Demonseed: changelings, halflings, and human monsters

By Wm. Michael Mott
Copyright © 2001, Wm. Michael Mott
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But full of fyre and greedy hardiment,

The youthful knight could not for ought be staide;

But forth unto the darksom hole he went,

And looked in: his glistring armor made

A litle glooming light, much like a shade,

By which he saw the ugly monster plaine,

Halfe like a serpent horribly displaide,

But th' other halfe did womans shape retaine,

Most loathsome, filthie, foule, and full of vile disdaine.

–Edmund Spenser, THE FAIRIE QUEENE, Book I, Canto I


He rose to his feet and backed away, and as he did, something floated up out of the well. What it was, Conan did not know. He could see nothing in the darkness, but he distinctly felt a presence–an invisible, intangible intelligence which hovered malignly near him.


Who or what might come to men and women in the dead of night, for purposes of seduction and genetic exchange? The classical lamia is the same as the succubus, whose male counterpart is the incubus. To the Irish, the female of this species or type was called Leanan-Sidhe (lan-awn-shee), and on the Isle of Man, she was Lhiannon-Shee. Both variants sought the genetic influx of a human male, and in exchange gave him fame, creative inspiration, or other abilities (much like the ancient Greek Muses). Invariably, such a relationship would end with the premature death or 'wasting away–' sometimes attributed to vampirism–of the man. The Manx minx also had a close association with deep wells, from which she would emerge from her underworld home in order to seduce a lover, or enter into an agreement with him.

This latter type has a close parallel in one aspect of Tantric Yoga and in Hinduism. The "Left-Handed Tantra," or black magic, and its adepts, have knowledge of and supposedly interaction with a nearly identical being. This female entity, called Mohini, comes into the night-time world by means of ascending through a deep well. She is enchantingly beautiful, yet simultaneously horrific, unearthly, and deadly. Like her British Isles counterparts, she also seeks a male lover and human genetic material, presumably for the purpose of bearing a hybrid child.

In "Secrets of the Left-Handed Tantra," A.T. Das relates his own account of an encounter with an subterranean demoness who emerged from a stone-lined well (revealing a link both with the underworld, and with underground water-sources, much like Celtic fairies with their wells and 'fairy bridges'). After a terrifying encounter in which he and a friend narrowly escaped her clutches, the experiencer was told:

'"You saw Mohini, a demoness from the underworld. Had you known how, you could have entered a pact with her for the next cycle of Jupiter (twelve years). You promise to satisfy her lust once a month, and she will do your bidding in return–protect your property, destroy your enemies, whatever.

"But a pact with Mohini is very dangerous. When she comes for sexual satisfaction, she may assume eighteen forms in the course of the night, expecting you to fulfill the demands of each one. If you cannot, it will cost you your life. And if during the twelve years of your relationship with her you have an attraction to another woman, that will also cost you your life. You suddenly vomit blood - finished."

I asked, "Why was she attracted to the white stones?"

"Mohini draws energy from the male sexual fluid," he answered. "Besides the pleasure of sex, this is her main interest. Of the bodily fluids, saliva is the most similar to semen; that's why throwing a white stone upon which you've spat is a sure way to divert her attention. People who drool while sleeping unknowingly invite this kind of succubus to take control of their bodies." '

In this tradition (or reality) we see a parallel to the age-old fable of Faust and others, "making a deal with the devil;" here is Tannhauser, and his temptation by an underworld queen. In the Mahabharata, Arjuna begets a half-human son due to the seduction of the nagini, Ulupi. In the original Hindu tradition, Mohini was a female form utilized by Lord Shiva in order to seduce, confuse, and defeat the evil asuras and others; the tantric variant of Mohini, as defined in this account, is not the original but is apparently a type of nagini, or female naga (serpent-person). In her own realm, she is partially reptilian, and is usually represented as being a snake or crocodile from the waist down. When coming to the surface for purposes of seduction, however, she creates an illusion of a fully human form in order to attract a human mate. She "glides" rather than walks, and although the percipients believed that they saw her legs, it is clear that another type of locomotion–possibly serpentine motion, or levitation–is in use. This use of illusion, or "glamour" (the same type of power attributed to Western fairies), is indicated by the following passage from Das' account:

"Ten minutes after my friend fell asleep, I trembled, as a cold tingle crept up my spine. Leaping to my feet and turning around I saw something that made my heart almost stop. Bathed in the moonshine a tall statuesque women stood on the well's rim. I was sure she didn't walk to that place because I was watching. Her eyes were closed. For a moment I wondered if she was a sleepwalker. In face and physique she did not resemble an Indian woman . She had long loose hair that hung down over the front of her body to her knees - otherwise, she was naked. She was hauntingly voluptuous in a way that was both enticing and frightening.

Staring open mouthed at this apparition I nudged my sleeping friend with my foot. He sat up with a shock, turned to see what I was looking at, then gasped and scrambled to his feet. At once her eyelids lifted revealing twin orbs from hell to penetrate the darkness with a glare like the eyes of a tigress. She fixed those terrible eyes upon mine and stepped off the well alighting to earth as if she was not heavier than a wisp of cotton. The woman's legs propelled her forward. I cannot say she walked or ran or floated for these words will not simply be able to give you an accurate picture as how she advanced upon us. Her legs moved without bending at the knees making swift little steps of such fluid effortlessness that I was reminded of the locomotion of a centipede. It was almost as if below the waist her body was motorized for when her legs started her head and upper torso with her limbs snapped back slightly from the sudden forward motion at least to our vision."

Picture a cobra's lower body with a woman's upper form, and the visual effect of forward motion might very well be the same.

As of late, Conspiracy and UFO literature alike abound with similar accounts, the only difference being that most of the reptilian seducers or rapists are male, and the human victims are female. Often, these accounts also involve abduction to underground bases or caverns, cavern-worlds, or close proximity to a cave or cavern in which the rape takes place.

Another version of the succubus or incubus attack or rape occurs when the percipient awakens fully (at least mentally), can see and feel, but can't move a muscle. Medical Science refers to all such cases as "sleep paralysis," and states that the condition is due to an "awakened mental state, while the body is still asleep," or the person is in a "hypnogogic" state. While this may be true in some cases, there are those who maintain that this is not the case in their particular experiences. Often these incidents are accompanied by 'waking dreams' or 'hallucinations,' in which the victim feels, senses, or sees someone or something else in the room or beside the bed, or even feels a bodily or electrical pressure or weight descend upon them. A few female victims have reported actual physical intercourse with an unseen entity or group of entities, and this has, according to them, led to "rape" by invisible presences at later times, when alone and fully awake.

Some see a psychological connection or cause to the latter type of supposed "hallucination," often arising, in theory, from childhood trauma or molestation. But not all experiencers have such a thing in their chest of childhood memories or secrets. Some victims have noted that the emotion of fear increases the severity and frequency of the attacks, while praying to God for deliverance halts them, or ends the phenomenon completely. Rather than an hallucination, this would seem to indicate a conflict with the "unseen," operating on the terms of the unseen, or spiritual, world.

This calls into question the nature of this intrusive reality, and its intrusive, abusive inhabitants. Some evidence indicates a 'physical reality' which needs or requires blood, seminal matter, sperm and ova, and perhaps an ongoing ritualistic pattern of inflicting pain, fear, desire, and even servitude, for purposes of emotional or energy vampirism and behavioral conditioning. Folktales and mystical traditions are filled with accounts of these beings, and their ability to 'shape-shift,' as well as alter their forms, from seemingly 'fleshly,' to barely substantial or opaque, to absolutely transparent or invisible. If it is possible for 'spirit' to become physical, for beings from some other dimension or ethereal reality which infringes upon this one to occasionally manifest here for reproductive or other predacious purposes, this would explain much, including the fairy/spirit aversion to cold iron and electromagnetism, which might be due to a field disruption that could banish a 'temporary form' from our reality on the spot; and to the aversion to direct solar radiation, which might have a similar effect on a 'temporary' living physical body or vehicle. The Apostle Paul may have been alluding to this in Ephesians 6:12, when he named a hierarchy of enemies who oppress and victimize mankind, and oppose the will of their Creator (items in parenthesis are mine–W.M.M.):

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities (fallen angelic types and kingdoms), against powers (fallen angels), against the rulers of the darkness of this world (the unseen predators under discussion here, as well as possibly those human beings who interact with or serve them), and against spiritual wickedness in high places (the etheric and ufological connection, which has been often noted by researchers).

Recently an actress with a regular role on a hit television series revealed, in an interview in TV Guide Magazine (Sept. 14, 1999), that she had been visited by just such an entity:

"I had a dream a long time ago. It was so real. … It wasn't even a dream. I was sleeping on my futon on the floor, and some sort of spirit came down from God knows where and made love to me. It was sheer bliss. I felt everything. I climaxed. And then he floated away.… I've never had such an intimate relationship. I've never said anything to anyone about it until now, because I thought no one would ever believe me … I feel like the spirit follows me everywhere. Isn't that weird?"

'Weird' may not be as appropriate as 'sinister,' insomuch as she, and her descendants for centuries, could be plagued and in all likelihood terrorized by this type of continuous intrusion. What would have happened to her had she resisted? Or, how long until she experiences the forced brutality that other women have received? The truly frightening part of this scenario is how willingly she submitted, and even seemed to welcome, such treatment….Does a life-time of psychological conditioning or brainwashing come into play?

Modern-day accounts of 'sleep paralysis,' 'alien abduction,' and rape scenarios would indicate that age-old patterns of victimization–whether the perpetrators are flesh, spirit, or both–are still ongoing on the Earth today. Do other contemporary accounts exist? Sean K., a well-adjusted young man who has had several experiences that he is seeking to understand, had this to say:

"I have personally had hypnogogic experiences and lucid dreams with disturbing content as a result of spontaneous awareness during sleep paralysis. I've experienced this on countless occasions since I was sixteen years old.

"One one occasion I felt like I woke up in bed laying on my side and opened my eyes. I felt and saw thin red leathery batlike wings draped over me, such as the posture of a vampire from a Hollywood movie while preparing to bite its victim. I instinctively fought it off and it fled without a fight. Then I remained "stuck" in this aware yet not fully conscious state until an absorbing energy that feels and sounds like the buzzing of a bee hive came over me, then I woke up to full consciousness. I have on occasion also seen a classic "devil" in one of these dark lucid dream states. Considering my lack of religious background, these literal translations of devils and dragons would seem unlikely products of my imagination but there they were. Just my thoughts and opinions."

These types of experiences are not always accompanied by visual input, but the incapacitating effects remain the same. Sean further related:

"On Halloween night of this past year I had an experience that shook me up badly. It was the first time I was so close to being fully conscious when the "entity" and paralysis struck. It struck terror to a level few of us experience. I was reduced to the state of a babbling child. In fact it made me feel exactly as I did when I was a crying three year old.

"There were no visions or creatures involved, just the presence, vibrational force/energy and paralysis but the terrifying aspects of this are how deeply the entity can penetrate one's "soul", how it can violate ones inner self to the degree it can. I mean we all think of ourselves as US and as sacred in a sense. No one can take up our space but us. Well, not so with this force. It violated me on a very personal inner level and also read my thoughts. In fact I felt something reading my thoughts seconds before it struck. I don't like the goose bumps I'm getting even typing this.

"I am going on 39 years old so having experienced this phenomenon since I was 16 you can imagine how many stories I can dig up."

Sean is not alone in his experiences. Other men and women have revealed similar accounts, ranging from being held immobile, with or without of glimpse of the entity responsible, to moving from an erotic dream situation of extreme realness and into a similar hypnogogic state….sometimes glimpsing that which is inducing the sensations of the dream which had been underway. These intruders range from amorphous forms or beings of light or shadow, to 'alien hybrids,' 'reptoids,' 'old hags,' 'devils,' or alluring men and women. All are apparently different MASKS for the same phenomenon.

Many victims of this force, or these beings, have come to realize that there is a connection between experimenting with occult or transcendental techniques, and the sudden beginning of the types of attacks described. These types of activities often seem to trigger an onslaught of the phenomenon, and often this can only be corrected by serious efforts of what can only be called "a return to religion."

According to the accounts of witnesses of another type of event, there is a definite connection between some types of physical 'cryptids' like Mothman and El Chupacabras, and the supernatural realm. But this does not negate their physicality, or the very real possibility of their origin in an alternative biosphere, which may be concealed within our own planet. The Nephilim (Annunaki) in particular, banished beneath the Earth's surface, were said in the Apocryphal Books to have performed a wide range of genetic experiments, combining different types of creatures and men, and creating many 'chimaerical' forms (like El Chupacabras). The description of Mothman matches the bas-relief carvings of ancient Sumer and Babylon of UTUKKU, guardians and errand-runners of the underworld, who were humanoid yet reptilian and bird like in form.

Prolonged study reveals that there are paranormal aspects to all or most of these phenomena. The 'reptilian' aspect of many of these beings, even the spiritual or supernatural ones, may have more to do with their very ancient (pre-mammalian) time and place of origin, as well as with their ability to present 'glamour' or illusion when they appear briefly in our surface world. The tantric account is a perfect example of this. The description of the locomotion, distinctly reptilian or serpentine, of the female entity holds many clues as to the origin of that being, whether physical, 'spirit,' or something of both realms...."She" was expressly called a "demoness" by the yogi who sent her to the witnesses.

In the west, demons are often wrongly thought of as 'fallen angels,' which they are not. They represent the restless spirits of what the Torah calls "the people of old time," destroyed during the rebellion of their fallen angelic masters yet still enslaved to the same masters, their previous civilization "thrust down" beneath the ground:

20 When I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit, with the PEOPLE OF OLD TIME, and shall set thee in THE LOW PARTS OF THE EARTH, in places desolate of old, with them that go down to the pit, that thou be not inhabited; and I shall set glory in the land of the living;

—Ezekiel 26:20

These are the equivalent of the asuras and rakshasas of Hinduism, and perhaps to some forms of fairy-type beings. There is also a very strong relationship or kinship between them and the 'extant' or physical forms, such as some so-called 'cryptids' or unknown humanoids, which circumstantial and anecdotal evidence would indicate are the descendants of the same ancient races or specie which are 'demons' in the spirit world. They are interrelated, representing two aspects of one unseen kingdom or force that has haunted and plagued mankind for thousands of years. For instance, in the Torah/Bible, there are mentions of those physical beings in the wastelands and ruined cities, which are translated as "satyrs" in the King James version, but that represent a type of 'hairy humanoid' that today we might call Sasquatch, or maybe even El Chupacabras! In the same verses, there are mentions of Lilith herself, but her name is mistranslated as "owl" in the King James translation (the "owl" was one of the animals associated with Lilith), and as 'evil spirit' or something similar in other versions. These type of phenomena—demonic (spiritual) and 'monsters—' go hand-in-hand, which may account for some of the confusion of types and nature from time to time.

In fact, while Lilith was a "woman" of some pre-Adamic sort, she is also considered to also be an evil spirit, and in Hebrew/Babylonian traditions, is the mother of all succubae and incubae herself, or their spiritual progenitor. From ancient times to the present, esoteric tradition has held that she visits 'those men who sleep alone,' seduces them through their dreams for purposes of extracting semen, or else assaults them in the form of a 'night terror,' 'old hag,' or 'sleep paralysis' episodes for the same purpose. From the semen collected, she is said to engender a partially-physical, partially ethereal brood or race, called the 'Lilim' (Babylonian-Assyrian lilu/incubus and lilitu/succubus). These beings can be visible or invisible at will, physical or nebulous, and act out the same evils as their ancestress or mother. They are also the same entities that are sometimes glimpsed by the victims, often with a reptilian appearance, and sometimes with other forms, which can range from satyr or 'imp-like' (the modern 'gray alien abductor' similarity is apparent here), to attractive, hideous, hag-like, or horrid. One of the only defenses against the whole family, in ancient times at any rate (more effective spiritual protections have come about in the ensuing centuries), were amulets bearing the names of the three angels who, according to Hebraic tradition, punished Lilith for breeding with the demons of the underworld. Their names were Senoi, Sansenoi, and Samangeloph.

Another underworld-originating, vampiric succubus of Assyro-Babylonian culture was Lamastu, who preyed particularly on women in labor and on sleeping human infants (the latter habit was also a favorite of Lilith herself). Like many underworld beings of the Ancient Near East, she was depicted as having a canine or leonine head, other animal and reptilian characteristics, and a humanoid form. An ancient rivalry existed between Lamastu and Pazuzu, and amulets of the male demon-beast were believed by the ancients to ward her away, as Pazuzu had to routinely come forth from the subterranean realm and drive Lamastu back beneath the earth. The Greek equivalent to Lamastu, Lilith, and the lilim, were the mormo(i), the lamia(i), and the empusa(i). Like the Hindu nagini, the lamia was often depicted as half woman and half serpent. The empusai were believed to be the daughters of Hecate, the goddess of witches who lived in the underworld and also represented a variant on the Lilith theme. Her shape-shifting daughters would emerge from the underworld in order to seduce and obtain genetic influx from mortal men, before killing them. All of the various entities of incubus or succubus type which have been mentioned were believed to be vampiric, as well. The empusa also has a Highland Scottish counterpart in the baobhan sith (baavan shee), a shapeshifting seductress and man-killing vampire (and of course, also considered to be a 'fairy'). Another Scots/Celtic variant is the Glaistig, essentially the same except that she hides the legs of a goat or hooves beneath a long, green dress. And then there was the Teutonic, Scandinavian, and Anglo-Saxon Mara (Slavic Mora), the succubus whose name gives us the word Nightmare….

On a related note, it should be suspected that many of the 'shape-shifting reptilians' which many witnesses report, are actually representative of an accidental glimpse of a demonic entity or power which has attached itself to the person in question, and which has such a strong presence or personality that it somehow manifests to view—more to the 'psychic vision' or stimulation of the visual cortex of the viewer, than in our physical world or native dimension. This may be due to the same type of 'seeing' which is accomplished by the succubus or incubus victim when they 'see' an intruder or attacker, an altered state of brainwave activity (hypngogic, or hypnopompic) which might be permitting a greater sensitivity of the visual cortex to subtle magnetic fields or presences. Upon occasion, a lucky camera or video-feed might pick up such a manifestation, but it is generally put down to 'technical difficulties,' 'equipment failure,' and so forth. And these types of incidents, in and of themselves, could be seen as potentially deceptive or manipulative.

There is a definite need and thirst for blood and sacrifice among those of this mostly-unseen kingdom. As postulated previously (in THE DEEP DWELLERS), some types of creatures (again, like El Chupacabras, and even Mothman) which take blood and the 'sacrificial organs,' particularly the livers, from pets, livestock and even human mutilation victims, may be on a mission to obtain these substances for their unseen, mostly amorphous or invisible (spirit or other-dimensional) masters in the traditional underworld, and/or another dimension. This would explain much in regard to the mutilation and exsanguination phenomena. By the same token, the incursions and predations of the incubus, succubus, 'fairy lover,' or 'reptoid rapist' might be for the purpose of obtaining viable DNA and reproductive materials. In medieval esoteric tradition, the succubus was said to "carry" the seed of her victim to the underworld, where it would be put to use by the diabolical forces there.

Another interesting aspect, as discussed at length in THE DEEP DWELLERS, as well as in HIDDEN NEIGHBORS, is that the ancient Sumerian underworld entities called 'GALATUR' and 'UTUKKU' were in the service of the unseen 'underworld gods,' and as part of such service, were required to fetch home the fruit of the sacrifices and burnt offerings, which generally consisted of the blood, liver, and other 'sweetmeats' of the sacrificed animal. The GALATUR (who were also in charge of abducting surface-world humans, much like alien abductors do today) had a distinct resemblance, in their description, to both the 'gray aliens' and some descriptions of 'El Chupacabras;' the UTUKKU resembled 'Mothman,' El Chupacabras,' and even some descriptions of the 'Jersey Devil,' in many respects. The underworld 'gods,' and their servants as well, were often portrayed as being 'reptilian' in some feature, or even in their entire forms, as in the case of the demon-servant called PAZUZU. This being matches descriptions of modern-day ufological 'reptilian humanoids' or 'reptoids,' almost exactly.

All of these things are nothing new. The same forms—physical, spiritual, and archetypal—repeat, over and over again through the centuries....