More questions and answers on paranormal phenomena


By Jaime Licauco Inquirer Last updated 02:22am (Mla time) 08/15/2006 Published on Page D3 of the August 15, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

IT is said elves or dwarves in the house is good luck. Is this true?

It depends on what type of dwarves you have around. If they are the positive or white ones, then yes. They may bring you good luck and good fortune. But if they are the negative or black ones, they may cause more harm than good.

Dwarves belong to what we call earth elementals or nature spirits. Sylphs belong to air elementals. Undines, water spirits and sirens belong to water elementals, and salamanders belong to fire elementals. The latter live in hot springs and volcanic lava.

How can I get rid of negative elementals in my house?

I suggest you don’t attempt to drive them away yourself unless you are trained to do so. Otherwise, you may only bring more harm to yourself and your family. Ask a qualified and reliable psychic or medicine man or espiritista to deal with them.

If you want to know more about these invisible creatures, read my recent book “Dwarves and Other Nature Spirits, Their Importance to Man” published by Rex Publishing Corp. It is available in all Rex Book Store branches and selected branches of National Book Store and PowerBooks.

Is it really dangerous to use the Ouija Board?

Yes, because to use a Ouija Board the players have to open themselves up to the spirit world and call on a spirit to answer questions the members may ask. Often it is the lower and negative spirits who enter the Ouija Board.

The popular local version of the Ouija Board is Spirit of the Glass, but the principle is the same.

I have known cases in which people were possessed by evil spirits after playing Spirit of the Glass. Some suffered a nervous breakdown. At least one woman had a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage after she played Spirit of the Glass.

One can never tell what type of spirit will enter the glass or board. So avoid this practice at all cost. It is not worth it.

Do all people have the Third Eye?

Yes. The so-called Third Eye is nothing more than clairvoyance, which everybody has. It is not really a physical third eye but merely a symbolic representation of inner knowing. Clairvoyance comes from two French words, which mean “to see already.”

Although everybody has clairvoyance, some are more highly developed than others. It is the same as the ability to draw or sing. Everybody can draw and sing but some people are better at it than others.

A person with a so-called open Third Eye can see things (e.g. elementals, fairies, angels and other spirits) that ordinary people cannot see.
But, in reality, anybody can strengthen his/her natural psychic perception through practice and regular meditation.

There are several types of clairvoyance. One is seeing what’s going on at present; another is seeing the past (called retro-cognition). Another is seeing the future (called precognition). Still another is projecting one’s awareness to a distant place and describing it accurately. This is called traveling clairvoyance or remote viewing.

Are humans the only ones who have ESP (extra-sensory perception) or psychic powers?

No, even animals have ESP. There are many documented cases of dogs saving their masters from certain death by anticipating the collapse of a house, the occurrence of an earthquake or similar events.

Several books and articles have been written about animal ESP. It is known, for example, that a dog can tell whether his master, who is at a distant place, is about to come home.

Dogs and cats, as well as horses, can sense the presence of spirits. They also know when a person close to them is about to die.

There is also evidence that dogs may have dreams because they exhibit rapid-eye movement (REM) while asleep. A person who is dreaming exhibits REM.

In which part of the brain is psychic ability located?

ESP is associated with the right side of the brain. According to some theory, the third eye is located in the pineal gland. However, there is no hard evidence of this yet.

Intuition, imagination, synthesis, depth and perspective, space relations, etc., all these belong to the right hemisphere of the brain. Analytical, logical, technical and mathematical thinking belong to the left hemisphere of the brain.

Biologist Roger Sperry discovered the specialized functions of the hemispheres of the brain for which he received the Nobel Prize for medicine, although he was not a physician.

How will meditation help me?

Dr. Herbert Benson, a cardiologist from Harvard Medical School, revealed the value of meditation in controlling stress and anxiety. He believes meditation is the natural response of the body to un-stress itself. He calls it the Relaxation Response, the opposite of the fight-or-flight syndrome discovered by Dr. Hans Selye.

Regular meditation also helps one develop sensitivity to psychic forces.