Circles of light in photographs

By Jaime Licauco Inquirer
Last updated 09:17pm (Mla time) 08/28/2006

WHAT do you think are these circles of light appearing in my photos?” Jean [not her real name] recently asked me in a text message.

One picture only has two or three of the circles but some pictures have dozens of them. They sometimes cover the entire frame.

“They seem to be following me wherever I go. I’m getting scared!” Jean cried.

She is a well-known, attractive and dynamic wife of a ranking government official who has made a name for herself for her philanthropic and social work. She used to anchor a radio program focusing on women’s rights and issues.

When Jean showed me the photos that terrified her, I found that the circular objects were nothing more than orbs, which many people had lately been catching with their cameras, specially digital ones.
They are, as far as I have gathered, totally harmless and should not be cause for fear or apprehension.

Nothing to fear
I told Jean that of the half a dozen people I knew, in whose photos orbs appeared, no evil or negative thing had happened to them.

Jean was visibly relieved. But then she asked, “Why are they following me? When I was in Rome, they appeared in pictures I took there. I went to China and they were also there. And here at home, they still appear in my pictures.”

I said, “Maybe they want you to acknowledge their existence, or maybe they want to convey a message to you. I really can’t tell. But whatever it is, there is nothing to fear from them.”

The first to call my attention to this photographic phenomenon was the movie actress Rosanna Roces about two years ago. She was surprised when the orbs appeared all over the pictures she took in her farm in Antipolo and in their house near Fairview, Quezon City.
She couldn’t see them with the naked eye; they only appeared in photographs. Why? We can’t tell. Somebody explained to me that new cameras could capture objects much faster than our eyes could see.

Osang told me later she could even command the orbs to go to, let’s say, the foot or head of a person. When she took his/her picture, the orbs would be seen only where she asked them to be.

Dust particles
Some skeptics have advanced the theory that these are nothing more than dust particles caught by the camera. But if these were merely dust particles, why do the orbs appear in one frame and not in the next or the next?
And why do they vary in size, even in shape? Although mostly circular, Osang had orbs that were diamond-shaped.

I have a theory based on my observations and answers of people who have captured orbs in their cameras. First, they could be spirits of the dead that chose to appear as circular lights so as not scare people. Second, they could be elementals similar to St. Elmo’s Fire. Or third, they could be ET’s or extraterrestrials.

I believe the orbs appearing to Osang and to Jean are ET’s.

When the orbs are blown up or enlarged, we sometimes find geometric figures, strange writings and even faces in them. In one of the pictures taken by Jean, we saw a very clear image of an ET’s face.

Why are they following people like Osang and Jean? I really don’t know. I advised them to be aware of their thoughts and their environment. Perhaps in due time these invisible creatures will show themselves to us and we can tell them, “Take us to your leader!”

Not new
The appearance of orbs in photos is not really a recent phenomenon. They only appear more frequently now than before and in greater numbers with the development of digital cameras.

In a British series of books on the supernatural, for example, I saw a picture taken in 1949 of a large orb beside the person being photographed. The photo was taken in a yard in Japan. The caption simply said the mysterious object just appeared in the photo. They didn’t have a name for it at that time.

The need for further investigation of this photographic phenomenon is obvious, but nobody so far has shown any interest. Since there seems to be nothing strange or bad that happens to people from photographing these objects, there is little, if any, interest in studying them in depth.

But this attitude must change if we are to understand the nature of this phenomenon. Perhaps after close scrutiny, orbs may indeed be nothing more than reflection of light. But my gut feel or instinct tells me there’s more to these orbs than meets the eye.