Some criminal events related to Religious Groups

Indonesian Witch Hunters
Mexican Witch Killers
65-year-old Buddhist priest arrested over
'purification' groping
New Age, hippies
Japan raids killer cult locations
The Ant Hill Kids Commune
Ira Einhorn
Haunted by Tokyo cult
Heavens Gate
Voodoo, santeria, afrocaribbean
Jose Augusto dos Santos
Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo
Death sentence for Nigeria cult
Vivian & Serena Miranda
Black Hebrew Isrealites
Chevie Kehoe
The Chijon Family
Cult leader gets 20-year sentence
Kentucky Teen Killers
Kentucky Vampire Clan
Lawyer: 3 kids tossed in bay as sacrifice
Lords of Chaos
PNG women slain over sorcery fears
Tijuana Religious Ritual
Spanish Role-playing killers
Umtata cult members in court
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors
United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors leader coerced children to have sex with him
Police kill beheading sect members
Kenya sect leader sent to prison
Kenya murders after sect jailing
Daughter 'possessed by demons'
Christian crimes
Priest convicted in Rwandan genocide
US pastor resigns in gay sex row
Alleged Sex Abuse Victim Sues Cardinal Mahony
Priest jailed for exorcism death
Catholic Priest Fired For Abuse
Cult leader linked to beheadings asks to 'die with dignity
David Koresh
Ex-priest gets lengthy jail sentence for sex crimes
Jim Jones
Jeffrey Lundgren
Ohio executes cult leader who killed doubters
PNG cult head faces murder charge
Preacher to hang for sin burnings
Polygamous sect leader makes FBI's most wanted
Priest convicted of murdering nun on Easter eve
Priest convicted of raping 13-year-old girl
Priest 'masterminded' murder
...relationship with Foley 'exaggerated'
Rwanda nun jailed over genocide
Slovak bishop praises Nazi regime
Sudanese priest arrested for kidnapping apostate
Teen polygamist bride: I felt trapped
Woman: Blame devil for infant in microwave
Yongsaenggyo cult leader Given Death Penalty
Zimbabwe: Abusive Religious Cult Exposed
Diocese to settle sex-abuse claims for $660 million
Grandfather dies after 'exorcism' on girl, police scuffle
Polygamist 'prophet' found guilty of aiding rape
US polygamy sect leader sentenced
New Russia Orthodox church
Woman drowns during exorcism ceremony
Doomsday cult threatens suicide
Satanic crimes
Italian 'Beasts of Satan' jailed
Crimean Satanist
Davd Obertorf
Nathan Brooks
The Ripper Crew
Russian Satanist
San Luis Obispo Satanist
Satanic Cult Suspected In Slaying Of Colombian Family
Siberian Satanist Cult
Wyoming Valley Satanist