Vampire child found in China


Jan 29, 2007

A fourth grade boy in Chong Qing, China was a little vampire. He loves drinking blood. This weird habit started while he got an unknown sickness acting just like the vampire in the movies, he would pass out and his body would becomes stiff as a board.

Out of superstition, someone smeared dog blood on his face to cast out the evil. The boy licked away the blood and got better. Now every time he gets this sickness, he needs to drink blood.

A Chinese Central TV Station reported his story and named him a “Vampire Boy”.

The boy’s physiologist says that his symptom is physiological. He was raised by his grandparents and after they died, the family kept the coffin in the house, which messed the little boy’s head up.

Currently he’s undergoing the treatments and the condition is getting better now.