Morkink revisited

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Part 4

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News From The Citadel

Since the release and distribution of “Morkink Revisited”, the reception of the missive by the “Morkites” has been varied and widespread. Many “RoseyCrushers” are shocked and stunned at the reporting of occurrences at the “Citadel”. Others are caught in disbelief, and refuse to accept, or even read about the travesties that the current Morkink administration has inflicted upon the Morkites, and more specifically the Citadel staff.
Understandably, most RoseyCrushers held the Grand Delegate and other Morkite Grand Colony officers in reverence, and cannot understand how such perversions of the beloved Truths’ principles could have been allowed to occur. The very fact that these people were held in unquestionable regard is how they have so far succeeded in carrying out their nefarious deeds.
Unquestioned, unchecked, and mostly unaccountable, they have charmed, cajoled, conned and bullied themselves and their agenda through until Morkink is at the perilous position we find it today. As reported in “Morkink Revisited”, they used their deceptive charms and faux sincerity to gain the trust and respect of their superiors and the Emperor himself. ;At the time, the Morkites were so eager to accept any strong figure to lead the Grand Colony of Mokink in a clearly defined direction, that they closed their eyes and thus allowed their vulnerability to be exposed.
Sadly now, we have been presented with another dilemma. Do we wring our hands and dismiss these stories as inflammatory untrue fiction (as GD Schnott and Caring Quirk would want) or do we take a hard look at the situation, investigate the facts behind the tales, and find out what’s really going on?
When presented with such accounts of the abuse and humiliation done to various RoseyCrushers we’ve known and loved for many years, as well as the circumstances and situations outlined in the Tale, can we really allow ourselves the luxury of closing our eyes and pretending that none of this is true, like little children hoping that it will all go away?
  Unfortunately, the facts will not allow this to happen. Anyone who may be inclined to doubt the veracity of the facts behind the story is invited to investigate on their own. Ask questions, seek out answers, and listen to any former Citadel staffers that would be willing to share their knowledge or substantiate the claims made in “Morkink Revisited”.
  One need only to travel to the Citadel itself to establish the basis of truth of which is written. Behind the freshly painted facade, is a sick skeleton of what was the once beauteous and loving Morkink under the Truths’ rule. The grounds have lost their manicured, well maintained appearance, and are now surrounded by bushes, trees and foliage that is unkempt and untrimmed. As reported in the Tales, the tidy rows of hedges that lined the perimeter, beautiful bright flower beds, and sculpted trees have vanished— being replaced with poisonous shrubs, allowed to grow above a level that is not only unattractive, but unsafe for the passing pedestrians.
  The new gardens are lovely in their design and execution (thanks to a Grand
Delegate from another Grand Colony); however they replace sacred structures and encroach upon terrain that is the spiritual resting place for many past Morkites.  Unearthing and removing many plants and roses that were dedicated to RoseyCrushers in a spot assumed hallowed and unmovable, Grand Delegate Schnott and her accomplice have demonstrated their contempt at the previous generations of RoseyCrusher pioneers.
  More importantly, one needs to only seek entry to the Castle building to really experience the changes GD Schnott has made. Where Morkites were once allowed to freely access the buildings and grounds, now they are treated as unwelcome trespassers.
  The Castle itself has been converted into a real castle. The doors are bolted, and those requesting entry are allowed in the Main Entrance only during certain limited hours. Visitors from afar are no longer given a cheerful greeting and warm welcoming to their spiritual home. Instead they are met by a uniformed guard that challenges their need for access to staff members. The ultimate rub is that there are no live people answering the incoming phone calls. A recorded voice directs the caller through a phone tree and discourages most active conversation with the Citadel workers.
  Once allowed entry to the upper level, one is immediately struck by the dark, gloomy atmosphere of the work place. The windowless building makes for a dungeon-like appearance, and the workers are forbidden to turn on lights, and only allowed enough illumination to safely navigate the hallways. There is no buzz of activity, nor any din of collegial interplay amongst the staff. Everyone is sequestered in their offices, huddled ower their desks, buried in mountains of work. Encounters between workers are discouraged, and with the bare-bones crew, few have any time for more than a quick update or query on some business matter.
  This is hardly the joyous, warm and welcoming Citadel of Morkink that existed in the past few years, let alone during the Era of Truths. Paranoia and fear have replaced excitement and intellectual curiosity. Where there was once philosophical debate, and exploration of the Higher Principles, now there is dogmatic adherence to Company Policy and micromanaging control by the Two Top Dogs.
  The respected and honored Teaching Masters who guided and advised the advancing Morkites have been eliminated. All correspondences and reports in relation to the sacred Morkite Philosophy goes through Jewel Schnott who edits all materials, and censors writings. In this way she not only controls the Morkites, but she is free to infuse the teachings with her Druida Wiccana influences.
  All traces of creativity and spiritual exploration have been extinguished. Only work quotas problem solving and band-aid fixes are addressed. Concerns of the enslaved workers extend only as far as their immediate tasks. The massive workload and foreboding fear of GD Schnott’s emotional rantings keep most staff members huddled in their workplaces, not wanting to be noticed or disturbed.
  As mentioned earlier, appearances are deceiving, and the Citadel complex has been bathed in new paint and given a facelift along with the new gardens. The Museum of Antiques likewise has a new, glowing appearance. However, beneath the shell lies an embryo of festering dissatisfaction.
   Once a proud host to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, the Museum is likewise adopting a hostile environment. Many of the prized, experienced staff and tour personnel have either been run off by the irrational policies and expectations placed upon them by Schnott, or eliminated as a result of Schnott’s tirades or personal vendettas. Those remaining are overburdened with chores that are assigned to them, as work previously done by the departed ones is spread amongst the survivors. Service to visitors is limited and sporadic.
  Citadel morale is a thing of the past, as almost all incentives for performance and accomplishment have disappeared. Where there once were monthly birthday celebrations, none are allowed. Spontaneous pot-luck meals between workgroups no longer happen, and the “meals” provided by Morkink’s Devious Duo consist of Caring Quirk’s unpalatable non-meat, non-varietal menu choices. These are often quite unappealing to the non-vegan, non-ethnic diets of regular workers, yet their presence at the events, and consumption of the fare is expected.
  Several of the local traditional Holidays have been eliminated. Even the revered “Emperor’s Day” ceremony commemorating the Truths’ work, as well as honoring Morkink pioneers is gone. The annual “Triangle Ceremony” celebrated each fall to open the traditional Convergence season is not observed. Instead, holidays to mark the advent of each Solstice and Equinox are taken in keeping with strict Druida Wiccana Traditions.
  The Sacred Hall, built and dedicated to all RoseyCrushers by the Truths, and consecrated for the observance and conducting of all Morkite ceremonies has been dealt a heavy blow. The weekly loved and honored Convergences, previously attended by Morkites from every Colony, have been eliminated by Schnott.
  The local Morkite group named in honor of Past Emperor Wrolif Truths which operated the Sacred Hall and conducted the revered RoseyCrusher ceremonies has been run off by Chief Eunuch Nonstrong acting under the direction of Schnott. The protesting Morkites were silenced, and the group’s assets and funds confiscated by Schnott and absorbed into the Citadel Treasury.
  Once teeming with excited RoseyCrushers, the Sacred Hall now stands silent and unused (except for Schnott’s occasional clandestine Druida Wiccana rites held under Stuftman Nonstrong’s priestly authority). Now sullied and tainted by such barbarous acts, one can only guess until the time which Jewel Schnott uses its “non-use and heavy maintenance” to justify razing the building as well.
  Slowly, the Lesboners have begun converting the beloved Morkink traditions, attitudes and teachings to fall in line with their personal beliefs. Druida Wiccana is slowly creeping in and replacing honored RoseyCrusher philosophies and practices.
  On the dedication of the new Citadel garden, Caring Quirk had Wrolf Truth’s beloved “Prayer for Peace” omitted and had a substituted credo read and published in its place. By imposing her will over the Morkites, they are unwilling participants in the ceremonies and customs of these pagan princesses.
  It has recently been learning that in reaction to the dissemination of “Morkink Revisited”, GD Jewell Schnott was livid with anger. She reportedly went so far as to have planned reprisals against certain Morkite staff members who may have received and/or read the Tales in their private homes. Apparently paranoia has possessed Ms. Schnott, and she thinks persecuting workers for whatever they think or do in their private lies is permissible. It is quite presumptuous of her and Ms. Quirk to assume that they have the right to dictate what others receive and read via private mail.
  This reaction by her only further validates the truths behind the Tales, as she wouldn’t have been bothered by such a story if the facts were outlandish in scope, and the occurrences truly fictional. However, now that she has revealed her true self, the question must be asked—What does the Amazon Commando have to hide that she would dare forbid or even chastise her workers for any activities unrelated to their job?
  Apparently, in Lesbonia, reading, thinking, and questioning irrational acts or behaviors is illegal. Not so in this country. Several staffers have been unduly intimidated by Schnott in her effort to suppress spreading of the Tales.
  After consulting with independent legal authorities, it has been learned that “harassment, intimidation, reprisals or other behaviors initiated against a worker for activities conducted on the worker’s off-hours, away from the workplace that do not directly affect their job performance are clearly out of bounds for the employer, and could be considered illegal and grounds for litigation by the affected employee”.
  You only need to travel to the Citadel for yourselves to asses the effects these sad events have had on the surviving servants. Just stand on the sidewalk or in the parking area either at the 8:00 am. (beginning), 12:00 p.m. (meal) or 4:30-5:30 p.m. (leaving) hours as the workers enter and leave the Castle. No cheerful, joyous anticipation of the challenges of a workday will you witness. Rather, the huddled, silent briskness of hurriedly movement from place-to-place, reminiscent of the archival newsreel images of workers in the former Red Curtain countries scurrying to retain their anononimity.
  Notice the strained and sallowed looks on their faces. The bleak appearance of extreme stress is a common plague, and their gloomy demeanor speaks volumes of their dread of conditions in which they are exposed and are forced to function.
  When doing this, please do not disturb them, as the informant network of Schnott and Quirk has eyes and ears everywhere. These poor souls must not be compromised by inadvertent contact with visible Morkites.
  Please do not inquire of them about the Tale. Do not place them in a position of having even been approached about these incidents unless you are a trusted friend or family member. We must protect them now, as they are in the most danger.
  Unfortunately, our Citadel staffers have been subjected to such intimidation, harassment and bullying for so long that they are not in control of their current situation and will not act or communicate for fear of reprisal from Schnott and Quirk. Fearing for their very existence at Morkink, most will not even acknowledge the conditions. It is only through our network of confidants and former Morkink servants that we are kept abreast of the situation as it unfolds.
  Therefore, you are urged most vehemently to verify the incidents in the Tale for yourself. Do not believe this author, but ask questions. RoseyCrushers have long had the distinction of being active questioners, and now is the time to live up to that reputation.
  Seek out former staff members, and others that have had contact or unpleasant experiences dealing with the Citadel. Former Colony affiliated group members who had their properties liquidated and assets seized by Stuftman Nonstrong under Schnott’s direction are aplenty.
  Find your Regional Delegate, and ask them to explain why Morkink has increased their tithes by over 40% recently, while other rival independent RoseyCrusher groups can still offer affiliation at a reasonable fee.
  In past times, every few years at the Grand Colonial Gathering, the Chief Bean­Counters were instructed by their superiors to open the books to Morkites that wanted to inspect them, and an independently selected group of RoseyCrushers did so. Perhaps it is time to call for such an “open accounting” by the general RoseyCrusher membership. Close scrutiny should be paid to any and all aspects of funds received and funds dispersed.
  Remember, fellow Morkites, that this is your Morkink, and as RoseyCrushers it is incumbent upon you to be sure that your contributions are being used wisely and responsibly. You have the legal right to know, as Morkink is an organization based upon voluntary Morkite funding.
  The incestuous relationship between Schnott and Quirk with regards to the obvious conflict-of-interest in the reporting structure of the Citadel should be examined. Such nepotism is blaringly apparent in terms of favoritisms, salaries, advancements, responsibilities and authorities granted Caring Quirk by her paramour Jewel Schnott.
  Salaries of Schnott and Quirk since their tenure began in relation to the average stipend paid all other Citadel servants should be reviewed.
  So should the expenditures and reimbursements for Schnott and Quirk’s personal educational advancements taken on Morkink’s time and at the expense of the Morkites. This should be reviewed in terms of the average reimbursable educational expenditure for all other Citadel staff members. Related justification for such charges as being “for the good of the Morkites” should also be questioned. Questions should also be asked of GD Schnott regarding her extensive travels and related expenses.
  Although great increases in tithes have been demanded and collected by Schnott in the recent months, find out why the number of Morkites has steadily declined in the term since Schnott has been in charge. Current RoseyCrusher participants are almost 50% fewer than when GD Schnott took the position.          
The stream of resigning Morkites is increasing despite every tool and increased resource available to her. Why can’t she make the Morkite membership grow?
  Other smaller Morkite groups who have been pounced on by the Grand Delegate and her cronies are more than willing to speak when asked. Current Colony groups that have been burdened by increasing homage payments to Schnott’s Grand Colony are near total collapse. Some are even preparing to secede from the Grand Colony and legally establish themselves as independent Morkite Settlements. Why?
  Our beloved Emperor Bernhardt Chrissum in faraway Gallia, is apparently too preoccupied with global Morkink matters, or otherwise unavailable to notice and take control of this situation. Therefore, since
We are bound by our Oaths to preserve and protect Morkink, and to continue the Traditions set forth by the Truths we must act now.
  Challenges to Grand Delegate Schnott and her actions should not be considered disrespectful and revolutionary, but expected in keeping with long-standing RoseyCrusher practices. We are exploring questioners, and this matter demands the utmost scrutiny.
  In the spirit of affirmative inquiry, you are urged to question Schnott at any and all of her personal appearances. Brush aside her attempts at sugar-coated answers and feeble reasons for factual occurrences in the Tale. Make her explain to your satisfaction the questions set for in this writing.
  Remember that she and Caring Quirk are artful deceivers, and must not be allowed to control these interrogatones. Their feet must be held to the fire until all truths are fleshed out They are sworn representatives of Morkink, and are obliged to serve the needs of Morkink-not the other way around as they would wish you to believe.
  Some Morkites are put-off by the harshness or seeming irreverence of “Morkink Revisited” or this follow-up. The time for viewing Morkink and the Citadel as a sacred and untouchable entity has long passed. The rose-colored glasses must be tossed aside, and the bright light of truth must illuminate our way in this tortuous conquest to win back Morkink as we know and love it. The cover over these shadowy beings must be ripped off, and they must be exposed in the light of day for what they really are.
  Ultimately you must decide the actions necessary to win back our Morkink. This is undoubtedly a test of our faith and conviction to the Principles of Truths as outlined in early RoseyCrusher teachings. The challenges are presented, and our commitment as Morkites needs to be demonstrated. If not, then justifiably we shall be doomed to fall by the wayside as another mystical group whose apathetic members allowed stronger, more determined barbarians to conquer them.
  The dismantling of our RoseyCrusher organization as we know it is underway. The nefarious intrusion into Morkink’s establishment by the devious Lesboners is already happening. We must wake up and alert all Morkites with a call to action.
  It is not too late, but the fight must be strong in dedication, consistent in execution, and united in purpose. We must be persistent in our inquiry and firm in our resolve. We must not let anyone deter us from our mission. We must not accept anything less that the total and absolute truth from Morkink’s leaders.
  Morkink’s basis was as an objective organization made up of like-minded truth-seekers. We adhere to no dogmas, nor deify any personalities. All are welcome to be RoseyCrushers so long as their hearts are pure, and their minds are open.
  Morkites are from all walks of life. White, brown, black or yellow, irregardless of country of origin, or personal religious beliefs—all are welcome. As long as love, life and the quest for Light of Eternal Wisdom are one’s guideposts, they are welcome. However, there is no room for those who seek to advance their personal social, political, philosophical, or lifestyle agenda under the auspices of the “Work of Morkink”. That’s where the line is drawn, and that’s what we face today.
  Some RoseyCrushers may have lost the message in the “Morkink Revisited” tale. The litigious persecutive track record of Ms. Schnott and Ms. Quirk necessitated using the indirect style of allegory to relate the story. The facts are all too true. To copy a famous TV detective’s disclaimer; “the stories are true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.”
  Unfortunately that’s the way it must be here until this administration of suppression and reprisals has been removed. Then Morkink can once again bask in the Light of Day and RoseyCrushers throughout the Grand Colony can rejoice in their restored
  Please read “Morkink Revisited”. Please share it with your RoseyCrusher friends. Please, as true Morkite questioners, take the time to find a Regional Delegate or Grand Colony Board officer. Ask them if they know what’s really going on. Be the questioning Morkite that the Truths’ encouraged us all to be.
  Remember, as you read and re-read the Tales, you can believe the stories and act, or you can lay fallow in the fields like shorn stalks of wheat, awaiting the harvester. The statement “The Truths Shall Set Us Free!” can either be our battle cry, or our epitaph. The choice is now yours.

Operasus, F.R.C.
(Faithful RoseyCrusher)