Apocrypha Ordered Alphabetically

Codes of description
OT-Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
NT-New Testament Apocrypha
NH-Nag Hammadi texts
DSS-Dead Sea Scrolls texts
E-External Link
A Baptismal Liturgy DSS
A Valentinian Exposition NH
Acts and Martyrdom of Matthew NT
Acts and Martyrdom of Andrew NT
Acts of John the Theologian NT
Acts of Andrew NT
Acts of Andrew and Matthias NT
Acts of Barnabas NT
Acts of John NT
Acts of peter NH
Acts of Peter and Paul NT
The Acts of Peter and the Twelve
Acts of Philip NT
Acts of Thomas NT
Allogenes NH
The Apocalypse of Adam NH
The First Apocalypse of James NH
The Second Apocalypse of James NH
The Apocalypse of Paul NH
The Apocalypse of Peter NH
The Apocalypse of Thomas NT
The Apocryphon of James NH
The Apocryphon of John NH
Apostles NH
Asclepius NH
Authoritative Teaching DSS
Authoritative Teaching (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/autho.html) E NH
Baruch D
Second Baruch OT
Third Baruch OT
Bel and the Dragon OT
The Book of the eight aeons NT
Book of Enoch OT
The Book of Giants DSS
Book of John the evangelist NT
The Book of Jubilees OT
I Book of the Maccabees D
II Book of the Maccabees D
III Book of the Maccabees D
IV Book of the Maccabees D
The Book of Secrets DSS
The B. of Thomas the Contender OT
The B. of Thomas the Contender NH
The Chosen One DSS
Coming of Melchizedek DSS
Compilation of Thomas NT
The Concept of our Great Power NH
Consummation of Thomas NT
The correspondence of Paul and Seneca NT
The Divine Throne DSS
The Dialogue of the Savior NH
Discourse on the Eight and Nine NH
Enoch And The Watchers DSS
Epistle to the Laodiceans NT
1 Esdras D
2 Esdras D
Eugnostos the Blessed NH
Exhortationon the Flood DSS
The Exegesis on the Soul NH
The Greek Additions to Esther D
The Gospel According to Mary NT
The Gospel According to Philip NH
The Gospel of Bartholomew NT
The Gospel of James NH
The Gospel of Nicodemus NT
The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew NT
The Gospel of Thomas NH
The Gospel of the Egyptians NH
The Gospel of the Lord NT
The Gospel of the Nativity of Mary NT
The Gospel of Truth NH
The Gospel of Truth NH
The Haran Gawaitha NT Md
Hosea Commentary DSS
The Hymn of the Lord OT
Hyspsiphrone NH
Hypostasis of the Archons NH
Instruction of Adam by an Uthra NT Md
The Interpretation of Knowledge NH
Judith D
Letter of Jeremiah D
The Letter of Peter to Philip NH
Marsanes (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/marsanes.html) E NH
The Martyrdom of Isaiah NT
Melchizedek (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/melchiz.html) E NH
The Messenger of Light Creates the Way of Salvation NT Md
On the Baptism A (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/bapta.html) E NH
On the Baptism B (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/baptb.html) E NH
On the Eucharist A (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/eucha.html) E NH
On the Eucharist B (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/euchb.html) E NH
On the Origin of the World (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/origin.html) E NH
On the Origin of the World NH
Prayer of azariah D
Prayer of manasseh D
The Prayer of the Ap. Paul (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/prayp.html) E NH
The Prayer of Thanksgiving (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/prat.html) E NH
Psalms to Jesus I NT Mc
Psalms to Jesus_II NT Mc
Psalms to Jesus_V NT Mc
The Report of Pontius Pilate NT
Revelation of John NT
Revelation of Paul NT
Revelation of Moses OT
Revelation of Stephen NT
Secret Gospel of Mark NT
2nd Treatise of Great Seth (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/2seth.html) NH
The Sentences of the Sextus NH
Susanna D
The Sophia of Jesus Christ NH
Tales of the Patriarchs DSS
The Teachings of Silvanus NH
Testament of Solomon OT
The Testament of Abraham OT
Tobit D
The Testimony of Truth NH
Thanksgiving Psalms DSS
The Thought of Norea NH
The Three Steles of Seth (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/steles.html) E NH
Thunder, Perfect mind NH
The Treatise on Resurrection (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/res.html) E NH
Tongues of Fire DSS
The Trimorphic Protennoia (http://www.webcom.com/%7Egnosis/naghamm/trimorph.html) E NH
Vita Adae Et Evae OT
The Vision of Jacob DSS
The War Scroll DSS
Wisdom Text DSS
Words of Michael DSS
Zostrianos (http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/%7Ehumm/Resources/Gnosis/zost.html) E NH