Mysterious Huge Stone Eggs Discovered in Hunan Province


Apr 17, 2007

Marvelous stone egg in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve Area, Hubei Province. (The Epoch Times)

A large number of "stone eggs" were recently discovered along with a copper sword at a construction site in Bandeng Hill and Zhanlong Hill, Gongxi Town of Hunan Province. The discoveries were made by highway construction workers while they were digging the foundation for a road.

The origin of the stone eggs is currently unknown as it is reported that further analysis by experts will be required to determine what they are and where they came from.

The construction workers said that Bandeng Hill is quite simply a stone-egg mountain. They found multiple nests of unique stone eggs throughout the course of digging the road's foundation. The eggs are oval in shape, with a wide range of sizes; the smallest one being no bigger than a water melon, while the largest is reported as being the size of a big table. Upon closer examination they look like eggs from the outside, but are very shiny and black on the inside.

The copper sword which the construction team had also discovered was found to weigh over 1,000 pounds. Unfortunately the sword disappeared later and there are no leads as to the identities of the people involved in the theft. The incident has been reported to the police.


Mysterious "stone eggs" discovered in Gongxi Town, Hunan Province. (Photo from Internet)

Upon photo analysis geologists believe that the stone eggs are rare, large concretions of the carbonate rock. They were formed, starting from a tiny nucleus in the center, snowballing slowly in the oscillating sea water. The exact ingredients and the purpose of the stone eggs can only be determined through further analysis.

After the eggs had been unearthed, some villagers took them home to use as benches, some put them in their living rooms on display as family treasures, and some even carried them with a truck to sell at market in the neighboring towns.

The Mayor of Gongxi, Yao Ji, also said that many similar stone eggs had been unearthed at the construction site in Moshou Village.

Many natural stone eggs have also been found in the Shennongjia Nature Reserve Area of Hubei Province, adjacent to Hunan. These eggs also range in size from being as small as a human palm, to standing over three feet tall. Some people call them volcano eggs.

Strangely enough, over a long period of geological development, there have not been any volcanic eruptions or volcanic deposits. Furthermore, the eggs are normally found right in the sedimentary rocks. And the greatest question still remains: Where did these round objects come from?