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It is the abbreviated name of the Secret Jewish Military Organization, which operated in Palestine during the British Mandate period. It was founded on 12 June 1920. Its active members within the "Jewish Police force" were around 22 thousand terrorists, armed and trained by the British Army under the command of a Britihs officer called "Charles Wingate".
After declaring the establishment of the Zionist entity in 1948, the Haganah formed the backbone of the Zionist army.

Itzel or Irgun

This Zionist terrorist organization was formed in 1937 after separating from the Haganah. It became Itzel under the command of "Jabotinsky", the head of the New Zionist Organization. The Itzel commander was "David Razial", who when killed in Iraq, was succeeded by the terrorist "Menachem Begin". In 1948, Itzel was dissolved and its members joined the Zionist army.

Lehi or Stern

It is a secret Zionist organization which operated in Palestine during the British mandate. It was founded by the Zionist terrorist "Abraham Stern". Lehi separated from Itzel in 1940, after which it carried the name of its founder "Stern".

Lehi "Stern" was dissolved in 1948. Part of its members joined the Workers General Organization, while others joined other extremist Zionist parties. "Yitzhak Shamir" was commander of the Stern operations.


It is a military organization and was the permanent army of the Haganah or its military wing. Palmach was established in 1941. In 1948, its brigades became the military striking nucleus of the Zionist army.

Unit 101

It was a professional terrorist gang and was considered Sharon's private army. Its members were not classified according to their military ranks, but "according to their fighting experience".

In January 1954, the Unit was united with the Paratroopers Battalion of the Zionist army at the initiative of "Moshe Dayan". "Ariel Sharon" became the paratroop commander.
Among the students of Sharon in Unit 101 was "Raphael Eitan" who was the Chief-of-Staff of the Zionist army during the invasion of Lebanon in 1982.