David Koresh

90 deaths

On February 28, 1993, when the Storm Troopers of the ATF tried to enter the Branch Davidian compound in the outskirts of Waco, Texas, Dave and the gang answered with a rain of lead killing four ATF agents. Koresh, a failed rock'n roller turned doomsday prophet and poster boy for the NRA resisted the ATF siege that followed for fifty-one days. He also promised to bring forth a fiery apocalypse for all those with him in the compound.

On April 19, 1993, he delivered. As the Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, under the lead of Bob Ricks launched their assault, the compound broke out in flames killing eighty-six people inside. The government claimed that Koresh ignited the flames and had the compound booby-trapped so it would go up in a fireball. Some, like the recently infamous Michigan Militia, believe the Feds and Attorney General Janet Reno were completely responsible for the deaths of Koresh and his fellow charred Branch Davidians.

It is said that Webster Hubbell, Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton ran the whole Waco siege from the White House. Many think Waco was behind the death of Vince Foster. Then there is the FBI director William Sessions who was fired the day after Vince Foster is dead. Davidian lawyer Dick Degarrin was a law school friend of Sessions. William Sessions said on ABC Barbara Walters show that Dick called him and convinced him to come down and talk to Koresh directly to end the siege. As soon as the White House found out he was put under "House arrest" in his office and fired and Vince Foster died all in the same couple of days. This all sounds a little to connected for me.