The Destruction of America

Part Three: Pure Decadence, Self, and Money

By Kevin Newsom
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In the two previous parts of this series, the focus has been on matters of legislation designed to shatter American tradition, culture, and freedoms: namely gun grabbing (euphemistically packaged as “gun control”) and multiculturalism. The above two cancers on society are fairly visible, and even receive distorted coverage on the government news networks. In fact, you could probably turn on the television at this very moment and witness the mindless talking heads debating both of the pre-packaged “sides" of the issues. Unfortunately, not all of the assaults on the future of our nation are so visible, and usually are muted from the TV screen, in order to avoid them finding a home in the mind of America. The roaring silence on one of the most pressing issues of the day, the Patriot Act II, is an excellent example of this. After all, if the stooges of the right or the dupes from the left don’t talk about it, it’s not legitimate, right? On the contrary, if the sell outs from mainstream talk radio and television aren’t talking about it, there is usually something to it. Such an issue that is generally avoided on the establishment media happens to be a third prong of the attack on America: the absolute decadence of our society.

The historian Edward Gibbon wrote a book called The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. In it, he underlined several factors of the demise of that once great republic. One plank of his argument is that the very culture of Rome became decadent to the point that people simply didn’t care or weren’t even capable of understanding that their culture was running out of steam. A kind of inescapable cycle of apathy, and ignorance, that contributed to said culture taking an inevitable journey to oblivion.

The United States, on the other hand, has long been promoted-and rightly so-as the land of opportunity. A land of endless possibilities, where hard work and ingenuity lead to success. A nation that offers both employers and employees the opportunities to build wealth, and, more importantly, to build a future for themselves and their families. A nation where one can succeed regardless of who his or her father is. America, a country made of the dynamic spirit of the individual, the spirit of progress.

Unfortunately, this dynamic spirit has been altered. The spirit of the day is not of the individual (rugged or otherwise), but of the self. The difference? The individual not only focuses on his or her current success, but also thinks of the future, of the long term, when making decisions. The individual may or may not seek fortune, but he or she has the ability to discern that what may bring temporary gain can also cause problems in the long run. The person who lives for the self does not see such distinctions. What is pleasing right now is the only thing that matters. These people have lost the ability to think beyond the next paycheck. They have lost their long-term vision, and consequently are traveling down the road of decadence. The consequences are astounding.

While consumer debt continues to spike upwards, up to $1.59 trillion according to the Federal Reserve board, many Americans still cannot stop spending money on luxury or extravagant items. As unemployment levels rise, many of our people can’t stop buying the newest Lexus or BMW. Why? Because they have become victims of the seduction of the modern era, the push to place the desires of the self above that of everything else, whether it is their family, friends, or nation. In our fast-paced society, the drive to succeed is no longer governed by the dream of having a good-sized family and working to provide for their future. Instead, only what feels good now is important. Millions of people, living from paycheck to paycheck, obsessed with the desire to not only keep up with the Jones’, but to upstage them by out-consuming their neighbors. Our American pop culture has become so shallow that we choose not to define ourselves by our beliefs, our American pride, or even our religion. Instead, we have become a society that defines itself by possessions.

This lust for more doesn’t just contain itself to financial matters, however. We are also near the point of total moral bankruptcy. Our society demands that all limitations, inhibitions, and mores be completely destroyed in the name of the new age. This is the age where anything goes. A simple comparison of television 15 years ago to the same medium today affirms this. The rodents who rule the airwaves push more sex, more violence, more idiotic sit-coms, and less substance than ever before…all in the name of freedom. It is their argument that modern pop culture is simply giving the people what they want, when they want, when they know what they want. And now they are telling us that we don’t want to really know what is going on in the world. In fact, the network bosses are more than willing to show us anything rather than discuss what is really going on. Unpopular truths require popular distractions. And what could be a more popular solution than appealing to our most base, animalistic desires? What could be more enticing and distracting than the pursuit of pleasure?

And the culture provides us with this endless pursuit. After is has numbed the ability to think clearly, we begin to listen to the messages that it broadcasts. The subtle messages that provide role models for people of all ages. Think this is a stretch? Simply look around. The kids get high and drunk because the musicians and artists promote it. The young women prostitute themselves out because their favorite television character does the same thing. The masses don’t go to church anymore because most of the televangelists are crooks. Divorces are as common as marriages. You don’t like your wife or husband anymore? No problem, get a divorce and try again. People get their whole philosophies of life from watching the most popular talk show host of “left” or “right” argue for his or her version of the truth. Because it has given us pleasure, we allow the culture to dictate our belief systems now.

The ultimate tragedy of this is that the person who is willing to sacrifice his/her own future, and that of their children, by giving into this cultural tripe will think very little of sacrificing Constitutional Rights and civil liberties. These people will be willing to give away the right to own a gun as long as they can keep their downtown townhouse. To such persons, sacrificing their right to speak freely about the government or their ability to due process will be of little consequence as long as the shiny new car remains in the garage, and the satellite television remains plugged in. This is why the scourge of consumerism is being forced on the American people, why it is more prevalent than any time before. The consumer, debt-ridden, morally decadent society is tailor made for a police state, simply for the fact that the citizens of such a state become ignorant and apathetic to the goings on around them. As they sweat, plan, and connive to outspend their neighbors, they fail to notice that their fundamental rights have disappeared. Or worse, they do notice and are either too afraid to speak out or simply don't care.

There is good news, however. Lots of it. Communities from all over the United States are waking up, and fighting to keep America a country to be proud of. They are rejecting the Soviet style Patriot Acts, and affirming support for the United States Constitution, and the American way of life. This is just the beginning. These are the first baby steps towards freedom. Sites like are documenting the rise of communities like Seattle, Detroit, and Denver that are joined by organizations like the Massachusetts Bill of Rights Defense Committee in passing resolutions that urge confirm Constitutional rights to be upheld, and deplore the use of draconian tactics of the Patriot Acts. The message is clear: don’t mess with our rights! When enough of us say this together, over and over again, victory will be at hand!