Obadiah Shoher

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Extremist jewsih group directed by Obadiah Shoher. Promotes anexation of all palestinian territories.

Extract from the site:

  1. "What area do the Israelis want?
  2. Why does Israel need the Palestinian territories?
  3. The possibility of Israel' ceding the Palestinian territories
  4. Returning the Palestinian territories might not lead to normalizing Arab-Israeli relations
  5. Israeli perceptions of Arab nationalism are exaggerated
  6. Annexation of Arab lands will not necessarily impede Israeli-Arab peace
  7. A culturally attractive Israel could annex the Palestinian territories more easily
  8. Israel as Middle Eastern empire
  9. Israel should conquer only militarily weak, economically viable Muslim states
  10. Israel may annex foreign land
  11. Israel can win tolerance of foreigners to annexation
  12. Annexation tactics in Palestine, expansion from a security belt
  13. Israeli threat of expansion would bring peace "