The Center for Action and Contemplation


The Center for Action and Contemplation, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was founded in 1987 by Franciscan Father Richard Rohr. Father Rohr saw the need for a training/formation center that would serve as a place of discernment and growth for activists and those interested in social service ministries. There they would come, be still, and learn how to integrate a contemplative lifestyle and compassionate service. They would live a social spirituality. This center would serve a dual purpose as not only a radical voice for peaceful, non-violent social change but also as a forum for renewal and encouragement for the seeking individual who sought direction from and understanding of God's will and love. Today, the CAC is that place of discovery and much more.

The CAC attracts people from around the world who seek peaceful, positive alternatives and solutions to the difficult challenges of our often materialistic, irrational and violent world. Our quarterly newspaper, Radical Grace, has subscribers in every state and in 24 countries.

The CAC is not a new age center or a typical retreat center. People of all faiths share the CAC vision and understand the constructive message of the Gospel that crosses boundaries of religion, ethnicity, social class and gender. We envision the CAC as a faith alternative to the dominant consciousness, offering hope, inspiration and challenge to a despairing world.

Tepeyac, the Center's guest house, is located two doors down from the Center and is home to interns, guests/retreatants, and temporary shelter residents. Located in the largely Hispanic South Valley section of Albuquerque, Tepeyac is an older adobe home which can accommodate 10-12 people overnight. Following the mission of the CAC, Tepeyac seeks to embody values of simple, sustainable living and environmental sensitivity. It serves vegetarian meals and maintains different types of organic gardening projects.