A Fresh Study of Cosmology, Part 1


A New Understanding

Part 1

Copyright 2001 Stanley Fay White

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What was the Big Bang?  Though shrouded in mystery, the Big Bang was of this universe not outside it.  Before the beginning of the universe, all that existed was a void that extended beyond measurement.  First, incredible energy was injected into two newly created photons.  Energy was stored in the photons by causing the photon to rotate. . After the Super energy laden photons of energy had been created, the space between the photons and far beyond them was filled with zero energy photons in a sea that extended beyond measurement. When the zero energy photon sea was created, the Super energy laden rotating Photons began passing their energy around from zero energy photon in spherical resonance in two tiny spheres of zero energy photons, producing the first singularities in existence.  These created singularities were the primeval "atomic particles" that subsequently formed the universe.

The structure of these particles differed from ordinary atomic particles in that the energy of the trapped photons  (in the singularities) each contained half the total energy of the universe. It was the collision of the Primordial Singularity with its anti-Primordial Singularity of the same nature that caused the annihilation of both, with a resultant "Big Bang". The Big Bang was a natural event and obeyed all the natural laws of the universe. Part of the confusion and ignorance that surrounds the Big Bang is due to the fact that until now the structure of atomic particles has been unknown.  Most of the laws of the universe relate to atomic particles. The ignorance of atomic particle structure has created a big void in human understanding.  A proper foundation for physics is impossible without knowledge of the structure of atomic particles. 
(For more information on the structure of atomic particles see http://www.newphysics2000.org/)  Not knowing the structure of atomic particles has resulted in wild speculation with false information being disseminated.  One of the purposes of this paper is to disambiguate the facts related to the Big Bang.

We have oft repeated experiments regarding the collision of atomic particles with their anti-atomic particles, repeatedly verifying the facts relating to the collisions.  The annihilation of the involved particles repeats a natural law of annihilating atomic particles.  As each atomic particle (and its antiparticle) contains one energy-laden photon, the
annihilation of the particles destroys the spherical resonance of the respective photons.  The trapped energy escapes as linear resonances in the sea of zero energy photons upon the annihilation of the colliding atomic particles.  This is the physics of the reaction.  As the Primordial Singularities were of the class of atomic particle (only smaller), the reaction of the collision of the Singularities was similar to the reaction of ordinary atomic particles, with one exception.  Not only did the trapped energy change from spherical to linear resonance, the Super energy laden Photons split into a myriad of micro energy packets, creating a sphere of escaping energy, instead of two energy packets exiting in opposite directions from he point of collision.  This sphere of escaping energy has been called a Primordial Plasma Ball.

Hubble and Einstein were both intensely interested in cosmology.  In 1929 Hubble began exploring cephoid variables in other galaxies.  Using data gleaned from the cephoid studies, Hubble determined that all the other galaxies were moving away from us.  The further away the galaxies were, the faster they were retreating.  When Hubble discussed this development with Einstein, they came up with first the idea that if the galaxies were retreating, they must be retreating from somewhere, and second that this somewhere had a point of origin.  From this came the idea that if they came from a point, then in order for the galaxies to be retreating, they must have gotten their initial push from an explosion, a Big Bang.  Incorporated into the theory was a concept of an initial Primordial black hole, of incredible
gravitational force.  At the time, black holes were unknown, as was the existence of the Big Bang generated background cosmic radiation (which is now being studied to determine the time of the Big Bang).  Even until the 1980s, the radius of the Primordial entity at the center of the black hole was unknown. In the early 1980s the astronomical community finally agreed that the Primordial entity was a "singularity" though the nature of this singularity remained a mystery.

This was the status of Big Bang and black hole cosmology until the modern era of multiple large telescopes, radio telescope arrays, etc. (and the Hubble space telescope).  Subsequently, numerous black holes have been discovered.  There is no evidence of any black hole exploding spontaneously, giving credence to the "two singularity" annihilation theory. Information in the science of astronomy has been exploding for the past fifty years due to this much improved instrumentality.  It is almost as if we emerging from the dark ages of astronomy.


One must revisit the milieu of the Ptolomaic celestial system to witness the kind of confusion that can confound astronomy.  Tycho Brahe, the great 16th century astronomer, measured the orbits of the planets so accurately that Kepler was able to develop his planetary laws of motion using Tycho's data.  The defining point here is that Tycho continued to believe in Ptolomy's theory of cosmology rather than the new Copernican view; notwithstanding his own observations.  This illustrates the fact that insanity and sanity can exist side by side in utter serenity, whilst the separate ideas fail to influence each other in the least.  It is this characteristic that is allowing the most outlandish concepts in the field of
physics to exist side by side with long proven concepts with no one resorting to compatibility or congruity tests to eliminate the false.  Science is a classified and verifiable knowledge of facts concerning nature.  In the field of cosmology, science is fast disappearing due to the confusion in the field of physics.  Unless something is done to straighten out this mess, there will never be a proper foundation for physics. It is interesting that all of this is going on in the midst the greatest science fact explosion in the history of the world.

Volumes could be written refuting the myriad of false information and speculation that has grown up around the origin of the universe, the Big Bang, the plasma ball and evolutionary process that has created the universe
we live in.  A most glaring error involves the Primordial Plasma Ball.   Astronomy has revealed a plethora of exploding stars, super nova and masses of exploding gas.  Our own sun is composed solely of gas and exhibits the violent chaos produced by whirling masses of gas, sun spots and the like.   The Primordial Plasma Ball contained no gas, just spherically radiating energy, passed from photon to photon, the consequence of the annihilation of the Primordial Singularities.  The conditions within the PPB contained none of the violent chaotic action associated with exploding masses of gas.  There was no gas.  Cosmological theories should reflect this.  

The Fundamentals

Faced with the incredible complexity of the universe, to the uninitiated not only is the world around us inexplicable, the atomic world is inexplicable and the universe is inexplicable.  Though the Greeks had unusually sharp minds, they found the universe inexplicable.  In an attempt to make sense of the mysteries, the Greeks invented multiple gods, each of which was responsible for one thing, such as lightning, the movement of the heavens etc.  It gave comfort to the Greeks, but did not resolve the mystery of the universe.  The Egyptians created a sole God that controlled everything.  When the Jews left Egypt, they took this singular God with them while the Egyptians abandoned their God "RE". Changing the name of their God from RE to "Yahweh", the Jews have clung to their singular God to this day.   This is important, for it was the creation of a single deity being responsible for everything that brought about science.  The founding fathers of science had as a goal, the greater understanding of God through a study of his works.  Science does not lend itself to polytheism, although there are those among us who would have it so by attempting to show that the universe is not internally consistent. Creating a science that is not an integral whole, is a step along the way back to polytheism.  We agree with Einstein,
there is only one God, and he doesn't shoot craps.

We live in a universe controlled by one set of natural laws.  The scientific method was founded upon this concept. Experiment is meaningless if the laws that govern the universe are not repeatable, internally consistent and compatible. The prime assumption is that if something occurs in a given way one time, it will occur the same way again anywhere, if the conditions are repeated.  What happens one way in one place in the universe, happens the same way everywhere in the universe.  The universe is composed solely of atomic particles and photons.  If something happens one way on the
macro level (to a bunch of atomic particles), the same laws will hold even if only a few or one atomic particle is involved. If it were otherwise, the universe would be in chaos and science would not exist.  The present view of atomic behavior is based upon man created unique laws that are only supposed to hold on the micro level.  With the new understanding of the structure of atomic particles and the nature of space (a sea of zero energy photons), the concept of different laws applying on the macro and micro level is no longer tenable.  It is now possible to define laws that hold at all levels (macro and micro).  Order can be restored to the framework of natural law.  From this base, it is possible to construct a proper foundation for physics. 

PS                         Plasma Ball                         -PS

Animation of The Big Bang Collision

Photons do not translocate, they rotate.  The first element in the universe related to rotating photons.  The second element in the universe related to spherical resonance of these rotating photons in a vast sea of zero energy photons.  These spherically resonating packets of energy were what we call Primordial Singularities.  The collision and annihilation of
these Singularities created the universe with a "Big Bang".  These facts create a proper foundation for physics.