Balancing Male and Female Energies

Germane: All right, greetings to all of you. This is Germane. Pleasure to be with you today. Are you here? All right. Just making sure we went to the right dimension.

Now, you've read the subject for tonight - balancing the male and female energies. We're going to give you a little analogy to start off with. Imagine the batteries you have that run your tape recorders. One end is negative; one end is positive. Now, it doesn't mean that the negative end is bad or the positive end is good, but that they are opposite charges. Both charges are necessary to run the tape recorder.

This reality you live in is a polarized reality. It has charges just like that battery. There are many different ways to categorize those two charges, like yin and yang, but tonight we're going to talk about the masculine/feminine as the battery that fuels your universe.

Each of you, then, has masculine and feminine energy within you. Together those energies act like a battery. They are the fuel that allows you to be who you are in this dimension. We want to get you really familiar with these two charges and allow you to develop an intimate relationship with them. As you develop an intimate relationship with the masculine and the feminine within yourself, this allows for the ultimate balance, the ultimate integration of your energies in this dimensional reality.

So, even though it's uncharacteristic for us, we're going to begin with a meditation. The reason for this is that some of the things you discover in this meditation you might want to refer to during the session. So get yourselves comfortable.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Place the beautiful golden-white Light around your body. Feel yourself relax into that Light. We're going to do a brief chakra exercise.

Place your attention at the base of your spine. Place there a beautiful ball of red energy. Allow that ball of red energy to begin spinning slowly.

Then, place your attention about three inches below your navel. Place there a beautiful ball of orange energy. Allow that ball of energy to spin slowly.

Then, place your attention at your solar plexus. Place there a beautiful ball of yellow energy. Allow that ball of energy to begin spinning slowly.

Then, place your attention at your heart. Place there a beautiful ball of green energy. Allow that ball of energy to begin spinning slowly.

Then, place your attention at your throat. Place there a beautiful ball of blue energy. Allow that ball of energy to begin spinning slowly.

Then, place your attention at your third eye between your brows. Place there a beautiful ball of indigo energy. Allow that ball of energy to begin spinning slowly.

Then, place your attention at the top of your head. Place there a beautiful ball of violet energy. Allow that ball of energy to begin spinning slowly.

Imagine that you are walking down a long hallway. At the end of the hallway is a closed door. Allow yourself to put your hand on the doorhandle. Open the door and walk inside. You are now in a large room. In the center of the room is a beautiful, large, ornate mirror. allow yourself to walk and stand in front of the mirror. The reflection looking back at you is the one you see every day. But now we're going to ask you to do an exercise with us.

Consciously change the reflection in the mirror to one of masculine energy. This means if you are female, see yourself as male. If you are male, see yourself as even more masculine than you feel you are in your daily life. Change this image into an image of masculinity down to the most minute detail possible. All the while remember, this is you - this is your masculine self. We will give you a moment to look at this image of yourself and begin to feel comfortable with it.

Now reach your hand into the mirror and take the hand of the masculine image in yours. Pull this masculine self out of the mirror so that he stands in front of you. Imagine that a beam of green energy connects your heart with his heart. Then take him into an embrace. As you embrace, feel that the boundaries between you are lessening. Feel the blending of your energies together. You blend so much that finally you stand simply embracing yourself.

Now turn and walk out of the room the way you came, back into the hallway and close the door.

Next to that door is another door. Allow yourself to put your hand on the handle. Open that door and walk inside. In that room also stands a large, ornate mirror. Walk up to the mirror and stand looking at your usual reflection. Now, consciously begin to change that reflection into one of feminine energy. If you are female, make the reflection even more feminine. If you are male, make the reflection your female counterpart. Change the reflection to the smallest detail possible. We will give you a moment to become familiar with this feminine self.

Now, reach your hand into the mirror and take the hand of the feminine image. Pull the feminine image out from the mirror so that she stands in front of you. Imagine that there's a beam of green energy connecting both of you at the heart. Then take this feminine image into an embrace. As you embrace, feel that the boundaries between you are lessened. Finally there are no boundaries. You have become one, and you stand embracing yourself.

Allow yourself to walk out of the room the way you came. Close the door behind you. Feel your consciousness begin to come back to the room here. Feel your body here in the physical universe. When you feel ready, you may open your eyes.

These Archetypes Are Our Friends

You've just been introduced to two friends who live within you. No matter what you do in your life, these friends will always be there. We can call these the male and female archetypes. In your own time, in your own contemplation, think about how easy it was to visualize the male or the female. Were there problems with either of them? Was one easier than the other? If you had one that was more difficult to visualize, perhaps that's one that you may want to work on at some point.

These male and female archetypes are like the battery that runs your tape recorder. They live within you. Now this doesn't mean that you're going to stay polarized within these archetypes forever. No. But when you truly befriend each archetype, casting light onto them so there are no shadows, it is then that integration can truly occur.

In our perception, this is one of the most important things in terms of growth, that all of you can be working on right now. Notice we said one of the most important things; because the male-female balance is also reflected in your planet. As you know, your planet has been polarized more toward the masculine for quite some time. Now, in this time, the feminine energy is rising within all of you but the planet does not know, from it's masculine point of view, how to integrate that feminine energy. So that's why you're seeing a lot of different struggles in the family system in cultures all over your planet that are trying to break out of their old societal patterns.

Heal the Self First

We've said so many times that when you want to heal the planet, the first thing to do is to begin healing the self. So if you want to balance the energy on the planet, balance your energy within. We have all sorts of exercises that can help you with this. Some of them are rather fun, but they require you to be a little playful and a little bit courageous. So, assuming that all of you want to be playful and all of you want to be you? [Yes.] All right. We're going to give you one to help you get in touch with the masculine/feminine within you in the physical universe, now that we've allowed you to touch them in the archetypal universe.

Play-act the Opposite Polarity

If you are a female, one day when you have some errands to run, allow yourself to dress in the most masculine style possible. When you're walking down the street, pretend you're a man. Consider what a man would feel going to get a newspaper. What would a man feel going into a restaurant for lunch? Play-act and become a man; you can have a lot of fun with this. A very feminine woman who did the exercise said she felt powerful. After that she had, in her estimation, no problem in expressing her masculine side.

If you are a man, we're not going to tell you to wear a dress, so don't worry. If you're a man and you're going out to do some errands, dress in the most androgynous way possible so that you feel neither male nor female. When you're walking down the street, imagine that you are a woman. What would it feel like to be a woman getting the newspaper? What would it feel like to be a woman going into a restaurant? Again, this will require you to play-act, pretend. It's important that you allow yourself to have fun when you're doing this, because if you take it too seriously, you don't feel the energy as much. Now, we're going to reverse it. If you are female, and you're going out to run some errands, dress yourself in the most feminine way possible, more so than you usually do. Accentuate your feminine energy. When you're doing your errands, feel that light, feminine energy more than you usually do. If you're male, dress yourself in the most masculine way possible - cowboy boots maybe,'d have to answer that question. When you walk down the street, feel really butch, really masculine. See what that brings up in you.

As you do these exercises, pay attention to what you have trouble with, what was easy for you. You may even want to keep a journal in order to document them. Just do it. Doing these exercises is like sticking your finger into an electric socket. We guarantee you that if you do them seriously and playfully, you're going to feel energetic changes. You're going to learn an awful lot about yourself. Does everyone understand the exercise? [Yes.]

Develop a Relationship

One of the reasons we introduced you to your internal male and female archetypes is that we'd like you to develop an ongoing relationship with them. You know, children have imaginary friends; there's no reason why adults can't have them too, although they're not really imaginary. So, pretend that this male you saw in the mirror and this female you saw in the mirror are real people who live inside of you. The first thing we're going to ask you to do is to give them names. You can choose the name. It really doesn't matter, but make sure it is something you're comfortable with because you're going to want to refer to these people many times in the future, for they are real people inside of you.

Now, we're also going to ask you, if you want to do this, to begin carrying on imaginary dialogue with them. When you're standing and doing the dishes, think of Mary, your inner female and talk to her. Maybe you feel you're having trouble with your feminine energy, so ask Mary for advice. Ask Mary what she would do in a certain situation. Imagine her response. Do the same thing with your inner male. We'll call him Joe. When you haven't been assertive enough, ask Joe how to be assertive. Ask him for advice. If you develop really strong relationships with these inner archetypes, we absolutely guarantee you that you're going to begin to transform. The people who have worked with these exercises have had dramatic changes in the areas of their lives where they felt they were weak. So if you really want to accelerate your growth, try it out and see what happens.

The Time is Now

In a sense, there's no more time for fooling around. Many of you who have been involved in the New Age movement for quite some time have been getting yourselves ready for the time when it was really going to count - when it was really going to matter. All through the 80's and even the early 90's, you've been getting ready. The time you've been getting ready for is now. When you actively take part in your growth, when you're ready to look at everything, including the shadows, you're going to accelerate very fast, and you're going to become the person you've always hoped you would become. The time is now. All of you who are alive now chose your incarnations so that you would be here now. This is because now is the time of transformation. Beginning in 1993, everything you do and say is going to count more than it ever has before. Now we don't want to sound so serious. Have some fun with it too.

You Are Filled With - the Energies of Transformation

When we look at your energy fields, we see butterflies just ready to come out of the cocoon. We sense a tremendous amount of energy locked within each of you; not that you're blocking it, but that tremendous energy inside is the energy of transformation. You may not notice in your daily life that you're transforming, and you may not believe us when we tell you that you are, but you are. Transformation is a relative thing. Often you cannot see where you've been and where you're going. But in this room, there's much energy for transformation. All of you are at a turning point. This is the point of power. Use it wisely. Use it joyfully. Even if you are afraid of your transformations, do not allow your fear to keep you immobile, for the most important thing you can do is act, rather than staying still. So, that is our discourse for tonight. Comments, questions?

How do you see the planet's transformation in the next two or three months?

We were just saying the crucial time is now and, in a sense, we mean that literally; for in March there will be many, many deeply seated changes.

Clinton is Willing to Face the Shadow

We're going to talk about your inauguration for a moment, because it ties in. For the first time ever, we believe, and if we're wrong you can correct us, you have elected a president who admits to being a child of an alcoholic. You've elected a president who is willing to talk about the shadow side and willing to heal the shadow side, instead of denying that it exists. You always elect people to your government to reflect what you all are doing inside.

During the 1980's, the 12-year reign of the Reagan-Bush administration, the theme has been denial: Everything is all right. Don't worry, we'll fix it. Now please know we are not giving any political endorsements here, because the Reagan-Bush administration was as important for your transformation as the new administration is. So for 12 years your administration has reflected the denial within the mass consciousness which did not want to look at the dark side. Denial builds pressure, and sooner or later it's gotta come out. So after 12 years of denial, you've elected a president who is in recovery, who is an admitted child of an alcoholic. What does this mean for the mass consciousness? It means that all of you, as individuals and as a whole, are now willing to go into recovery...are now willing to face the shadow, unlock all that was denied, confront it, heal it and transform it. This is powerful, indeed!

The Reagan-Bush administration and the Clinton administration are working together for all of you, even though it may not look that way. The creation of denial was important so that you could see the value in the release of denial. When one chooses to release denial, it's like taking a cork out of a bottle of champagne. At first a lot of air comes out - a big force. Then it calms down as the bubbles come to the surface.

Now that this administration is in office, it's going to be like pulling the cork out of the bottle. During the next three to six months, the administration is going to have to face the consequences of pulling the cork out of the bottle. This means that all of the problems that have been denied for so long are suddenly going to come up, and those in power are going to have to face them. Your Clinton, when he decided to run for president, had no idea what he would have to face. This is positive, because those things need to be faced.

Now you may ask, What things are you talking about? Well, just to tantalize some of you, of course the UFO issue, which administrations have been covering up for so long, is going to come to the surface. The economic system is going to come to the surface so that the administration is going to see just how unstable it is. One of the things that will be faced, possibly within two months, is how far you've strayed from living according to the Constitution. You know how sometimes you have some of the deepest revelations of your life when maybe one day you have to say that you are a drug addict or that you are an alcoholic. If any of you have had those experiences, remember what it was like to come face-to-face with that inner demon? Now, by getting it all out, shall we say, putting it all on the table, we're going to have much to share. Beyond everything else we've said tonight, your future is bright. It is always bright. Do not fear it. It will pan out exactly the way you want it to.

Knowledge Will Set You Free

The Federal Reserve, where is it going? And the IRS?

The Federal Reserve. We knew you would ask that question. Now, we're going to be brief, because we could really talk a lot about this. The Federal Reserve is connected to the freedoms you've allowed to be taken away from you. You've all heard the idea of power of the people? You've all heard the idea that knowledge will set you free. There's been a pattern, especially in the past 50 years, of Americans' not being taught essential information about the government they give their power to. If you are really interested in things like the Federal Reserve and the IRS, do your research about what they really are, because neither of those two groups is connected with your government. They're private organizations.

So, what's going to happen? Truly we can say, it's up to you - the power of the people, knowledge will set you free. If you do your research and you discover the foundation upon which the IRS and the Federal Reserve are based, it will be the information you need to set yourselves free. If you stay in ignorance and believe that those organizations are empowered by your government and you blindly follow them, you will stay unempowered. It's entirely up to you.

But in a sense, no one has done anything to you. You have all chosen not to have the knowledge that you have access to; If you don't want to feel enslaved to the Federal Reserve or to the IRS, do your research and understand exactly what they are. Then you will find out how to empower yourself. It's very easy for us to tell you things to do that could seem fear-based - for instance, to put all of your money into gold. It really depends on your motivation; if you act out of fear, your acts are not going to protect you. The first step is simply to know. Educate yourself about what all aspects of your government or artificial government really are. If you are educated and empowered, there does not have to be the crash of the money system that has been predicted. Again, it's up to you. We don't foresee another great depression or something even worse, but what we do see is a lot of fear, right now. The remedy for fear is knowledge and empowerment.

We know that's kind of vague and not really giving you information about the Federal Reserve, but for now, that's not our duty. In our estimation, we've given you the most significant thing - the encouragement to educate yourself about what really is and how you can empower yourself. How's that? Well, not what you wanted, but...

What's been happening in Iraq and Somalia? What's really going on there...what's the real scoop?

We said lighten it up. [Laughter.] Throw a little light on it, alright? Well, we'll start with Somalia. The basic human need is to be fed. It's what your survival is dependent upon. In your struggles for empowerment you, as a mass consciousness, have felt that feeding the hungry is a way to remedy problems on your planet. This situation is going to teach you much, because it's going to teach you that you cannot take responsibility for other people. It's going to teach you that all you can do is teach others how to be responsible for themselves. There's a wonderful proverb, something like, You can give a man a fish to feed him, or you can teach him how to fish and he can eat for the rest of his life. The lesson here, which will be learned on a very deep level, is that the only thing you can truly give to another person is the encouragement and the motivation to become self-responsible. That lesson is going to be learned more profoundly in Somalia because the situation is much more difficult than you realize, with all the gangs and all of that. You're going to learn that you cannot disempower people by taking care of them only, but you can empower them by teaching them to care for themselves.

I read that this situation exists because we and other countries have sold a lot of arms to the bullies. So isn't there the factor of our being there to clean up our own mess?

Yes, very good. Your country creates a lot of karma for itself. In order to clean up the karma, it always gets involved in other peoples' affairs. That's why you, the powers that be, think they are cleaning it up. So in that sense, you are trying to clean up your own mess. But there's got to be a shift in consciousness before the situation can be balanced. The shift has not come yet, and there's not much that can force that situation to change except a genuine change in consciousness.

Now, all of you sitting here may feel helpless when you turn on the television. Maybe some of you want to say, Germane, what can I do, as a person, to help the situation in Somalia? We're back to the old idea that the only thing you can do is to change yourself. When you change yourself, you change your reality.

One of the things you can do to help Somalia is to look around in your life and see who you are disempowering. Who in your life are you taking care of instead of teaching them to care for themselves? As you look at that, that will help to change your consciousness. Then ask yourself, Is anyone in my life disempowering me? Am I being taken care of, instead of being taught how to care for myself? That realization will help the change in consciousness to occur. You're never going to see the outside reality change until your internal one does. You're absolutely and totally connected.

We prefer to talk about how each and every one of you as individuals can help a situation rather than to talk about the politics of the whole situation. We could talk all night about that but what does that do for you? Each and every one of you has the ability to change any situation in your world by changing yourself. Turn on the television, view a certain situation, then say, What can I change inside of me that will help to change that situation? That's the most empowering thing you could do, by a long shot. The comment you made about cleaning up our own karma is very accurate. One of the things you are learning is what interference really means. For example, we can't go one night without mentioning ETs but that's what your friends the Pleiadians are learning. What is interference and what is empowerment? So, that addresses the Somalia situation.

The Iraqi situation is more complex than it seems. Iraq is the area of your world that represents the root chakra; the root chakra represents survival and deep-seated fear. The Middle East channels the fear of the mass consciousness, and that is why they are such a fearful people and why they have such a need to control. It is because of their own fear and the fear of all of you as part of the mass consciousness. Once and for all, your planet's mass consciousness does not want to be a slave to its own fear. We do not want to go further with this situation because it is in flux right now. It is changing. We sense energy shifting in the next five days, so we don't want to talk about it further. We will simply say that that situation, as all others, is a reflection of each and every one of you.

Balancing Energies Results in Less Hostility, More Nurturing

What results will we see in ourselves and in the planet as we integrate the male and female polarities?

Bringing us back to the topic. You're going to see a decrease in hostility and an increase in nurturing. That's pretty obvious, all right. You're going to see the barriers you have between each other begin to disintegrate. This means between two people, between countries and between religions. Anywhere you have a barrier you're going to see that the barrier is going to begin disintegrating. You are going to see fewer Earth changes, less dramatic Earth shifting. Instead you're going to see healing - like air becoming cleaner, the ozone layer rebuilding and droughts ending. You're going to see a balance in the ecosystem that none of you have ever been around to see. You're going to see a respect for the land more than you ever have. You're going to see teachings like those of the Native Americans, who respect the land, are going to be more in abundance. You're going to see a consciousness shift from one of living on the Earth to one of living with the Earth. You will see yourselves as extensions of the Earth as the male and female energy is integrated on the planet. Each of you as individuals is going to see more peace in your relationships. In those of a mated kind - love relationships, sexual relationships - there's going to be more peace. As you become more comfortable with your inner male and female, you will be more comfortable with your partner. Your partner now always reflects your inner archetype. If there's something you can't stand about your partner - now many of you know what we're talking about - it has to do with your inner archetype that the partner is reflecting. As you make friends with the inner archetype, you will be making friends with your partners more than you ever dreamed possible. You will be working together more instead of being in conflict. That will be the most significant change.

You Will Be Able to Express Your True Self

In terms of your own personal growth, you're going to see less stress in your daily lives. You're going to find that you're going to be able to be more fully who you really are and not withhold yourself. For instance, many of you have difficulty confronting someone who maybe was rude to you or something. You have difficulty now expressing your feeling that it was a hurtful thing. You're going to find that you're going to be more comfortable expressing your true self and not worrying that you're going to hurt the other person, as long as you express it with integrity. Part of the reason you feel so much stress inside now is because you withhold who you really are. That is directly connected to your relationship with your inner archetype. If you make peace and friendship with your inner archetypes, it means you've made peace with yourself. If you make peace with yourself, then you can naturally express yourself without concern, with empowerment and with love. That natural expression will create so much less stress in your lives.

As the male-female is integrated, your societal systems are going to begin to change. There's going to be less stress in your religious systems and in your government. You're going to be much more willing to work with each other. There are so many aspects of your lives that this will touch. We could go on all night, even to the point of saying you won't be suing each other so much. You're going to have more tolerance, more compassion and more genuine love, because you will begin to see every other person as a direct reflection of yourself.

You've been hearing for so long that everybody is a reflection of you. The universe is a reflection of you. You've understood the concept intellectually, but emotionally you've not quite grasped it. That's okay. You must be enjoying not grasping it, or you would have grasped it a while ago. So, if you're not grasping it, as least have fun not grasping it. We could go on and on. The integration of the male/female energy within you will touch every aspect of your reality and create less stress, more harmony and more empowerment, beyond what you can imagine now. It is one of the keys you can unlock inside of you and it will act like dominos so that when you unlock it, everything else will shift. You will really feel movement at a rapid pace in your own growth.

All Boundaries Are Now Disintegrating

At night I'm feeling things that are extremely active and I feel kind of exhausted when I wake up a lot of times. I was wondering if you have any advice about that?

Well, what are you doing at night?

Well, last night was probably the most dramatic experience I've ever had, awake or asleep. It was a giant - I guess this planet - going through an extreme shift or...I really don't even know how to think about what it was last night, it was so extreme and so dramatic.

Boundaries are really disintegrating now. This means that you're going to begin feeling more connected to the process that the mass consciousness is going through. This means that many of your dreams may become almost psychedelic - you know psychedelic? - without the drug. It is abstract to the point where you cannot translate it. This happens nightly, but when you wake up you don't often remember. The boundaries are lessening so much between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind that you're now beginning to remember the intensity of the experiences you have when you're asleep. What you've described is an example of that.

Has it increased over the last years? [Yes.] It's going to increase more, so put your seat belts on. You are directly connecting with the process of the mass consciousness and actually bringing that memory through in an abstract way. If you feel stressed by it, we can suggest something. Take some time during the day, close your eyes and go into a meditation. Try to go back into the dream you had, even if it's abstract. Try to grasp even one image you had the night before. If you can't grasp the image, then try to grasp the emotional feeling. As you sit in meditation, feel it or think about it from your conscious mind. That's going to help to integrate the reality. Try to keep your body as relaxed as possible and you will feel a natural end to that exercise. The energy will naturally stop. This will help to smooth the transition from the unconscious to the conscious mind. Do you understand what we mean by that?

Yes. That was one of the big problems I had today. It took me until about 5 p.m. just to feel like everything was functional. I was really unhappy about that.

Try the exercise. Because if you give yourself permission to enter the dream-state reality from the conscious mind, then your consciousness won't need to force you to get back into it. If you do it willingly, it will release the energy.

Japanese Are Building a Doorway Between Eastern and Western Thought

Germane, your Japanese friends seem to have a lighter side. They're bubbly, laughing and having a lot of fun, when they're not working, of course. In all your experiences being over there and interacting with them, can you share any cultural differences and perspectives they have that would help us to integrate that?

Thank you so much for that question. We have been speaking in Japan about the significance Japan has for world healing. You have Eastern philosophy or Eastern consciousness and you have Western technological consciousness. The two have never really wanted to acknowledge each other. How then do we bring them together? You need a bridge - a consciousness that will act to synthesize both and integrate both for the entire planet. Many of you may not be aware that Japan has a very large and growing New Age movement. Right now, it is like it was in America in 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence. They're acting as a doorway, energetically, where the energy of the East and the energy of the West are coming together. Within the next ten years, there's going to be a significant blending of Eastern and Western thought because of the doorway Japan represents.

The experience tonight that you have all co-created of bringing them here and allowing them to be a part of your group is very significant. It is a sign of the integration that is beginning. One of the things metaphysical thought is teaching all over the planet is that there is no such thing as a language barrier. As you begin interacting even more with other countries on your world in the common language of the spirit, you are going to spawn that integration, accelerate it even more. Does that address the question, or is there another aspect you would like to ask about?

We Can Exchange Playfullness and Diversity

On the lighter side, what is there?

They're very intense. They take their studies, their spiritual studies, very seriously in the sense that if they are given an exercise, they do it with vigor. They allow their childlike energy to come through in full force and become the exercise itself. This is very interesting because, as you know, they are very serious people also. You are very playful people and very serious, but there are differences. The differences mirror each other. We would say that if there is something you could learn from them, it would be that playfulness, that willingness to be childlike. What they can learn from you is diversity, the idea of unity within diversity, the acting as individuals and yet being part of the whole - individual thought and group thought integrated together. That is one of the most significant things. You will learn from them that group mind, unity in that way; it's a very even exchange.

We want to know whether they ask the same questions in Japan?

Almost exactly. Absolutely, exactly the same questions, the same concerns and the same fears. Some of their challenges are based on their society which has formed who they have become, just as your challenges are based on your society. But that is perhaps one of the most delightful things, that such a foreign culture is asking the same questions and is concerned about the same things.

A friend has been traveling for such a long time, and she was wondering if by traveling abroad she is using too much of her male energy.

That's really not something we can answer. That's something that one would have to go within to answer for oneself. One thing, though, is that many of you have been drawn to travel in the past few years more than you ever have. That travel is connected to the integration of the male/female energy. There are parts of your world that are feminine. There are parts of your world that are masculine. As you travel, even if it's within your own state, you expose yourself to those energies and can see the reflection of yourself in them. So we can't tell you whether you are using too much. But go within and you will have the answer.

The Zeta Reticuli and the Japanese

I would like to know if there is a particular constellation/star system/place in the creation that influences the Japanese culture to be so coherent?

My goodness, we think maybe we paid you all to ask these questions. Yes, the most significant ET civilization to influence the Japanese that we can speak of right now is the Zeta Reticuli. Others have influenced them, too. Now, Zeta Reticuli are the little guys with the big heads, the big black eyes and the ones that some of you know of as doing the abductions.

Thousands of years ago, when the genetic project was taking place on the planet and homo sapiens were being created, in one parallel reality the white race was created, the black race was created, the red race was created and everything in between, except no Asians. In that time line, the ETs who were overseeing the genetic project looked into the future and saw that the future Earth could not integrate because they were so diverse. The people were too diverse to integrate. They realized that there needed to be another race introduced on Earth that would have a strong unifying force on mass consciousness. And so from the distant future, the Zeta Reticuli came to influence a new race which you now call the Asian race. There are some similarities between the Asian race and the Zeta Reticuli. The most significant one is that the Asian race is comfortable with the idea of a group mind. Even within their physicality, they do not differ from each other as much as Caucasians do - they are more homogeneous.

Asians Were Intended to Help Unify the World

So those working with the genetic project felt that the Asian race in the distant future of Earth would help to unify the planet. The Asians have also been influenced by the Pleiadians' innovations. A lot of that is in the architecture and some of the philosophies. We would say at this time those are the two main civilizations; and taking all of those races together, Asian, Caucasian, Black, Red, the eventual energetic unification will come because those four ingredients mesh so beautifully. This doesn't mean a loss of the black race or the white race or anything like that. We're talking about an energetic integration. It will occur. You on Earth will become one people. It may not look like it now, but you will. You're all here to help create that. In terms of the extraterrestrials who want to communicate with you, who want to contact you, they may not do so openly until you see yourself as one people. Let that be a motivation for you.

What are we looking at as a timetable for us to become one people?

It could happen as early as 25 to 30 years. More likely, 100 years at the outset or at the furthest estimation. If you're not one people in 500 years, forget it. Little joke, we're not supposed to be serious. But it's very possible that you will see this in your lifetime. It's possible. But since you create the future from the present, we cannot give you a definite answer.

What will that look like?

Again, you create the future. Well, not quite Essassani (Essassani is a civilization populated by the hybrids that are being created between the Zetas and humans). We'd say not quite; your society will have more diversity. The most probable scenario will be that the entire planet will be exposed to the many ethnic threads that run through your culture, and it's possible you will have a planetary-type religion, not really religion, but spiritual beliefs that will be a synthesis of many of the empowering spiritual beliefs you have now. Not the disempowering ones, the empowering ones. When you asked the question, What will it look like? energetically, we looked at this future. What we saw was a planet filled with bright, almost psychedelic, colors, living harmoniously, which is possible. Diversity within unification.

Is Latin America a good example of that kind of integration, where there has already been so much mixing of cultures and races?

Well, in some ways it can be an example, but Latin America was created through violence - the Spaniards. Your integration won't come from invasion. For true integration, there must be a willingness to unify, not through invasion but through cooperation.

I'm moving to a property that has very separate male and female energy. If I'm hearing you right, it's a good thing to bring balance to the male and female in myself. How would that work as far as the property goes?

Do you feel they exist harmoniously?

I love the idea of the land's staying that way because of my intent for the land.

Well, we would say not to worry about it unless you feel stress.

No, I don't feel that. I'm just wondering if you think it would be more beneficial for the land.

Do the integration within, and all will reflect your inner integration. You're attracting yourself there for a reason.

Germane, back to Japan and back to the masculine/feminine. Would you like to address the present climate in Japan? [What aspect?] I haven't been there for quite a while. As a woman I had an interesting time. I'm wondering if there is a more intensified relationship that we were excluded from. What's happening now?

All right. I'm going to reword the question you are asking about the state of the male/female balance in Japan. Very interesting. As you know, in the past there were very strong divisions between the male role and the female role. This is changing. We very often get questions in private sessions with women about how they can exercise more of their male energy. They are afraid or they don't know how. The question is very frequent and we have seen that men in Japan are getting more in touch with their feminine. Women are getting more in touch with their masculine. This is exactly what is happening in America. The difference is that because of their societal tradition, it's more difficult for it to be acted upon in their society. But it is happening.

Japan is going through a major change in belief systems regarding male and female energy, but the old system is resisting it. They may experience more pain as that transforms, but it is changing. Now, of course, within the New Age community in Japan, this is more obvious. In the mainstream community, it is not as obvious, but there is an inner tension that is building because of it.

Many people are seeking things that will help their personal growth because they know no other way to deal with that tension. Now Japan is an example, as America is an example, and this is happening all over the world in many different cultures. Right now, Japan is experiencing one of the most significant changes on your planet.

A Planetary Language

I have a question about language. How is that to change? Will we always use words for language or will we go back to the mind?

Good question. Our understanding is that eventually you will have a planetary language. The planetary language will have words in it that are derived from some of the main languages on the planet, likely the language would be most similar to English but it will have other derivatives in it.

Let's say one of these future people walked into the room right now. Would you understand them? You'd probably get the gist of what they're saying, but you may not understand every word. There's going to be a synthesis of the different languages. Eventually, you will become more telepathic and use telepathy in combination with language. That would be within the next thousand years. It will eventually shift so that you are entirely telepathic. It's a long process, but your language will reflect your shifts in consciousness. Your language will have to become much more multidimensional as you become more multidimensional. It's already beginning.

What about the education system? What kind of education will be necessary? Will it be all visuals?

One of the necessary changes will be that children will be given a choice much earlier as to what they want to study. Even though they may change subject matter throughout their lives, it will come to be understood that the excitement to be educated is the most important thing. That is why children will begin to choose that which they want to learn. The education system will also become less rigid in the sense that many different philosophies will be taught. For instance, right now you are taught that Columbus discovered America. Well, there were many people in America before Columbus. So you will be taught the different perspectives of your planet so that you will gain more multidimensional thought and be given the opportunity to choose which philosophy you are interested in pursuing...or choose to embrace them all. So it will become less rigid and children will be given much more choice.

Will there be a lot of visuals, learning from feeling and experiencing as opposed to reading. Will reading take a less important part in education?

There will be more visuals in education. Holographic technology will be used more widely. You're going to find in the next twenty years that the field of holography and virtual reality are going to take off...a lot of acceleration in those fields in a short amount of time.

What this is going to do is unlock the centers of the brain that can perceive nonlinear thought. Once those centers are released, you're talking about an entire species consciousness shift. Very significant.

Twenty years, twenty-five years?

Yes. It can be sooner, but that's an average. So any of you who are interested in those fields, get ready. Put yourself into position to go into action, shall we say.

We will simply say that the 1990's may be a roller-coaster ride that you've all been expecting, but never forget that you stood in line and bought the ticket. If you couldn't stomach the roller coaster, you would never have stood in line.

So nothing that is going to come your way in the 1990's is going to be more powerful than you. Do not forget that. Do not forget that you all set this up. For whether you're conscious of it or not, you are the creators of your reality. You will begin to see even more how that is so. Trust in yourselves. Trust in the beauty and the Light that you all have within you, for it will be that Light that transforms your planet. We are honored that you have invited us this evening and we bid you a wonderful roller coaster ride. Fasten your seat belts and get ready. Much love and a fond good night.