Be sceptical of the Debunkers

[May 29, 2004]


As more people awaken their psychic abilities and learn how to remotely perceive far beyond the physical senses and travel out-of-body scientific research will change. When people change, society and culture will change.

Text: Torbjorn Sassersson

Be sceptical of the Debunkers

Sceptics of the debunker type make lot of fun of claimed paranormal events and presumed presence of non-terrestrials in disadvantage to the exploration of these important and interconnected areas. You may wonder how on Earth these two fields of interest are interconnected. That’s easy. Most psychics, remote viewers and out-of-body travellers speak of encounters with alien beings when using an altered state of consciousness as a tool for looking and listening non-physically. Now imagine this tool in the hands of the researchers, but however there is a problem in the structure of science.

Science is based upon established facts based upon other established facts, and the paranormal points out some previous established facts are wrong and needs to be revised. Thus there will be a natural resistance to change due to psychological factors. And these factors are most severely prevalent in the minds of the debunker style sceptics.

In fact it is clear that loud sceptics, derived from the Greek "skeptikos" meaning incredulous, are detrimental to basic scientific research.

In Sweden, where I live, loud sceptics are now trying to prevent serious and scientific research in parapsychology from taking place. They claim, such as the debunker Germund Hesslow, associate professor in neuroscience at the University of Lund, that research in parapsychology will divert the students from reality, endanger their carriers and ridicule the universities.

To my understanding sceptics of the debunker type are emotionally driven people fearing the unknown and unwilling to change their perspectives when needed. Therefore there is simply no reason at all to give the debunkers any attention. It’s not worth it. They seem paradoxically not to be working for scientific progress in the first place.

They are more into the business of conserving what is already known or thought to be established facts. Everything that points to a need for change and revision of what is known is threatening to them.

It’s far more interesting for researchers to team up with open-minded critics ("kritikos", scrutinize) when researching delicate phenomena such as the paranormal and presumed presence of Non-terrestrials. In this situation the critics could work as anchors co-operating with researchers studying enthusiastic psychic explorers that roam in unknown territories.

The dawn of the Scientific Explorers

But there is a third kind of player, a player that is still very rare. I would like to call him or her the scientific explorer. In the old days their akin where often women. They are exploring researchers with both theoretical and practical orientation. People that can maintain the critical mind function in the alpha and theta brain frequencies while in the psychic brain mode.

Debunkers don't believe, they don't know and they prevent scientific exploration.

They can do that because they learned how to stay awake and keep their critical and logical mind functions intact as they explore the deeper levels of the mind and beyond. These are the people that can explore out-of-body and communicate successfully with Non-terrestrials wherever they are.

Imagine an international team of doctors and professors travelling non-physically, remote viewing and telepathically communicating with other species in other worlds and in other realms. They could explore simultaneously in small groups – out-of-body – under controlled scientific circumstances with monitors using strict protocols and afterwards comparing their findings.

Try this idea on the debunkers. Are they laughing? If they are, we are probably on the right track. Will this kind of research ever happen? I don't know but what a sight on the inner planes!

And let’s not forget the most important player of all, the common people. In fact, all people are common people and from statistical surveys we know that all people claim they experience the paranormal every now and then. What the common people believe in is what makes a difference because they are in majority.
Imagine the day when the people of the world on a grand scale realize their innate and inner potentials as private explorers. From that day on society and culture may change rapidly in unknown ways. That cannot be controlled and it shouldn't be controlled.

Text: Torbjorn Sassersson, private explorer