Other extremist groups

Jewish extremism
Kahane Chai Israel
Kahane Chai (Kach)
Kahane Official site (http://www.kahane.org/)
Other organizations
Obadiah Shoher
Jewish defense league
Lehi or Stern
Other jewish groups
Itzel or Irgun
Lehi or Stern
Unit 101
Some articles
Abbas accuses Israel of state terror
Israel's Sinister Designs
Hispanic extremism
La Voz de Aztlan USA, California
La Voz de Aztlan (http://aztlan.net/) Official website
America's 'Palestinians'
El Plan de Aztlan
How American Zionists are Manipulating U.S. Foreign Policy Against Islam!
Professor Predicts 'Hispanic Homeland'
Zionists Threaten " Freedom of the Press"
Special interest extremism
Animal Liberation Front
Earth Liberation Front
European Institute of Protestant Studies site (http://www.ianpaisley.org/)
Anarchy, libertarian groups
Organizations and sites
Infoshop.org (http://www.infoshop.org/)
Anarchy magazine (http://www.anarchymag.org/)
Synthesis (http://rosenoire.org/)
An Introduction to Capitalism and Anarchy
What is Anarchism?
Right wing, minarchy and anti-government groups
Organizations and sites
American Renaissance (http://www.amren.com/)
The Last Ditch (http://www.thornwalker.com/ditch/)
Lewrockwell.com (http://www.theultimatlearna.com/)
Black Extremism
Black Panther Party
Black Panther (http://www.blackpanther.org/) Official website
BobbySeale.com (http://www.bobbyseale.com/) Black Panther founder website
Black Panther party
Ten Point Plan
Black Panther legacy
General extremist news
30 Racist Murders Committed in Russia This Year — Armenian Diaspora Leader
International Terrorism
Poland's chief rabbi attacked
White supremacist bank robbers aid McVeigh
General articles
Classification of international Terrorism
Classification of Domestic Terrorism
Terrorism: An Overview
The Training of Terrorist Organizations (10 sections)
Patterns of Global Terrorism, Middle East Overview
Patterns of Global Terrorism, South Asia Overview
Sacred Violence
Sponsors of terrorism
Syrian Support for Terrorism
Islamic Extremism May Save Western Civilization