Morkink revisited

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Part 1- A Modern Fable Tale

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Once upon a time, in the Valley of Hearts Delight, sat a little kingdom called Morkink. In its center was a giant, splendorous fortress, the Citadel, on which sat the Castle of Morkink. The ruler of this kingdom was the benevolent and much-loved Howard Splendor. Howard was a very peaceful, smart and creative man. He did many things; painted wondrous pictures, wrote fabulous stories, and amazed the populace with his feats of science. They loved and respected him so much that they awarded him the title “Doctor of Truths”.
Howard was so proud of this title, that he used it in front and at the end of his name. So he became officially known as “Dr. H. Splendor Truths”. Dr. Truths liked traveling to faraway lands, and wherever he went, the people were fascinated and amazed by his tales of the serenity and peacefulness of Morkink. They wanted to be Morkites, too, so in his journeys, he established colonies of like-thinkers who followed his ways. Soon, there were hundreds of Morkink settlements, and countless thousands of Morkites.
When a follower wanted to be a member of Morkink, Dr. Truths had a special ceremony to induct them into the Morkites. Dr. Truths devised a fragrance that they would wear which was easily recognized, beautiful and subtle to the nose. This fragrance was created by crushing the virgin rose blossoms which flowered extensively in Morkink, and dabbing them with the oils. He would say magical words, burn incense made from the sacred Morkink roses, and anoint the Neo-Morkrte with the special oils. The aroma of this balm was so heavenly, yet so distinctive, that the Morkites were soon called “RoseyCrushers”.
Soon the RoseyCrushers were spread all around the world. The people realized that they had a veritable empire of Morkites in the different lands. A convention was called to gather the RoseyCrushers from the many colonies, and at this event, the Morkites unanimously named Dr. Truths as their emperor. So, it was that Dr. H. Splendor Truths became the first world-wide
Emperor of Morkink.
Time passed, and Emperor Truths grew old. He continued his exhausting schedule of writing, teaching, traveling and ruling over the RoseyCrushers. He even enlisted his beloved son, Wrolf, to help minister to the Morkites.
Wrolf enjoyed his work, especially traveling to the many Morkink colonies. Like his father, Wroif was talented in writing and story-telling, but his special skill was in organization and administering the Empire. He established a network of Delegates to help oversee each colony of Morkites, and started a periodical, the RoseyCrusher Times, to keep the Morkites informed of news and events of the Empire, as well as teaching them the latest Morkink philosophies.
One day, Dr. Truths collapsed under the burdens of his office. He summoned Wroif to his side. “Son”, he said, “my time is drawing near. I will not be able to fulfill my office, and I want you to prepare to succeed me.”
The Chief Delegates were called to the dying Emperors sick room, where they were informed of his wishes that Wrotf be installed as the next Emperor. Since Wrolf was equally loved and respected by the Morkites, agreement was quickly reached. Then with a peaceful heart, Dr. H. Splendor Truths slipped away and became part of Eternity.
Morkink flourished under Emperor Wroif Truths. His talented and charismatic ways caused the number of Morkites and Morkink settlements to grow and prosper around the globe much more than before. Soon, the Castle of Morkink was full of workers scurrying about on their business of serving the world-wide RoseyCrushers. Emperor Truths even established a Museum of Antiques which displayed the finest treasures of his travels. Countless thousands  Morkite pilgrims ventured each year to the Citadel and Castle Morkink to visit the Sacred Hall where the RoseyCrusher ceremonies and feasts were held, and the Museum where the exotic treasures were kept.
The Empire prospered for many years, and Emperor Wroif Truths was extremely popular. He spread the word of Morkink until the RoseyCrushers were known and respected everywhere on Earth. Foreign dignitaries called on him, and celebrities flocked to join Morkink. Wrolf had established many colonies, appointing the ubiquitous Grand Delegates to administer each Colony in his stead.
However, as Wrolf devoted his entire life to the Morkites, he never started a family, even though he was happily married to his soul mate, Martyr. As a couple, they selflessly sacrificed their own personal lives for the good of Morkink, and devoted all of their time, efforts and resources to the RoseyCrushers.
As the years advanced, Wrolf wrestled with the notion that he was going be passing someday, and that Morkink had no rightful heir to take his place. It was becoming widely known that the Emperor was “quietly” looking for a protege. Every young man at Morkink (and throughout the Empire) soon began trying to catch Wrolf’s attention in the hopes that they could someday wear the Sacred Seal of Morkink around their neck.
A shrewd and guileless young man, Gerhardt Stewdbrain, worked in the Citadel of Morkink. He was a relatively low-level, clerk, but had a crafty and cunning ability to gain the confidence of others, and use them for his own motives. He knew of Wrolf Truths’ search for an heir and knew that if he could be crowned Emperor, that his days of work and problems would be solved.
So, Stewdbrain (whose mind had become warped due to extensive “experimenting” with banned substances) plotted and cajoled his way up the chain of command at Morkink until he found himself employed at the office of the Emperor himself! Since he had the innate ability to connive and deceive, he was highly recommended to Emperor Truths as a candidate for succession.
One day, Stewdbrain found his opportunity. An envoy sent from the Citadel in a special courier vehicle was supposed to re-supply the outlaying colonies, and delivery Public Relations speeches along the way. The journey was long and arduous. It took the emissary far away from Morkink, and was filled with endless boring travel, lonely days and nights, and tiring public appearances. Very few representatives that started on the mission, lasted the whole trip, and soon returned to Morkink and resigned.
  Stewdbrain realized that if he could fulfill the journey and successfully return to Morkink, that Wroif would hold him in high regard. Stewdbrain knew that eventually he could worm his way into being Wroif’s successor. So, with that in mind he volunteered for the job.
  Wrolf Truths was beside himself with surprise. Nobody had ever wanted to do the messenger car! Usually, the candidate was appointed and convinced that this was an important mission. Most, however, considered themselves unlucky and destined for termination. But this young man was different—he jumped at chance to take on the thankless task!
So, Stewdbrain headed out on his several-months-long trip in the motor home loaded with supplies and Morkink materials. He knew that loneliness would be his main challenge, so he arranged for a variety of companions to join him along the way. Female companions, that is. You see Gerhardt Stewdbrain was no saint, nor was he celibate.
  The journey progressed, and Stewdbrain made his stops at each of the RoseyCrusher outposts and cheerfully schmoozed with the Morkites. At night he would stop at pre-arranged locations and receive his mistress for the evening that'd happily schmooze with him. In the morning, before he arrived at his next destination, he would return the tasty tart to her vehicle, and then present himself to the next Morkink settlement as the tireless disciple that all expected the Citadel to send.
  Word of his energetic appearances filtered back to the Castle and eventually reached Wrolf Truths. He was impressed and amazed at the young man’s energy and endurance (he had no idea of the “endurance therapy,, that the evenings’ activities provided Gerhardt). Upon his successful return, Wroif decided to give this man a suitable reward.
“You have proven yourself a worthy soldier for Morkink.” Wrolf told him, “for that I’m granting you the honor of being my Chief Emissary.”
Stewdbrain was ecstatic. He had finally gotten into a top position of trust with Emperor Truths. He now set about to install his own people in key jobs and convince the Chief Delegates that he was a logical successor to the Emperor. Little did he know there was another plot working against him.
One of his mistresses, who met and served him on his road trip, was none other that Phealthys Loosewumin the wife of another lowly worker at the Citadel. She was ambitious, and realized Stewdbrain’s scheme by watching his crafty maneuverings to get the travel assignment. She, too, wanted to live a life of luxury, which she was unable to do on the stipend that a worker’s wife had. She knew if she could attach herself to Stewdbrain, that eventually her life would be set as he inevitably rose to the top of the RoseyCrushers.
Phealthys had a knack for manipulating men by playing to their weakness—SEX! She was fairly attractive, and she would use her looks to get close—literally close—to her prey. Then she would casually brush up against him allowing her female form to come into contact with the man. After a few of these “accidental” encounters, the unsuspecting male was usually putty in her hands.
Stewdbrain was especially vulnerable, as his appetite for loose women was as great as that for power. Phealthys intercepted a communique from one of his harem, and knowing the time and place of the rendezvous, she kept the appointment.
Stewdbrain was surprised by her appearance, but she worked her wily ways on him, and soon had him in a quite vulnerable position. She made repeated visits to the Morkink RV until she became a regular, out-stepping the other females who serviced the young traveler.
Soon, after it was announced that Stewdbrain was the likely heir to the Morkink throne, Phealthys made an announcement of her own. On one of her nightly visits to Stewdbrain’s quarters, she informed him that she was carrying his baby! She had cleverly “forgotten” her preventative medicine knowing that Stewdbrain wouldn’t stop to question her passionate advances.
He was stunned! This was not part of his plan! He had counted on having his pick of all the women in Morkink when he was Emperor, not be saddled with just one. And with a baby to boot! However, he realized that a scandal would ensue if he shunned Phealthys. Allowing her to spread stories of his promiscuous encounters would doom his chances for success. So, reluctantly, he agreed to her demands for a wedding right after she obtained a quick divorce from her current husband.
  So it came to be, they were soon married. The loving Wrolf was especially happy, as he knew that Stewdbrain would gain additional respect as a married man. The newlyweds had to decide the timing of the announcement of their pending bundle of joy, as it again could cause scandal if the populous realized that the baby was conceived while Phealthys was another man’s wife!
  Stewdbrain used this to his advantage as well. Since he knew the Wrolf Truths never had children (and Gerhardt had postured himself as Wroif’s surrogate son), Stewdbrain offered Wrolf the status of “Grandpa” to the new baby. This not only guaranteed Stewdbrain the Emperor’s throne, but Wrolf was delighted that he now had a pseudo-family, and that through Stewbrain’s child, the succession of Morkink’s rulers would continue as it had through Thruths’ father and himself.
  The child was born. A healthy boy, and Stewdbrain and Phealthys made sure that Wrolf had much time spent with the child. Wrolf was thrilled, and realized that now his life was complete, and Morkink’s future was secured. So he thought.
Being an old man, one day Wroif’s fragile heart gave out, and he passed away. The Chief Delegates were once again gathered from all the RoseyCrusher colonies to the Citadel where it was unanimously agreed that Wrolf Truth’s wishes were to be followed, and that Stewdbrain would be crowned the new Emperor of Morkink.
And so it was. Stewdbrain’s reign started off unceremoniously, as he had already loaded the Official Morkink Staff with his cronies. Chief amongst these were a couple, the crafty Kunning O’Zeal (who was Great Wizard), and his bride, Madonna the Grand Delegate. O’Zeal had his own agenda for power and control, but he knew that he could stay in the background by manipulating Stewdbrain.
So he used the gullible Gerhardt to enact programs and policies that gave the Wizard free access to the Secrets of the Empire, and power over the Morkite staff. With his wife, Madonna as Grand Delegate, he was able to travel and network with the colonies to strengthen his hold.
Unfortunately for O’Zeal, another group had discovered the vulnerability of the ego-centric Stewdbrain. This was a cult founded by Sum-Young Poon-Tang, also known as the “Poonies”. They were an insidious group that gained influence over their members through Oriental mind-control methods, and then had the entranced people convert all of their personal property and finances to Poon-Tang’s control.
Realizing Stewdbrain’s weakness for power, women, and illicit chemicals, Poon-Tang sent his top agents to wine and dine Stewdbrain. Gerhardt was mesmerized by the charms of these expert manipulators. He soon found that he enjoyed the company of Sum-Young Poon­Tang, and his agents had free access to the Citadel. Eventually, the ego-emperor fell into the spell of the Poonies’ power, and was obedient to their suggestions.
  The Wizard O’Zeal was furious when he realized what the Poonies were doing, especially since it affected his influence over Stewdbrain. Unfortunately, try as he might, he could not wrestle Gullible Gerhardt away from his new associates. So he plotted to destroy the Poonies’ credibility, and undermine Stewdbrain’s position.
  He didn’t have to wait long for the opportunity. The Poonies had convinced Emperor Stewdbrain that the Citadel of Morkink was outdated, and that if he moved the Capital to a tiny country in the European mountains called Abhorra (which also was under the control of Poon­Tang) he could be Emperor of Morkink, and King of Abhorra.
  That pleased Stewdbrain just fine. He quickly made preparations to transfer the wealth of Morkink and control of its properties to Abhorra, and move himself and his cohorts there to set up Court.