Center for Spiritual Awareness


CSA is a nonsectarian, nonprofit organization, and was incorporated in the State of Georgia in 1964. The international headquarters is located on Lake Rabun Rd., in Rabun County, in the low mountains of northeast Georgia, 90 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Our facilities, on an 11 acre wooded site, include the administration offices and publishing department, five guest houses, the meeting hall with a dining room where vegetarian meals are served during scheduled meditation retreats, the Shrine of All Faiths Meditation Temple, two library buildings, and a book store.

All authentic enlightenment traditions are honored and the innate, divine nature of every person is acknowledged. We affirm that it is possible for everyone, by right personal endeavor and God's grace, to have a conscious relationship with the Infinite and to fulfill all of life's purposes in harmony with natural laws.

Meditation seminars are offered several times a year at the CSA headquarters retreat center. These programs are attended by truth seekers from all walks of life. While our teaching emphasis is that of the kriya yoga tradition, people of all faiths are welcome. Here they have a supportive environment in which to be physically and mentally renewed and spiritually nourished. Classes provide guidelines to wholesome, constructive living and instruction in meditation procedures and practice. Meditation retreats and seminars are also offered in several cities of North America and in some other countries. Programs are offered on a voluntary donation basis.