Psalms to Jesus


Psalm I

Come, my Savior Jesus, do not forsake me.
Jesus, thee have I loved, I have given my soul . . . . . .
armor (?); I have not given it rather to the foul (?) lusts
of the ,world . Jesus, do not forsake me.
Lo, the glorious armor wherein thou hast girded thy
. . . holy commandment , I have put it upon my Iimbs ,
I have fought against my enemies. Jesus, do not forsake me.

I , wandered into the whole world , I ,witnessed all the
things that are in it, I saw that all men run vainly too and fro .
Jesus, do not forsake me.

O how long is the evil genius and madness of the Darkness
wherein they have been bound ; for they have forgotten
God, who came and gave himself up to death for them.
Jesus, do not forsake me.

When I saw these things, my Lord, I took thy hope and made
myself strong upon it. Thy yoke which thou didst enjoin on me,
I did not refuse it, my Lord.
Jesus, do not forsake me.

Thy excellent commandments which thou didst enjoin on me
I have fulfilled them my Savior .
Thy lamps of Light, I have not suffered
my enemies to put them out.
Jesus, do not forsake me.

Now I call to thee in the anguish of my soul that
thou mayest have compassion upon me;
for the powers of heaven and earth desire
to submerge me.
Jesus, do not forsake me.

O my prayers and my fasts and my virginity which I have
perfected in thy name; for this is the hour of dread
,wherein I need thee.

I beheld my judge , I was not confounded at all in my deeds
that I have done. He gave me victoriously into the hands
of the angels (?) and they escorted me to his kingdom.
Jesus, do not forsake me.

My brethren, be not hesitant in doing good
by night and by day ; for that which a man plants ( ?)
the same shall he reap.
Jesus, do not forsake me.

The light-armed in the fight consume one another for
a garland that passes away; and they shall be stripped of
their (?). . . . and shall pay the penalty for that which
they have done.
Jesus. do not forsake me.

He that . . . after you is a great one; for you have conquered
heaven and earth, the powers and principalities ,
and you shall rest yourselves in your new Aeon.

Glory and Victory to our Lord, our Light, Mani,
and his holy Elect, and the soul of the blessed
Mary, Theona.