Nina says it better then I do: “I think nothing but the object, and it moving.” personally this works the best for me but it seems different techniques work for different people.

The conscience blues. One thing that a lot of psions believe is that telekinesis is managed by the subconscious rather then the conscience. I personally believe that not only does the subconscious control telekinesis but that if you think too hard your conscience will get in the way or inhibit the subconscious. A way to combat this is to keep trying to move the object but at the same time distract yourself with something else. Watching some television while trying to move an object is a great cure.

More specific techniques. Try visualizing the object you’re moving as positively charged. Then imagine a positive charge near the object slowly becoming more powerful. Just like magnets. Another technique I use is to imagine waves emanating from yourself, affecting the object. Slowly becoming more intense over time.

Some last little words of advice. Developing telekinesis takes a long time. There’s a very good chance your patience will draw thin. It took me about 6 months all together to move anything other then the psiwheel. Do I think it was worth it? Not really. It literally gives me headaches and makes me sleepy. But along with a cool party trick I learnt to be patient. I learnt to concentrate. Maybe in a few years I’ll stop practicing telekinesis. But the patience and concentration I learnt from practicing will be with me forever. If telekinesis is something you’re really into then I advise you to dedicate time 6 days week to it.

Good luck with your endeavors into telekinesis! There’s a vast amount of knowledge on the subject at and Of course don’t trust everything you see on the internet be skeptical and be smart. Best of wishes.

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