Asia Archaeology

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..."pyramid" discovered in NE China
..."pyramid" discovered in NE China
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Afghanistan's Bamiyan
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India, Sri Lanka, Thailand
'Climate change ended Angkor
Pillars with inscriptions of Pallava, Chola kings found
Bridge between India and SriLanka
Tsunami reveals a town's ancient ruins
Stone-age tools dug out of ‘tiger hole’
...under-sea temple claimed
Teams Explore Roots of Angkor Civilization
Harappan period cemetery unearthed in UP
Indonesia, Bangladesh and surroundings
'Hobbit' human 'is a new species' Feb 07
Survival of the biggest - hobbits wiped out by man
.. Doubts on 'Hobbit' species
'Hobbit' had smart brains
'Hobbit' disease link claim
'Hobbit' was ancestor of pygmy
Hobbit hominids lived the island life
'Hobbit' wrists 'were primitive'
A Bone to Pick in Indonesia
Bangladesh discovers ancient fort city
Bone of Hobbit-like species uncovered
Lost Civilization Buried in Indonesial
Scientists link tools to ancient ‘hobbits’
Polynesian sailing myth all at sea
1,700-year-old Buddhist temple found in Bangladesh
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...mummy in Mongolia...
Medieval Buddhist Paintings Found in Snowbound Nepalese Cave
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8,000-year-old remains found
Ancient Aryan civilization...
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Asia was cradle of ancient Persian religion
Bones ... Chatham Islands.
Buddha's visit to Kalinga
Burial boat unearthed
First Humans Arise in Asia
Fossil footprints indicate ancient Jeju human life
Hanoi’s ancient citadel unearthed during car park construction
History of mammal evolution may change
Japanese team finds mural painting at
'Kelp Highway' to America
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