Demonseed: changelings, halflings, and human monsters

By Wm. Michael Mott
Copyright © 2001, Wm. Michael Mott
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Refusing her grand hest, she did confine thee

By help of her most potent ministers,

And in her most unmitigable rage,

Into a cloven pine; within which rift

Imprisoned thou didst painfully remain

A dozen years, within which space she died

And left thee there, where thou didst vent thy groans

As fast as mill-wheels strike. Then was this island—

Save for the son that she did not litter here,

A freckled whelp, hag-born—not honored with a human shape.


Yes, Caliban her son.

—William Shakespeare, THE TEMPEST

Many strange genetic defects lurk within the genetic code of human beings, yet by no means are those who suffer with them non-human, or monsters of any sort. Only upon occasion does a person of such strangeness and violent disposition shock us all into realizing that there are others, who must surely not be completely of the our kind, and as has been seen, these individuals often are indistinguishable, by the regularity of their appearance, from anyone else. Not all have the appearance of a Rene Randolier.

Some of the other defects, unrelated to violent acts or behavior, which may speak of a possible occurrence in the distant past of a subterranean or other-than-human intrusion into our collective gene-pool, are the defects of human albinism, along with another condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum, or XP. The latter condition is a rare genetic defect which leaves lacking the sufferer's DNA repair mechanisms for repairing the cellular damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, particularly sunlight. DNA damage is always irreversible. Fewer than one thousand XP cases are documented worldwide. The condition is life-threatening, and can result in the following symptoms: blistering, freckling, and second- and third-degree burns from brief exposure to sunlight, lack of cellular repair or regeneration after burning has occurred, blindness and deafness, dwarfism and hypergonadism, increased skin and eye cancers, mental retardation and other conditions such as Ataxia-Telangiectasia, Bloom Syndrome, Cockayne's Syndrome, Fanconi's Anemia, and Trichothiodystrophy The unfortunate sufferers of XP tend to be the most innocent of our kind, children, and life for these poor kids is seldom long or pleasant. They have to remain in semi- or complete darkness, shielded from the light of day at all times, and are only allowed to venture out without protective gear at night. As long as they're protected from UV radiation, these children are, in many cases, the same as any others. Has their frail humanity been contaminated or compromised by a genetic trait from another hominid or humanoid species? Fairies, trolls, vampires, ghuls, evil beings of all sorts, the deros and teros of Richard Shaver: All of these are said to shun the light of the sun for fear of the damage, injury, or death it will surely bring upon them. Does XP represent genuine medical proof that there may be more to these so-called myths and fantasies than we realize?

Some traits may have entered the human gene-pool more recently. The carnival performer Grady Stiles Jr., the son of "Lobster Man" Grady Stiles, Sr., and known by his stage-name of "Lobster Boy," represented the fifth generation of his family to suffer from a strange condition in which his hands and forearms were blunt, two-pronged, lobster-like claws or clubs. Instead of legs, he had seal-like appendages, reminiscent of aquatic flippers. This condition was not simply a 'birth-defect,' but represented a set of inherited traits, as it had been passed on successfully for five generations, and finally to a sixth. Where on, above, or under the earth or sea did these traits come from?

While well-known or famed on the 'carny' circuit, Grady led a personal life that was marked by brutality, cruelty, rage, and murder. He married, and raised four children, two of whom inherited his physical traits to some degree. When one of his daughters sought to escape his physically and emotionally abusive control by eloping in 1978, he shot his would-be son-in-law at point-blank range, murdering the young man in cold blood. Yet at his trial he and his defense played so well upon sympathies for his condition, that he was acknowledged as having committed the murder, but was never jailed! After this he divorced, remarried, and moved to Gibsontown, Florida, a small community of carnival performers and so-called 'freaks.' Here he set out to spend the remainder of his life pursuing one of his favorite pastimes, physically abusing his family. He was quoted by them as often have remarked, "I killed once and got away with it. I can do it again".

As a result of the extreme beatings he inflicted upon his stepson and wife, they hired a neighbor to murder him in 1992 and he was put out his own misery, and out of theirs as well.

"Surely," skeptics will remark, "his condition was due to spontaneous genetic mutation," resulting from "the exposure of his ancestor to a radioactive substance or other source of radiation." This explanation, however, does not hold water, since evolution holds that spontaneous mutation occurs under pressure and to serve a function, or to increase genetic and procreative viability and survival. Nor does it explain the strength of the genetic traits, as they were passed down for six generations. In terms of the stunted yet powerful limbs, there is some resemblance to descriptions of "the Monster of Glamis." Grady's form or condition was decidely aquatic in terms of its non-humanoid features. So, other than in the myths and legends of lusty mermaids and mermen, elemental undines, and the randy Quinotaur rapist of Merovingian legend, where do we find more recent clues as to the possible origin of the offending and invasive genetic code?

On October 12, 1973, an event which took place in Pascagoula, Mississippi may have revealed some clues, after a fashion.

While fishing off an old pier near the Gulf of Mexico, on the Pascagoula River, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, aged 42 and 19 respectively, had a close encounter of the most unpleasant kind. An egg-shaped craft approached them, immobilized the pair somehow, and took them aboard the craft. These humanoid creatures were described as being about five feet in height, covered in wrinkled, gray, 'elephant-like' skin (a suit to protect from the effects of solar radiation?), and had a large, long LOBSTER-CLAW APPENDAGE at the end of each arm. Their legs were described as 'fused,' more like one appendage than two, and they didn't use this for locomotion, as they floated or levitated everywhere they went.

Details are sketchy as to what took place onboard the UFO, but as-yet-unrealized 'missing time' might account for that. Be that as it may, the men were eventually released (after the 'aliens' obtained that for which they had come?), reported the encounter and abduction to the proper authorities, and both passed lie-detector tests. One of these men has suffered at least two nervous breakdowns as a result of this encounter, and it is considered one of the most reliable and substantive UFO encounters, or CE4s (Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind) to date.

It is of course assumed by some UFO researchers that the object and its occupants originated 'somewhere else,' i.e., another planet or astronomical location. This is not a logical assumption, given the proximity of the Gulf of Mexico (a hotbed of UFO sightings) to the scene, and the long history, worldwide, of the sightings of and encounters with USOs (Unidentified Submarine Objects) which turn into UFOs upon leaving the water (as discussed at some length by this writer in THE DECEPTION OF THE DEPTHS: Humanity and the Ocean of Secrecy). Here we have humanoid beings, possibly on a mission to obtain genetic material or samples, and these beings have lobster-like claws or arms, and a seal-like or 'fused' lower extremity (much like the lower part of an Egyptian sarcophagus in form), possibly to immobilize "dangling" appendages. Other so-called 'extraterrestrials' or aliens have matched this description, to greater or lesser degree, as well. Among these are the pincher-packing "Metaluna Monster," (Argentina, 1957) and dozens of others which have been described as having hands which were 'mitten-like.' This in turn recalls the centuries-old tradition of what Katherine Briggs called "the deformities of the fairies," which were often similar descriptions of fairy, troll, gnome, etc. hands and feet.

It would be interesting to ascertain, if possible, whether the ancestors of Grady Stiles, Jr. ever had such an encounter as well, with suited beings in broad daylight, or uncovered ones in the dead of night…But this will probably never be known.


" Come listen, my men, while I tell you again

The five unmistakable marks

By which you may know, wheresoever you go,

The warranted genuine Snarks."



"We must not look at goblin men,

We must not buy their fruits:

Who knows upon what soil they fed

Their hungry thirsty roots."

"Come buy," call the goblins

Hobbling down the glen.

"O!" cried Lizzie, "Laura, Laura,

You should not peep at goblin men."

—Christina Rossetti, GOBLIN MARKET

The suppositions postulated or ruminated upon in this examination will infuriate and offend some; others will scoff or shake their heads in dismissal. The premise is not designed to offend, nor to bring scorn or mistreatment to those unfortunates who suffer from conditions beyond their control. This is simply an examination of facts and patterns, patterns which become very clear if looked at in an objective fashion. If the human gene-pool, as evidenced by the amount of errors or illnesses in our collective genetic code, has been invaded by chromosonal data from a non-human (non-Homo Sapien, non-Adamic, or non-Cro-Magnon) source, then we may ALL have been compromised to some degree, long ago. Or perhaps not, and our ever-increasing population on this planet explains in part the sudden upsurge in UFO and paranormal activity. A feast, a cornucopia of human genetic variation is now available, and the unseen parasites, dependent upon it as they have been for ages, are rushing to the beat of an agenda of their own.

We must not "buy their fruit," or the tons of propaganda which permeates our waking, sunlit, media-driven world, to mollify and nullify our fears and suspicions. Such fears are primal and ancient, with good reason to be in place—they are instinctive, and have insured our survival as a species for a very long time. The various yet interrelated opportunistic intruders are not benevolent, or 'guiding our evolution,' nor are they 'time-travelers' who are our own descendants, as many have dreamed, or swallowed whole. They are not from distant suns or galactic realms, but are native to this solar system and most often, to this planet (worlds within worlds), as many time-honored traditions attest. Dis-information is a powerful tool, and a heavy propaganda campaign is underway. It is perhaps time to look to elder legends and traditions, and to proven, protective religions and belief-systems, for information and for spiritual strength; if these are balanced with an aware and serious scientific point of view, and a lack of fear in the face of diabolic opposition, humanity will prevail. We may have sometimes forgotten the rules of the game, but somehow we manage to win just the same.

Let us be bravely aware of our victories as they occur.


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