The Destruction of America

Phase One: Disarming the People

By Kevin Newsom


"Our task of creating a socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed."
- Sara Brady, Chairwoman of Handgun Control, to Sen. Howard Metzenbaum, The National Educator, January 1994

"Firearms stand next in importance to the constitution itself. They are the American people's liberty teeth and the keystone unde under independence...The rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable...The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that is good."
- George Washington

After an arduous Monday of mind-numbing work, I found myself in a position that millions of Americans encounter at the end of every workday: I was totally exhausted. Too tired to read or even surf the net, I decided to vegetate in front of the television instead. While flipping through the standard propaganda “news” programs, sports stations, and seemingly endless celebrity gossip shows, I actually managed to find a program worth watching. The feature for the evening was a kind of mini-documentary of animals and their defense mechanisms. For the next hour, I sat transfixed as animals such as cats, dogs, porcupines, and bears were analyzed for various strengths and weaknesses. Following a rather entertaining look at animals wild and domestic, the program came to the conclusion that, without the ability to defend themselves, each animal would be unable to perform the tasks needed for survival, and would ultimately be killed off by another creature. So, a wolf or a coyote would make quick work of a porcupine without quills, and a cat that happened to be de clawed might find itself falling victim to the neighborhood dog.

An animal that is incapable of defending itself will be at the mercy of those that can. It’s amazing to me how profound the moral of the story is. This most basic law of nature doesn’t just pertain to wild animals or household pets, however. It also applies to human beings. A man or woman who cannot provide shelter for him/herself will be at the mercy of the elements. A person whose immune system malfunctions will inevitably fall ill. These are basic truths of our survival. To remove such protections and attributes of human beings is to contribute directly to their demise. So, anyone who purposely destroys such defenses is obviously a great harm to the survival of the species. Recall the stories of people who intentionally try to infect others with HIV or AIDS, thus destroying the immune systems of their victims. These individuals are typically charged with attempted murder, and, hopefully, locked away for the remainder of their lives. Such a move to cripple a person’s ability to defend his or herself is rightfully judged as an attack on the life and well being of said person.

A nation functions much like a person. To survive, it needs a healthy body (population), and a sound mind (leadership). Our nation, the United States of America, also requires a commitment to freedom. This commitment, which is most visible inside the US Constitution, is much like the immune system of the human body. Although parasites (communism, socialism, and fascism) may make appearances, the body is able to destroy such diseases and recover.

The problem is, America is not a healthy nation. Those whom we entrust with guarding and protecting our liberties are actively and purposely destroying them. Both political parties are engaging in warfare against the US Constitution, and, therefore, attacking the immune system of our country. By so doing, they are actively contributing to the destruction of America. Much like those who attempt to destroy the defenses of individuals, these political jackals are attempting to kill our nation. Bills such as the Patriot Act mutilate the 1st and 4th Amendments of the Constitution, and allow the ultimate disease, tyranny, access to the body of our nation.

These wanton acts of criminality aren’t just limited to the above. The federal government wishes to inflict much more damage on the people and nation of America. In fact, the Democrats and Republicans who voted for the Homeland Security Department/ Patriot Act would much rather finish off the immune system of our nation with one fell swoop, by targeting the most important part of the Constitution: The 2nd Amendment, The right to keep and bear arms.

As the above quote by Washington states, the private possession of firearms is the bedrock for the freedom of Americans. Liberty teeth. Literally, the last line of defense against a tyrannical government. Today many scoff at such an idea, and believe a tyranny in America to be impossible, citing the fact that an overt dictatorship hasn’t placed a firm hold on the continent in a few hundred years. The reason this is true is due to the fact that Americans enjoy the right to keep and bear arms. Let’s look at some recent history. How long do you think the mistreatment and slavery of blacks in America would have lasted had they been able to utilize their God-given rights? Not very long. A more recent example is Germany in the 1930s and 40s. The Weimar government of post WW I Germany passed laws in the late 20s that mandated the police stockpile huge records on gun owners. In fact, many countries believed that gun registration was logical move to discourage crime. Hitler had different ideas.

By 1939, the Fuhrer used gun registration lists to disarm, imprison, and murder countless numbers of Jews, Czechs, Poles, and “political dissidents”. By allowing themselves to fall into the trap of gun registration, the peoples of Europe gave Adolph Hitler an easy means to fulfill his policies of search and destroy. By using the registration laws passed by a democratic government, Hitler was able to neutralize any effective resistance at home.

To those who refuse to learn the lessons of history, one has to look no further than Congress to see a repeat performance. Senate Bill S.25, sponsored by Feinstein, Schumer, and Boxer, seeks to “prohibit a person from possessing a firearm unless that person has been issued a firearm license under this Act or a State system certified under this Act and such license has not been invalidated or revoked..” This is a national gun registration plan, plain and simple. This bill includes everyone who currently owns a gun, or wants to own a gun. Much like the Europeans of the 20s and 30s, now you must report to big brother. But don’t worry…they wouldn’t use this against you. It’s just to stop the criminals. Of course, five or ten years in the future, the federal government might decide that registration simply isn’t enough. So, Senate Bill S.330 looks to give the BATF the right to regulate design, manufacture, and performance of all firearms and ammunition! A complete federal takeover of the firearm industry! But wait. There’s more. This same bill would give the BATF the authority to BAN FIREARMS! This bureaucratic arm of the federal government would have the ability to completely control and manipulate the gun industry, and finally to confiscate weapons from ordinary, decent, hardworking Americans.

It amazes me that the seedy political bosses are moving this fast. Of course none of this will be discussed on CNN, or Fox News. It is done in the name of “saving the children”, or perhaps in the name of creating a utopian society. Those who support the 2nd Amendment are routinely labeled “gun nuts” by the sellouts on radio and television. What these fools fail to realize is that these gun nuts are fighting to protect the freedom of every American, regardless of his or her opinions. I doubt any of the 2nd rate actors that pose as “liberal” and “conservative” on the big networks truly comprehend what that means. I’m sure they understand just enough to sign the big checks they receive for lying to the American people.

Of course, there is the crowd who dreams of a perfect world, which to them is a world without the right to own a gun. To anyone who thinks that the banning of guns would lower crime in America, I urge you to look at what happened in Australia. After bans on most, if not all private firearms, crime rates, especially violent crimes such as robbery and sexual assault, soared through the roof. When you outlaw guns, only outlaws have guns.

The fact remains that these bills are real. This is not a game. Minions of both parties in Washington are moving swiftly to destroy our right to keep and bear arms. They are moving to decimate our last line of defense. They are working to destroy our national immune system. By taking steps to register guns, the government makes banning guns much easier. Banning guns does nothing to decrease crime. In fact, crime actually increases after such draconian laws are passed, and the people have nothing protect themselves from the criminals on the street, or the criminals who run their government. And so tyranny follows. We have seen examples from the past. We know that it can happen here! It is happening here! It’s happening to all of us. Our defenses are being stripped from us at this very second! It is up to us to stop this rampage against freedom. It’s up to us to stop the pieces of trash in Washington from hijacking ALL of our freedoms!

This frontal assault on the Constitution, specifically on the Bill of Rights, is only one phase of the plan. Next week, I will highlight the next step in the weakening of our nation: multiculturalism.