"Rods are cigar or cylindrical shaped objects that travel at high velocities barely visible with the naked eye. They appear to be alive as they move through the air like fish swim in the sea. They appear to have fins or appendages along the torso and the torsos bend as they travel. The term Rods came along because these things had the impression of things you can see under the microscope that are called Rods....So for lack of a better name Rods kind of stuck."

Jose Escamilla,

Rods appear to be thin, unidentified organic life forms that fly (or ride air currents) in the sky. They range from 4 inches to over 100 feet long, some having short appendages. They fly rapidly and are almost impossible to see with the untrained eye. There are three distinct types of rods: centipede rods, white rods, and spears. They have been reported throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide, and are visible in all seasons. They appear to be living, breathing organisms playing among the clouds.

Sightings of "rod-like" creatures in the sky date back to early history. Large, flying serpentine creatures were reported in China in 747 AD, in Europe during the late middle ages, and in the United States in 1894. However, these "rods" do not resemble serpentine creatures; instead, they look like string or rope floating in the sky.