A Fresh Study of Cosmology, Part 2

Part 2 - The Building Blocks

Copyright 2001 Stanley Fay Wright

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In our universe, chickens come from chickens; fish are spawned from other fish.  Something does not come of nothing, everything has relationships.   We now know the structure of atomic particles. (See http://www.newphysics2000.org/)  It is not a leap of faith to assume that the Primordial Singularities were of the same structure as present day atomic particles. The PS's were Super energy laden Photons trapped in Primordial Black Holes.  This is the also the structure of ordinary atomic particles, i.e. an energy laden photon trapped in a (micro) black hole.  The Super energy laden Photons were of the same structure as present day energy laden photons, only they packed an entire universe of energy.  They had the same parameters as today's micro energy photons.  Knowing the parameters of present day atomic energy laden photons, we can determine the parameters of the Super energy laden Photons.  The Super energy laden Photons had three fields (electric, magnetic and gravitational) the same as present day energy laden photons.  The orientation of the fields with respect to one another was the same as present day photons.  The speed of light was the same etc.  The nature of energy laden photons did not change just because the energy per photon is less than the PS's Super energy laden Photons.

It would seem that somehow a zero energy photon was created and then injected  with half the energy of the universe. The structure of the zero energy photon did not change with the impressed energy content.  As far as is known, there is only one kind of photon in the universe.  It is just that some of them carry energy.  Energy is carried in a photon by rotation of the photon.  When the photon rotates, the three fields appear.  The amount of energy carried is proportional to the rotational velocity of the photon.  The higher the rotational speed, the shorter the wavelength of the wave propagated through the energy-less Photon Sea.  The mechanism of wave generation by a photon is not understood.

There are some that view Primordial Black Holes as a writhing, chaotic mass of uncontrolled energy, filled with tachyons and other mysterious things.  There is no concrete evidence confirming this view.  Primordial Black Holes were serene.  The only "activity" was the rapidly fluctuating fields that surrounded the Primordial Singularities.  The intensity of the electric field was the same as with all atomic particles.  (Even though the proton is 1836 times as heavy as the electron, the intensity of its electric field is the same as that of electron.  This held for Primordial Singularities as well.)  The gravitational field was another matter.  Whereas the amplitude of the electric field is the same for all energy photons, the
gravitational field varies with the energy of the photon.  The higher the rotational energy of the photon, (the higher its frequency) the more intense the gravitational field.  The level of intensity of the gravitational field of the Super energy laden Photons must have been something to behold (though calculable).  The magnitude of the gravitational field was a function of the magnitude of the mass of the entire universe packed into two photons.  Even though the Super energy laden Photons only moved in the domain of the PS's (of the order of 10 to the minus 100th cm radius), the gravitational field was astronomical.

The parameters of the Primordial Singularities were of the same kind as the parameters of atomic particles; only the magnitude of the functions was different.  These PS atomic particle parameters, plus the parameters that made their existence possible (zero energy photon sea parameters) are the First Principles of the Universe.  Any hypothecated parameter etc. that did not exist in the Primordial Singularity, or is not traceable back to the PS's, or is inconsistent with the First Principles is false.  Cleansing the knowledge base of these false notions will go far in itself toward creating a proper foundation for physics.  One of the functions of Inductive Analysis is to identify false concepts and remove them from the knowledge base.

We can arrive at some of the characteristics of space (a sea of zero energy photons) by analyzing the attributes backward.  We know from Inductive Analysis that atomic particles are energy laden photons trapped in "micro black holes" We know that all matter is composed of atomic particles.  Wave analysis shows us the dynamics of waves traveling through a medium such as air or water.

Analysis further shows that in wave motion through a medium, the individual molecules do not travel, but move in small circular (or linear) orbits.  If we view the sea of zero energy photons as a fluid, though a photon seems to move through the sea of zero energy photons, it is actually transmitting its energy of rotation from one zero energy photon to another as the wave propagates.  Because the zero energy photons are so small, the motion appears as a straight line and seamless. This is the physics.

Philosophically, this has deep implications.  All of matter is a complex resonance of photons in a sea of zero energy photons.  This explains the action of matter under various conditions.  It also explains why matter cannot exceed the speed of light.  Energy is thus seen as transmission of the rotary motion of photons through the zero energy photon sea.  Energy is perceived as an entity, using the Photon Sea as a carrier. This sea extends beyond measurement and is imbedded with almost untold numbers of rotating photons associated with micro electro-magnetic waves in incredibly complex wave patterns; creating what we see as matter and light as far as our instruments can determine. When matter moves in any direction, the trapped energy laden photons in its atomic particles shift the shell of zero energy photons used for the spherical shell of the atomic particle.  While the trapped energy photon continues to orbit spherically, the photon actually
screws its way through space in the process. The natural laws of the universe are all derivable from this foundation.  This is the true foundation for physics, the parameters of the Photon Sea with their imbedded rotating photons.

The Super energy laden Photons articulated themselves into spherically resonating shells of zero energy photons confined to a space 10 to the minus 100th cm. radius.  In a sense, this creation of the Primordial Singularities from Super energy laden Photons was the third creative act in the creation of the universe.  The parameters of the Singularities (and zero energy photon sea) created the building blocks of the universe.  Everything in the universe can be traced back to the parameters of the Primordial Singularities, which in turn are dependent upon the characteristics of zero energy photons sea and the imbedded Super energy laden Photons. As stated before, the parameters of the Primordial Singularities contain the First Principles of the universe.   They are however, the third creation along the path of creating the universe, as we know it.

The Plasma Ball
(Second Principles)

Because the nature of atomic particles is unknown to academia, academic cosmologists concentrate on "the event", the annihilation of the Primordial Singularities with the consequent release of a myriad of micro energy waves escaping from "ground zero" at (naturally) the speed of light.   Academia, having no explanation for the Big Bang, assumes (incorrectly) that a Primordial Singularity blew up in the creation of the .Big Bang.  There is no evidence extant that confirms a black hole anywhere in the universe "blowing up". There is much pontification about events that happened at nanoseconds after the event.  This is all unprovable speculation, with no accessible referents, observation or basis in fact.  Discussing non-recurring events of this nature has little meaning.  Nothing can be demonstrated as true as nothing can be verified. This particularly applies to events that happened 30 billion years ago in a transitory state that supposedly lasted nanoseconds.  There is no published data on the true structure of PS's (outside these websites).  There is no published data on the structure of atomic particles either (outside of these websites).  Both the parameters of the initial state and the final state of the Big Bang are unknown to academia.

The precise events that took place in the first nanoseconds after the cosmic annihilation are probably unknowable, but in any case, irrelevant.   Even if known, the predictive value of these facts is so low as to be nonexistent.  Knowing the initial conditions and the subsequent "real time" conditions make knowledge of the nanosecond (transient) conditions after the
event irrelevant as stated above.  What is important is the process of formation of atomic particles and their sequence of appearance, as it is generally accepted that the different genera of atomic particles did not all appear simultaneously. This part of our investigation is based upon Inductive Analysis (the process is described in http://www.newphysics2000.org/ (http://www.newphysics2000.org)).  While the conclusions may be inaccurate, (due to imperfect knowledge) they are based upon total facts available.

Inflation Theory

Inflation Theory is obviously a mathematics-based theory.  This is so for there is no physical evidence to support it.  The theory directs its attention to the first instant after the annihilation of the PS's.  Specific values seem to be missing. Understandable.  Referring to the above, a morbid interest in the first nanoseconds of the Plasma Ball distort the facts relative to the creation of the Primordial Plasma Ball. There was no time in the entire process when the energy density of the PPB exceeded that of the PS's.  The trapped energy laden Super Photon moved at the speed of light in the PS's.  There is no data to support the concept that after the annihilation of the PS's the released energy laden Super Photon (or its annihilation products) radiated its energy at a velocity greater that "c".

The facts support the concept that the energy laden Super Photon annihilated into a myriad of micro energy bearing photons.  This myriad of micro energy laden photons passed their energy outward through the sea of zero energy photons at the resonant wave velocity of the sea.  There is no physical evidence that velocities greater than "c" have ever existed in the zero energy photon sea.  In part of the Inflation Theory, it is suggested that 90 % or more of the mass of the universe is "dark matter".  No physical evidence exists confirming the existence of this "dark matter".  It is suggested that a better concept might be that 90 % of the mass of the universe is beyond the vision of current telescopes.  We are currently viewing quasars at the present limit of our telescopes.  If these were the first formed galaxies (from the sea of rapidly expanding hydrogen gas), then matter beyond the quasars is hydrogen gas (back in time) that was yet to form galaxies.  We probably can't view this gas, as hydrogen is colorless. Bingo!! The missing mass.  At the periphery of the universe (as of 15 billion years ago) is a sea of hydrogen gas, retreating at near the velocity of light.

With the discovery of the nature of atomic particles, atomic particle parameters became known (density, geometry etc.). The expanding volume of the plasma ball also was known based upon the known rate of expansion of the ball ("c").  The energy density was therefore determinable, based upon the total weight of the universe.  Beginning with what was essentially a point, the volume of the plasma ball expanded at the speed of light (as it has seemingly continuing to do ever since).  A simple FORTRAN program shows how large the Plasma Ball had to be before the energy density of the plasma ball was reduced to that of the energy density of the proton.  The same program shows how large the Plasma Ball had to be before the Plasma Ball reached the energy density of the electron.  Inductive Analysis assumes that protons could not form until the energy density of the Plasma Ball was reduced (due to expansion) to the density of the proton.  I.A. further assumes that electrons could not form until the energy density of the plasma ball was reduced to that of the electron.  The available FORTRAN program shows the radius of the plasma ball at the point where protons and electrons were
formed respectively.  At the energy density of the proton, a spherical resonance between the expanding energy-laden photons and the sea of zero energy photons occurred.  A similar spherical resonance also occurred at the density of the electron.  A linear resonance seems to occur at most energy densities, as light occurs at innumerable frequencies.

Those who believe that the plasma ball precipitated into 20% helium nuclei have problems.  As they do not know the nature of protons or helium nuclei, they will be hard put for an explanation of their view when they learn the nature of these particles.  It is not difficult to show that the volume of the plasma ball was such that the density of the ball was less than that of an electron after the electrons precipitated from the ball.  It is not clear how a relatively dense and complex helium nucleus could form from protons and electrons after the electrons precipitated. (The density of the plasma ball would not be great enough to create helium nuclei).  The whole thrust of star formation (for the creation of complex atomic nuclei) belies forming such nuclei in the Plasma Ball process.  Atomic nuclei are assemblies of protons and electrons. Atomic nuclei (greater than one) had to be created AFTER the creation of protons and electrons.  By the time the electrons precipitated from the Plasma Ball, the density of the Ball was too low to create complicated atomic nuclei such as helium.

If this process, the creation of the elements could have been accomplished during the initial phases of the Big Bang plasma event, stellar furnace creation would have been superfluous and unnecessary.  The only seeming purpose of star creation has been to create the vast array of elements we see around us.  Without this array of elements, life, the latest creation in he universe, would not have been possible.  Life being the latest creation in the universe, is probably the final and ultimate purpose of the whole project of universe creation.  Life could not have been created without
the necessary building blocks (the 92 elements that are readily available on earth) The story of the creation of the numerous elements recites much of the history of the development of the universe. The story of the creation of the
various molecules compounds and the like is another part of this history.  A consequence of this history is the advent of life. One cannot but be humbled by the knowledge of what it has taken to make life possible.