The Destruction of America

Phase II: Multiculturalism

By Kevin Newsom

With all the war talk that is happening in the media today, it would appear that no other serious issues exist at the moment. Even reports of a tepid economy-usually a media favorite- have been pushed to the back burner, replaced by stories of Saddam’s latest shenanigans and the seemingly constant supply of sabre rattling from North Korea’s Kim Jong Il. And while some of this “news” is rather entertaining, it doesn’t begin to touch on the harsh realities that face the American nation. We receive overdose levels of mostly worthless and repetitive information of remote battlefields, whilde the most important war gets no coverage at all. The war for the heart, mind, and soul of America. The culture war.

Sometimes, my own country seems foreign to me. It’s like a nightmare. The very values and lessons that were taught to me throughout my childhood, and were affirmed during young adulthood, are now targeted by mainstream culture as “offensive”, “bigoted”, and “hate speech”. In fact, it would be accurate to say that my very existence is now seen as a terrible burden by the dictators of culture that appear on television, in the written media, and who have infiltrated our public schools. Why? Because these new masters of civilization state that the new America will not tolerate absolute belief systems. The only value system that is acceptable is multiculturalism, where absolute truth does not exist, opinions are validated or disproved on the basis of skin color, and where all of history becomes subject to change according to one’s ethnic background.

While this movement arrives in the name of tolerance, it is truly the most intolerant event in recent history. Multiculturalism claims to protect all peoples from discrimination and “social injustice” by accepting all religious beliefs and cultural practices as legitimate. Thus, the Aztec practice of human sacrifice is just as valid as any other cultural practice. Never mind the fact that countless people were needlessly slaughtered…because it is not our place to decide what is right or wrong. All perspectives must truly be seen from a relative point of view. Perhaps there is no right or wrong. After all, it was the Aztecs belief system. Who are we to question it?

Of course, all systems have loopholes. All rules have exceptions. Multiculturalism is no different. This “most tolerant” of all belief systems does indeed have a culture and religion that it finds so abhorrent as to label both intolerant. Western civilization and Christianity are favorite targets of those who subscribe to the multi-cult philosophy. Both are labeled as “divisive” forces of humanity, and both are frequently attacked through the media and popular culture.

So, a system that allegedly accepts all points of view as being equal actively persecutes certain segments of society. Why? Because these members are from populations that maintain belief in a definite set of values that define right and wrong. And, seeing that such values conflict with the New Age “I’m ok, you’re ok” philosophy (in the loosest sense of the word, to be sure) they must be destroyed. The most effective way to accomplish this task is to work through the educational outlets of our society, namely public education and pop culture.

Gone are the lessons of the accomplishments (and shortcomings) of Western Civilization, from ancient Greece and Rome to modern Europe and America, and how unique of a force this civilization has been on world history. Today, such courses are shunned as being “Eurocentric”, and unsuitable for the citizens of the world. Gone are the classes that specialize in teaching the US Constitution to our youth. In their place are courses that preach the need for global government, and which highlight only the mistakes made by western civilization. Gone are the ideals that individuals are the backbone of US history and society. Now, students are taught the certain “groups” have more freedom than others.

Turn on the television, and the only values that one can harvest would be best labeled as pagan. Infidelity and promiscuity aren’t just promoted; they are displayed as the modern “enlightened” way of living. Never mind the fact that the consequences of such behaviors are rarely shown (disease, unwanted pregnancy, apathy, etc.). Marriage is viewed as a truly insane and masochistic enterprise. “Reality” programs constantly stress the need to take advantage of others, to hurt others before they do the same to you, to lie, steal, and back stab your way to the top. TV encases and promotes a world in which the ends justify the means, a world whose acceptance of almost everything has led to a belief in nothing…the new age nihilism.

So, at the end of the day, Americans will not remember their shared cultural heritage. They won’t remember the fact that men and women from many races and creeds came here not only to succeed, but also to become Americans themselves. They won’t remember their common religious background, because of the New Age multi-cult system has attempted to replace all religions with it’s own profane “beliefs”. All that will be visible to Americans will be the most basic identity known to humans, that of race. The inevitable conclusion of that path is factionalism, regionalism, and the end of America.

So why would such a system be put into place in America? Why would the religious beliefs and cultural history of a people be erased? To marginalize and subdue the unstoppable force that is the US. Only by weakening America can it be prepared for the coming changes. Only by breaking the United States into manageable pieces can it be placed as the prized jewel into the globalist crown. To those who think this an overstatement, or melodramatic, I urge you to consider recent history. Today’s European Union, a political superstate, began as a humble trade agreement. Today’s NAFTA, and later FTAA, are merely the same blueprints for regional government. Already there is talk of a “continental security zone”, and Canadian businessmen, Mexican politicians, and American “leaders” talk of dissolving the borders. Would you pledge allegiance to the North American Republic? If we are all fighting one another, who can stop this from happening?

Multiculturalism is a vile instrument of destruction, used by the current political establishment to weaken the foundations of our nation as well as our people. It’s evil is only surpassed by those who implement the plan itself. Yet, this is only a single phase of the strategy to destroy national sovereignty. Next week’s column will focus on something that all of us have in common, and depend on to survive…money.