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THE CUTTING EDGE This is David Bay, Director of Old Paths Ministries, a ministry of Grace Baptist Church. And this is the Cutting Edge, a radio program dedicated to warning and informing God's people. This program is sponsored by Grace Baptist Church, a fundamental, independent Baptist Church, in Attleboro, Massachusetts. We are committed to the study and exposition of the inerrant, inspired and authoritative Word of God. The views expressed belong to us, and are not necessarily shared by this station.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented. But, few people understand why we have become morally bankrupt. However, when we look at society through the Biblical eyes of God, we can easily see why we are facing the unprecedented troubles of today. This study of America through the eyes of God is what we will always try to do here; stay with us for some eye-opening truths.

Several weeks ago, we showed you how the two Great Seals of the United States, both of which are printed on the back of our One Dollar bills, are powerful occultic symbols. In fact, these two seals contained three hexagrams, all of which were surrounded by a circle. Thus, these seals were simply "Demon Traps". A "Demon Trap" is a most powerful Satanic device a witch can utilize to achieve his/her specific goals. A real demon trap when utilized properly, actually brings a demon into our dimension.

At this point, we need to instruct you how witches exercise power through their practice of the occult. "Witches must obey certain laws of witchcraft in order for the force to work for them...a witch's only force come through demonic contacts and obedience. A witch...cannot cause anything to happen -- it's strictly by the follow-up actions of a demon. If every procedure is properly done, a demon must obey any order or spell given by a witch...In order for a witch to conjure a demon -- and I mean a literal demon being summoned into our plane of existence -- a witch must first draw on the ground a circle with a nine-foot radius." A true witch must ensure that his/her circle be precisely nine feet in radius.

Now the witch draws a hexagram, a six-sided star, inside this circle. This hexagram looks very much like a Jewish Star of David, which is simply two equilateral triangles interlaced, one pointing up and the other pointing down. However, Satan's counterfeit hexagram does not interlace its two triangles; one triangle simply lays on top of the other.

Now, back to the proper utilization of a demon trap. When a witch utters the correct incantations, a demon must appear in our dimension and must perform whatever the witch commands him to do. However, the demon thus summoned, is angry and rebellious, not wanting to obey the commands of the witch. He must use his supernatural power as the witch instructs him; however, the boundary of the circle forms a protective fence for the witch, because, if the demon can ever escape the circle, he will attack and kill the witch. Therefore, the witch takes great care in ensuring that no portion of the outer boundary of the circle is smudged or broken. The supernatural power of the demon is literally contained within and channeled through, this demon trap.

As we discussed earlier, the Bible teaches that God and Satan battle in the supernatural sphere for control of both human beings and nations. Further, the Bible teaches that God has appointed His most powerful angel, Michael, to be Israel's protector angel; therefore, it is logical that Satan, also, assigns his most powerful demons to be in charge of directing the affairs of the most powerful nations on the scene at any particular time. We have demonstrated that, beginning in the mid-1700's the guiding spirits of occultic societies were telling key leaders that the newly emerging North America was going to be a powerful nation; therefore, every effort was to be made to guide North America into the paths of the occult.

This Satanic effort thus set the stage for the most profound battle for America's soul between Satan and God. In the beginning, God's influence directed America in great and powerful ways. Several revivals in the 1800's and the early 1900's swept this nation, and America's influence throughout the world by her many missionaries was profound. However, all throughout this time, Satan had sown the seeds for destruction, awaiting only for God to withdraw His restraining power as He had prophesied He would do just prior to the end of the age. All throughout the Twentieth Century,

God seems to have been withdrawing His restraining power, as this century has been the most violent, bloody, and stressful time in history. People the world over have likewise been the most violent, bloody, and Godless in history.

Certainly since 1948, when America proved effective in leading the struggle to reestablish Israel as a nation, God has seemingly withdrawn His influence. Since this year, America has consistently and dramatically moved away from God's principles and commands and toward Satan's. We have spent much time in the past year chronicling all the many reasons America has traveled this route, and we still firmly believe all that we have said. However, we believe it quite possible that the three "Demon Traps" on the two Great Seals of the United States have played a huge part in this dramatic change in the direction of this country. The witches who have led the secret societies of this country, i.e., Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati, have literally been consistently using these national "Demon Traps" to conjure up powerful demons. And, understand, that these are literal Satanic demons. Since they are being called up on behalf of the national entity, the United States of America, we can rest assured that they are the most powerful demons possible. And, remember, that witches employing this "Demon Trap" device have had 216 years in which to consistently call these powerful demons up for the express purpose of changing the values of this country.

Furthermore, since the plan is to move America in the direction of Satan, we should expect that the attack will be primarily attitudinal in nature. We should expect that Satan would attack this country at its values base. At this point, it would be helpful if we studied the major principalities of Hell, as taught to a Satanist, because such a study will throw great light on this subject at hand. We draw our material from Doc Marquee's book, "Secrets Of The Illuminati". Marquee states that Satan has organized Hell into seven (7) major areas. We find it highly interesting that Satan chose the number 7 for his organizational number, since we know that God considers 7 to be His perfect number. As we list these major principalities, you will understand that Satan has planned to move men and women in his values direction. We will also identify the name of the demon whom Satan has appointed to be in charge of each principality. After we have quickly identified each major division, we will go back to show how America has literally been changed in these precise areas.


1.The Drugs of Sorcery, lead by the demon, "Rege", who is the overall General of the Occult. Rege is responsible for such drugs as marijuana, hashish, cocaine, speed, LSD, peyote, and mescaline. These drugs attack a person's mind and open it for a demon to enter.

We have repeatedly stated that persons throughout history who have entered the occult have taken drugs to increase their levels of occultic consciousness. The taking of drugs is absolutely essential to the practice of witchcraft, and it comprises one of the three steps of Satanism. In our seminar, when we are pointing out that America, as a nation, has systematically gone through these three standard steps into Satanism, we show how this nation began its major, widespread usage of drugs in the late 1960's. Drug usage in America continues at an extremely high rate, and is consistent with our position that this nation is practicing witchcraft, as a national entity.

2.Sexual lust is the second division, led by the demon Larz. This area includes such sexual practices as homosexuality, adultery, and bisexuality, as well as any other sexual perversions.

3.Addiction is the third division, led by the demon, Bacchus. Common addictions are drugs, smoking, and alcohol. I had never thought of addiction as constituting one of the basic conditions of the human spirit, a weakness so important that Satan would establish it as a major division. But, I should not be surprised, because the Bible teaches that the unsaved are the slaves of sin, and of the master of sin, Satan. Addiction is simply condition of personal slavery to Lord Satan.

4.Mental illness or distress is the fourth division of Hell, and is led by the demon Pan. Pan and his soldiers cause mental illness, depression, and suicide. Have you noticed that, when a person becomes depressed, or feels rejected, he will turn to drugs or to alcohol for relief from his emotional pain. Then, he will become addicted to one or more of these substances. Thus, you can see how one demon will cause a person to go to another. Pan causes you to be depressed, so you go to Rege, the demon of the occult and drugs, and he in turn will send you to Bacchus, the demon of addiction. These demons literally create a circle in which they try to keep a person trapped for their entire life.

5.The fifth major division of Hell is Hate, Murder, Killing, and War, and is led by the demon, Medit. Christians should not be surprised by this revelation, because we know that Satan is a murderer of men by nature. However, most of us might be surprised to learn that Satanists teach that this division of Hell accomplishes its goals through the manipulation of such emotions as jealousy and envy, and through the practice of gossip among men and women. It is no wonder that the Bible forbids such practices among the saved.

6.The sixth major division is Death, led by the demon Set. This division literally welcomes unsaved individuals into the arms of death. We see an unusual picture of this division in action in the book of Revelation, Chapter 6:8, "And I looked, and behold, a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto him over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth". The fourth Horse of the Apocalypse, the Pale Horse, rode from this sixth major division of Hell, the division of Death.

7.The seventh, and most powerful, division of Hell is identified only as the "Christian" division, and is led by the most powerful demon of all; however, the name of this general is never given. The purpose of this division is to literally render the Christian Church ineffective.

They accomplish this goal by discrediting the lives of Christian leaders and followers, by sowing discord among believers, and to weaken the daily walk of believers. Demons are literally actively involved in this type of activity, and it all begins with weakening the daily walk. Demons encourage Christians to skip daily Bible reading and prayer, to refuse to make commitments to Church, to gossip about others, to not tithe, or to become content and lazy about their walk with the Lord.

These are the seven major divisions of Hell, each led by a powerful demon. If our theory is correct about witches calling forth demons through the "Demon Traps" built into our two Great Seals, then we should expect that the demons thus called would attempt to influence this nation to move into the value system of Satan. Do we see such a movement of National Attitudes and Values? Of course, the answer is "Yes", but to drive our point home, let us now examine each of these seven divisions of Hell again, examining relevant national statistics which might show how far along the road America is in possessing Hell's values.

1. The Drugs of Sorcery America, as a nation, has certainly embarked upon the usage of drugs. Remember, drugs are so critical to the development of anyone who wants to become a Satanist. Drugs break down a person's moral and spiritual inhibitions, and they actually open a person up for demonic possession. Satanism literally could not exist if there were no drugs. Let us examine relevant statistics concerning America's usage of drugs.

Drug abuse and addiction are now at a high epidemic level in the U.S., accompanied by the corresponding crime rate. The greatest loss, of course, is the human one. America's losses are occurring through several channels: 1.Drug overdose is killing thousands every year.

2.Drug dependency is killing family structure.

3.Drugs drain the nation economically.

4.Drugs drain the nation's health care system

5.Drug addicts now are being born from mothers who are addicts, passing the addiction in their womb.

6.Drug addiction is contributing greatly to the spread of AIDS.

7.Drug addiction is contributing to the sexual abuse of children and young adults through prostitution and pornography. This type of sin also "traffics in the bodies and souls of men", as Jesus prophesied in Revelation 18:13.

The SCOPE of the problem is absolutely staggering:

"...Random lab tests show virtually EVERY USA BILL IN CIRCULATION bears microscopic traces of cocaine. That amounts to 12 billion bills worth $230 billion." (US News and World Report).

Every nation in history has had some drug usage, but NOTHING with this MAGNITUDE.

"...The peddler is not the primary villain in the spread of drug abuse...the real culprit is the lawyer, housewife, stockbroker, or teacher down the street who is using drugs and passing the habit on.."President George Bush, in a speech, 9/5/89, reported that the number of persons in the USA who were using cocaine frequently had doubled (1985-88), to 10% of the population. This means that approximately 25 million people in the USA use cocaine frequently." And this terrifying statistic only talks about cocaine!

But, the worst is still ahead of us:

Federal Government leaders are preparing the people for legalization of drugs. We are being conditioned through the Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan, which we have discussed at length on this program. America, as a nation, has definitely been moved into this First Division of Hell.

2. Sexual lust Americans today are caught up in a frenzy of sexual lust, on a wide variety of fronts. Our mass media -- TV, newspapers, magazines, and movies -- have been pumping sexual sin into the minds and hearts of Americans since the end of World War II; however, since the early 1980's, depiction of sexual sin have reached ever-increasing levels of frequency and stark reality. The predictable change in attitudes and values among the population has occurred, as many, if not most, young Americans have adopted the attitude that any sexual action is OK to do as long as it feels good.

Of course, our school systems have gotten into the act also, as they have continuously taught that there are no absolute right or wrong and that sex between students is inevitable. This entire process of eroding the traditional values system of the population of America began in 1963, when the Supreme Court ruled that prayer could no longer be said in public schools. The resulting change in behavior is startling, to say the least:

Pregnancies to girls 10-14: +553% Suicide Rates for 15-24 year-olds: +102%, 20-24 year-olds: +98% School dropouts: +650% Divorce: +140% Violent Crime: +160% Sexually transmitted Diseases: +148% Alcohol Consumption per person: +24%

Americans have truly abandoned God. Can His physical judgment be far behind? Indeed, as the Apostle Paul teaches so eloquently in Romans 1:18-32, when a person (or a nation) consciously rejects God, he/she begins to receive judgment in their bodies and minds. Certainly, the statistics quoted above clearly show that such judgment has already begun, and will only get worse until God's final physical judgment falls.

However, remember that this division of Hell also includes homosexuality and bisexuality. Since the late-1960's, American homosexuals have literally come out of the closet and into the open. Today, mass media and schools are teaching our young children that homosexuality is just as acceptable as heterosexuality. As a result, homosexuals have become much more open and bold about displaying their lifestyles, and in recruiting new members. This is the sin of Sodom. The entire society of Sodom must have been supportive of homosexual activity. Schools, churches, courts, social organizations of all types, had to have been supportive. Do we see this kind of societal support for homosexual behavior beginning in America? Clearly, yes. This public acceptance of homosexuality in Sodom is the reason the young and old men of the city surrounded Lot's house in broad daylight and demanded that God's angels come out so that they could copulate with them, in public. These people had no fear of being arrested, because there were no laws against any type of homosexual conduct. America is clearly traveling down the same path.

3. Addiction American people are suffering from many types of behavioral and substance addictions today. Let us briefly talk about substance addictions first, since these are the most commonly thought of first:

Drugs -- As we have discussed in detail, Americans are addicted to drugs on a wide scale. This addiction is now at an epidemic scale and can only continue to increase. Alcohol addiction is a major problem in America, and it has left untold misery in its wake. "Dr. David Musto, a medical historian, calls (alcohol addiction) the `American disease'.

According to statistics from (Government) sources alcohol is involved in:

66% of fatal accidents. 70% of murders. 72% of assaults and robberies. 52% of fire deaths. 50% of problems at work. 60% of suicides. 56-70% of fights and assaults in homes. 3

Food addiction is becoming recognized as a major problem today, as the majority of Americans are overweight, and an unprecedented number are actually obese.

Cigarette addiction is claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people annually, as Americans are finally succumbing to a wide variety of diseases associated with a lifetime of smoking. While some groups of Americans are giving up smoking, other groups, such as women and teens are showing dramatic increases. The death toll just continues to roll.

Gambling is quickly becoming the new addiction. Our goal in life is to seek Jesus Christ and His righteousness, not riches. However, the goal for most people today seems to be to get as rich as possible as quickly as possible. This type attitude leaves a person wide open for the "deceitfulness of riches", against which Jesus warned. And adults are leading the way.

Consider Adult Gambling: There are many cities in which casinos and gambling are legal. The latest craze is for American Indian reservations to legalize gambling, creating brand new facilities in which people can lose their money. And the crowds filling these gambling halls are enormous. Bingo is sponsored primarily by churches and charitable organizations. Horse racing Sports gambling is huge business State lotteries have been conceived as the easiest way for governments People who would protest vigorously against increased taxes simply do not mind losing even more money to a government sponsored lottery.

Since children learn most effectively from observing role models, we might expect that, with all this gambling going on among the adults, teenagers might be developing this attitude themselves. Such is exactly the case.

In high schools, 50% of the kids are now gambling; One in five (20%) has a serious problem-- stealing in order to gamble. That is the kind of nation we're becoming."

Sexual addiction is becoming a major problem. More and more men are addicted to the sexually explicit materials which are so easily obtained through a variety of sources:

Adult bookstores Soft-core pornography in public places such as convenience stores and retail bookstores. Adult XXX-rated videos, widely available in any city of any size in this country. Most video stores which carry these adult videos also allow underage teens to rent them. This addiction is becoming so prevalent that psychologists are beginning to specialize in this area, and are advertising their services in newspapers and underground publications. And, of course, the toll of criminal behavior related to sexual addiction continues to rise.

You can probably think of more ways in which Americans are addicted, but you get the point. Americans are clearly addicted to some substance or some behavioral lifestyle in ever-increasing numbers. The demon in charge of this division in Hell must be very pleased with the progress of his campaign.

4. Mental illness or distress

Most people today understand that millions of Americans are suffering from some form of mental illness or distress. Of course, when someone does begin to suffer mental and emotional distress, they are far more open to the temptation of substance of lifestyle addiction. The circle of which Doc Marquee spoke earlier is thus perpetuated. Again, the demon in charge of this division must be pleased.

5. The fifth major division of Hell is hate, murder, killing, and war. Certainly, the Twentieth Century has experienced war and death on an unprecedented level. We have seen two world wars and hundreds of smaller wars. Hundreds of millions of people have died as the result of these wars. However, this century has suffered from unprecedented political death and persecution, as well. Adolf Hitler's vision of a cleansed Germany resulted in the deaths of over 18 million people, including 6 million Jews. Communism has killed over 200 million people, as they attempted to cleanse their society of anyone who could never accept its tenants.

In this country, killing has reached unprecedented levels. "A violent crime is committed (in America) every 5 seconds...In a typical year: There are 8.1 million serious crimes like murder, assault, and burglary. BUT:

Only 724,000 adults are ever arrested. Only 193,000 of them are convicted. Only 149,000 of them go to prison. And, 36,000 serve less than a year (in prison). If all this isn't enough, the 8.1 million crimes, above, represent only 50% of the actual crimes committed. The rest are never reported to the police."

America has become saturated with violence and murder.

6. The sixth major division is Death Death is rapidly becoming an institution and a source of making huge monetary profits. Abortion not only kills 1.6 million babies annually, it is a source of huge profits. Now that this death industry is being threatened by the French abortion pill, RU-486, Dr. Kevorkian is suggesting to these abortionists that they turn their clinics into public Euthanasia Centers. The devaluation of human life is not only dramatic, it is frightening, because it parallels the slide in Germany in the 1920's-30's into Hitler's slaughter. America is not far from the point where its government will be deciding who lives and who dies.

7. The seventh, and most powerful, division of Hell is identified only as the "Christian" division This is the most powerful division of Hell. Its responsibility is to weaken the Christian Church. Indeed, the many ills of which we have been talking would never have been possible had it not been for the decline of the influence of the Church. Of course, this decline in influence has been occurring since 1948, when the World Council and National Council of Churches was established.

These twin organizations have led the march into apostasy first, and the global religion of Anti-Christ second (known as the Ecumenical Movement).

But, the final straw in discrediting the Christian Church has been the discrediting of some of its leaders in the area of sexual misconduct. And we cannot blame just the Bakers and Jimmy Swaggert. Hundreds, possibly even thousands, of pastors and priests all across this country have been accused and convicted of sexual sin. The final, glorious Satanic goal of finally defeating Christianity must appear tantalizingly close to Satan and his demonic host.

Now that we know the major divisions of Hell, we can see that America's decline and inevitable demise has occurred in precisely these major divisions. Remember that Satan's most powerful device in which to actually conjure up powerful demons to accomplish Satan's goals is the "Demon Trap". This may very well have been Satan's goal when he designed the two Great Seals of the United States. Satan knew that America would simultaneously be the most influential nation in the history and the most Christ honoring nation in history. He knew that he would have to devise the most powerful possible plan to turn this nation toward his value system. Therefore, he included this "Demon Trap" system as part of the Great Seals, allowing witches in the secret societies and in Satanism to consistently conjure up demons designed to move America into Satan's camp. Of course this activity would be carried out in extreme secrecy. But, we can see the effects, now that we know what to look for.

The end is very near. Not only are Americans participating in unparalleled witchcraft activity, but we have just elected a President who is personally involved in this type activity, and whose wife has recently admitted that she is participating in witchcraft.

But, this is the subject of another program.

You have been listening to the Cutting Edge, a radio program of Grace Baptist Church and Old Paths Ministries.