The Recruiter

By: Elizabeth Mack

The following incident was related to me by a good friend who had repressed this memory until recently. When my friend Lisa was 13 years old she was going through a difficult time. Her mother was involved in a cult church, where she was ritually abused. Every night Lisa would pray to God that she would not awaken, she had no desire to commit suicide, she only wanted out of a bad situation. She had these feelings from age 11-13. At this point in time she was at her lowest, lonely, depressed, and desperate.

One evening she went to bed with her usual prayer and fell asleep. Suddenly she was awakened with a strange feeling, almost like static electricity filling the room. Upon looking out the window to her left ( a desk was located under the window). As she watched, to her HORROR, The window lock slid open on it's own accord!! Mind you, her room was located on the second floor of her Aunt's early 1900's Victorian home. She thought to herself "I must be sleeping, this cannot be happening!" Only she KNEW she was positively AWAKE!!! The window did not open, yet a man was entering through it, ducking under the sill as he came through, he paused a moment while standing one foot on the desk one on the window sill, asking for permission with his eyes. Lisa did not reply as she was understandably in shock, the man stepped all the way onto the desk; then the floor, pulled out the desk chair and proceeded to sit himself down perfectly at home, as if he were visiting an old friend, Lisa does believe she had met this man before She thought as she watched him, "these things don't happen to people, this cannot possibly be happening now!"

The man's description is as follows... He stood about 5 feet 11 inches or so, black hair cut to perfection. He was wearing all black of a shiny, but not silky, new material of which she had never seen before. His shoes were shiny and new looking. His face was handsome, with a perfectly chiseled, straight nose. The most striking feature was his blue, clear, almost see through eyes, which were very large and slanted. His only imperfection was horribly malformed ears (malformed ears are believed to be, reported from many sources, to be the one of the few ways one can identify a half-breed alien ). He had no discernible odor but a metal taste filled her mouth. Lisa thought to herself "he has been sent to answer my prayers", so at the beginning she had no fear of this person. The man settled back and engaged her in conversation. He spoke out loud not seeming overly concerned that her aunt Mary was next door to her and that her mother was in the basement. Nor did he seem to care if he awoke anyone.

The man told her he knew she did not want to be there and asked her why. Lisa began telling him all about her miserable life, thinking at the time he was a friend sent to help her in her dire need. He asked her many questions about herself, her likes and dislikes and such. Lisa felt an unreality about the situation at this point. She asked the man if he was really there. He made no reply to this, instead he just stared enigmatically at her. She watched in fascination and terror as his eyes turned from blue to a very deep almost black color. This frightened her a great deal. Lisa knew this was not a dream because she would not be so afraid of a dream. He realized she was frightened and began speaking to her again as is to distract her. He told her of the many gifts he had to offer her, as Lisa's fear lessened her curiosity grew. He said she would receive these gifts throughout life only if she would accompany him at once. Lisa thought she could not do so because she could not travel through a closed wind. He seemed alarmed at this and he indicated that this would not be a problem. The man told her that he was an alien recruiter. He wanted to tell her some things about his people and told her he was her friend.

These things are as follows....

.1. He told her they had most of the missing people, adults and children. They only take those that are willing. Adults who are depressed and vulnerable. Who want out of a bad situation. Yet they do not want anyone considering suicide, although if it means dying by another hand, that is not a problem.

.2. They like taking children because kids do not think as we do, they don't make authoritative decisions, and accept things easier than adults. They do not feel as if they have any choices because they are not grown up. Our children are very vulnerable to then.

.3. They are here to break down our defenses to them. They use their recruiters to mess with your lives so you are too busy to pay attention to what their doing. Therefore they may operate with relative impunity. They have been here a very long time.

.4. They record EVERY MALE BIRTH. Men are much more important to their goals; as men are more likely to be violent and defensive of their families. They try to break down men mentally ( as evidenced by Whitley Strieber ). It makes them proud to do this.

.5. They must tell you what they want you to do for them. It is a rule of theirs. Of course they do expect you to refuse the offer. He said they do people many favors in return.

.6. The aliens cannot stand cats they can smell cats spray and will stay away from anyplace with cats. He told Lisa cats would scratch their eyes out. She was not to have any cats or he would not be her friend anymore.

.7. Aliens do not like music of any kind being sung by humans. The higher the notes the more irritating. To them it is a high pitched whine. Screaming has the same affect on their nervous system

.8. Gun metal was mentioned as a source of travel but she does not understand in what manner it was used. Certain stones are very important to them . Every rock is useful.

Things she was to do in return...

.1. The man told her she had the ability to steal souls from people when she was angry and that would be one of her tasks

.2. She was to take as many kids as she could.

His face seemed to her to be a mask of some kind, it was as if she could see something shifting underneath his skin. After he made these revelations to her , many of which my friend cannot bear to recall, he assured her that he would not kill her. At this point Lisa stated that she would like to talk it over with her mother and friends. At this he got very agitated and insisted that she must not do that. She must go with him right away. They started to argue very loudly at this point, whereupon he leaned forward and his eyes started turning back to clear blue. She saw in his eyes moving pictures of places and people as if she were looking from the air. She could taste metal very heavily in the air now. He insisted again that they leave immediately. He became very angry and aggressive. To Lisa's surprise, and terror he raised his arm and punched her in the stomach!! The blow momentarily knocked the wind out of her, and when she caught her breath she started to cry.

It took Lisa a long time to remember this as she was telling the story, she remembered feeling betrayed by this action on his part, he said he was her friend, how could he abuse her too. He then leaned very close to her face touching his to her, she hissed that he would return, he told her he would make her see things she wouldn't want to. That he would make her stomach hurt so bad that no matter how hard she wished for death she would not die, she would suffer this for 3 years ( Lisa had a continuous menstrual period for three years, conveniently the church would not allow visits to any medical facilities). He took her arm, and squeezing hard, she could not tell what he did to her but to this day she has a lump there. When he finished , he leaned back with a horrifying smile; He had a gap between each tooth!!

Lisa then threatened to tell her mother on him. He said he knew her mother knew he was there and could hear them through the heating vent. He calmly told her she could do nothing to stop him. Which was true, her mother could hear them but was strangely paralyzed with fear. Her aunt was in a similar state in the next room. To this day her aunt will not speak to her, for she heard every horrifying detail of her so-called "job". The man once again requested her to leave with him he said "come on I only have a short time to complete this job. He told her she could really enjoy this. She gave a very firm NO. She could not do as he asked, it was wrong...

Suddenly there was a great pulling sensation from the window, Lisa felt sick to her stomach and dizzy. He was furious that she refused his offer after all he had revealed to her. He was going to be in a great deal of trouble for failing to bring her with him. Lisa started screaming then, long piercing screams. She was unable to stop. Some sense of self-preservation kicked in as she remembered what screams did to them. Very quickly, he was being sucked out the closed window. At that moment her mom and her aunt entered the room, and her mother says "there is something in here, there is a pressure in here." They tried to calm Lisa down as best they could, her aunt putting her hand over Lisa's mouth, Lisa still feels badly for biting her aunts' hand but she admits to being very freaked out right then, her mom was shaking her because she was blue...Lisa was sure if she stopped screaming he would return! Mary announced she was going to call the police immediately, as she did the pressure disappeared and Lisa stopped screaming. Selma ( Lisa's mom) said not to call the police even though they were all scared! Lisa was told to forget the incident, that it was just a bad dream, etc. etc. Lisa knows the truth. Lisa is convinced, now that she has remembered, he will come back. I myself don't believe so, seeing the trouble he had the first time!!!!!

An Interesting Footnote:

Some 3 months later someone entered the house through the upstairs window, without a ladder, on the second floor. Leaving no ladder, foot or finger prints behind them: Yet someone had entered the house! They went through everyone's things displacing things; taking nothing!!

Authors' Opinion:

This story is important, we must empower ourselves and especially our children to make authoritative decisions themselves and teach them to not get sucked in by these soul-sucking demons, the Greys, and their masters, the Dracos. Our children must not be left vulnerable by our own WHITLEY "GIVE THEM YOUR SOUL" STRIEBERS!!!!! Don't be weak. We must fight them now...

Lisa is still unable to recall much of their lengthy discourse; She believes it's just too awful to want to remember......