Nathan Brooks

2 deaths

One from the satanist with a raging Oedipal crisis file. At the mere age of 17 Nathan wasted his parents in a lame attempt to preparing for a satanic ritual. On September 30, 1995, Nathan killed his mother with an ax and decapitated his father with a hacksaw after shooting him to death. A black magic aficionado, Nate chopped off his father's head in the family home in Bellaire, Ohio, and planned to use it in a satanic ritual. When arrested, he confessed to the killings and his macabre plan. In court he pleaded innocent by reason of insanity.

Evidence found at his home included a black and white bowl that held a rubber fright mask on which his dad's head rested. The mask, trimmed with a black wig, was the image of a man shot in the head. Investigators also found books about satanism and the occult and a biography Jeffrey Dahmer.

Nathan's friends claim that he was reading about Satanism because he was curious and was trying something new. However, he killed for attention. Days before the murders he allegedly told a friend, "Just wait until I'm famous." He also had an altar in an old abandoned house that mysteriously burnt down after he was arrested. There he had a list of 16 people he was going to kill. He planned evicerating them, then burning there skin off.