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Some criminal events related to cults (59 articles)
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Non critical and apologetic articles on New Religious Groups
The Future of Religion and the Future of New Religions
Anti-Cult Terrorism via the Internet Revisited
The Brainwashing Controversy
Brainwashing and the Cults: The Rise and Fall of a Theory
Criticism and anti-cult articles
8 Marks of a Cult
Abusive Churches
Apocalyptic Groups
Characteristics of a Destructive Cult I
Characteristics of a Destructive Cult II
CNN Interview with Yanya Lalich ---
Cognitive Dissonance
Conditions on Thought Reform
Conversion Process
Coping with Trance States
Criteria of evaluation
Cult Formation
Cults agenda
Church Aberrations
Distinctives Of An Aberrational Christian Group
'End Times' Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon 'End times'
Faculty cult expert helps explain Smart case ---
FAQ Cults
Hypnotic language ---
Mind Control techniques
Mind manipulation group
Myths about mind control --- ---
Spiritual Abuse
The Three Stages ---
UFO Cults with the Potential to Kill
What messages are behind today's cults?
Novel new religions find followers among Russia's disillusioned
Criticism articles on Peoples temple
Jim Jones
The History of Jonestown
Why follow Jones
Peoples Temple
Why suicide
Why the Peoples Temple
Article on Heaven´s Gate

Heaven's Gate: The Sequel

Criticism articles on Branch Davidians
Branch Davidians
History of the Branch Davidians
    David Koresh
    The Personality of David Koresh
    Outline of Branch Davidian Teachings
    Analysis of Teachings
    David Koresh and Joseph Smith
Davidian Theology
        The Seven Seals
        The foundation
        Judge What I Say
        Letter To Wisconsin
        The Serpent I
        The Serpent II
        Seventh angel nter into rest
        Shower head tape
        Study on Joel And Daniel 1
Articles by members of New Religious Groups
Black Apologetics Ministry
Is Christianity a White Man's Religion?
Christadelphians - Our faith and beliefs
International Church of Christ
What Do You Say to the Charge That You Are a Cult?
The Family
The Family
The Family - The Founder
A rich christian heritage
Embassy of Heaven
What We Believe
The Creed of the Church of Scientology
The Church of Scientology
A description of Scientology
Lodge of the Order of Enlightened Knights
The Church of Resurrection in Eternity ( - Official site
Some crimes involving New Religious Groups
Priest convicted in Rwandan genocide
US pastor resigns in gay sex row
Alleged Sex Abuse Victim Sues Cardinal Mahony
Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo
Black magic, murder and madness in Satanist South Africa
The Chijon Family
Crimean Satanist
Davd Obertorf
Jose Augusto dos Santos
Kentucky Teen Killers
Kentucky Vampire Clan
Mexican Witch Killers
Nathan Brooks
Sudanese priest arrested for kidnapping apostate
Umtata cult members in court
Vivian & Serena Miranda

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