The Psalms to Jesus


Psalm II

Come to me, my Savior, the haven of my trust.
Bestir thyself, O soul that watchest in the chains
that have long endured, and remember the ascent
into the air of joy; for a deadly (?) lure is the
sweetness of this flesh .

May the first that . . . . to thee (?) persuade thy heart,
and do thou fight for thyself to put senility behind
thee and become new again.

Jesus, the new God, to whose hope I have hung:
I have made myself strong upon his coming:
He was not born in a womb corrupted:
not even the mighty were counted worthy of
him for him to dwell beneath their roof, that he
should be confined in a womb of a woman of
low stature (?). Lo, the glory of my faith that shall
help me to the end, that I have purified thee, my God.

Thy kin are these sure seals that are upon thee, O soul,
by reason of which no demon can touch thee;
for thou hast worshipped aright him, who has broken
the goad (?) of Error, thou hast laid thy treasures in
the heavens . . .